summer 2015 mini album


You know how sometimes you’re swamped with deadlines and all you want to do is play? That was me last week. Instead of ignoring it like I usually do, I went with it and I’m so glad I did because a few hours later, I had a completed mini album.

A few things made this project a super quick one. First is, of course, feeling that creative pull. Mojo is magic. Second, having a bunch of photos that I couldn’t wait to print out. Third, setting a few goals and/or parameters. For this mini album, I wanted to:

1. Use supplies already in my stash. I have piles of project life journal cards and embellishments that rarely get used because my project life albums are 99% photos. For this reason, I decided to go with a 4×6 size album.

2. Play with color + embellishments. I’ve been uncharacteristically drawn to color lately. I wanted to break out of my usual MO (which is bare bones, pairing photos with small type and lots of white space) and see if I could figure out a way to incorporate more color and actually use embellishments.


Playing with color paint strokes using photo templates (modern art 4×6 templates).


paislee-summermini-9647 paislee-summermini-9646 paislee-summermini-9674

Heart card from Moments Like These.


The girls are huge fans of The Beatles! We took them to see The Beatles Love show for Madeline’s 6th birthday and they loved it. It’s a family friendly show, there were a lot more kids than I expected. We went to the 7pm show, which is a little later than I would have liked but it worked out. We grabbed a late dinner after the show and the girls were excited to be up way later than their usual bed time.

paislee-summermini-9661 paislee-summermini-9659

Finally got to use these amazing patterned papers (get happy and the lines/dots) designed by Allison Pennington.

paislee-summermini-9658 paislee-summermini-9657

One is one of my favorite go to combinations: pairing a black + white pattern (Summer Manifesto 4×6 Journal Card) with a full photo page.


This is about as crazy as I got, in terms of using color. Normally, I would have changed the summer manifesto color to one that meshes better with the photo (maybe a black, royal blue or even the light blue) but this one was already printed so into the album it went.

paislee-summermini-9653 paislee-summermini-9652 paislee-summermini-9649

I have a whole series of photos like these (above) that can easily become an album of its own.

paislee-summermini-9645 paislee-summermini-9643

Above full photo spread is probably my favorite. Originally I had intended to hand write journaling across the top left corner. But then I found the “today is awesome” 3×4 transparency (from the paislee press for Gossamer Blue On My Desk collection) – quick and simple…and done. Also, I finally used the tiny attacher stapler I’ve had for years.

paislee-summermini-9668 paislee-summermini-9667

More Happy Card + hot pink artist tape.

And this is the front cover, using a 4×6 journal card and go see do cut file from Summer Manifesto.


It’s the last week of summer vacation for us here, the girls go back to school next week! I plan on adding a few more photos to make it a complete “what happened this summer” album.

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I am madly in love with your work. Your works shows the elegance. I have one question. do you use double side print pages for the pictures because I always wonder as what do you do on the other side of the picture either you paste one picture behind it or you use double side printed pages ?

Love to your daughters they are angels 🙂
Waiting for more such posts 😀

Thank you Mehwish! I tape two pages (photo + photo or photo + paper) together. The upside is it makes each “page” more sturdy and, it hides the staples (or stitches) or other embellishment attachers.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!

I really love the Today was Awesome page; great photo with the fire in the foreground. I always get stuck with the printing aspect of bookmaking. Did you print your pages on card stock? Or did you glue the photos onto thicker paper? Thanks for sharing, Liz!

Photos are printed on photo paper and glued together. 🙂

Super LOVE your mini album Liz!

Thank you Kerrianne!!

I love how you gently used color, it was a perfect fit. I love your style, either way it just works for me.

Thank you so much Cathy!

Aaaah, Liz. I absolutely adore this little book. I did a 4×4 for our summer and it was such a fun little project. Your photos are gorgeous and I’m loving the painterly elements throughout. Simply lovely!

Thanks Catherine! Can’t wait to see your 4×4 album!

[…] as simple as possible. I’m making a 3 x 4″ album, heavily inspired by Jamaica and Liz. Those two make incredibly beautiful, minimalist books that I am so inspired by! Here are a few […]

Do you put cardstock or anything between photos or do you just hole-punch photos and put them in the binder as is?

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