december daily, oh yes

I’m ready. Supplies are gathered. Most of them are things left over from last year’s project: doillies, kraft, glitter and shimmery papers. They still appeal to me so why not put them to work again?

I’m using this 6×8 binder. I like this size – not too big (I have storage issues) but big enough to hold things like holiday cards.

 Neutral color palette. Woodgrain, whites, shimmer and glitter.

I’m also using the kit in my shop, using the layered templates to put together my photo pages and printing the patterned papers as I go along.

The complete supplies list for my 2012 December Daily Album.

1. glue pen (martha stewart)  2. mist sprays (mister huey calico white and dark calico)  3. bronze glitter (martha stewart)  4. papers from december you have my fave (paislee press)  5. press cards no. 18 (paislee press)  6. 6×8 Simple Stories Binder  7. stardream quartz paper (paper source)  8. POW glitter paper (american craft)  9. ski lodge paper (crate paper)

I have a pretty good idea of the things I want to include in this year’s album.

Handwritten Dear Santa Letters.

Our Holiday Card.

And lastly, I made a list of holiday related things I want to photograph in December.

I’m setting a simple goal to take a photo a day.  That’s it.  No expectations to print out photos or assemble pages or even to edit photos as I go. If I find extra time to work on the actual album pages throughout the month, I will.  But I’m fine with not tackling the pages until after the holidays.  Last year I finished my album in April.  Later is better than never.

What about you? Are you embarking on the December Daily journey?

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Absolutely perfect. I admit I purchased two other kits (supplies that will no doubt be put to good use in other crafty endeavors) and realized I didn’t want to do anything but capture the moments, let the photos tell the stories, and enjoy the ease of printing out pictures without worry. Your digital kit, and the album, will make December Daily a month to cherish, capture, and create. XO

Thank you for grabbing my kit. Will you be posting your album online? If so, please send me a link!

I’m still thinking about December Daily. I’ve never tried a project like it before but one day I’d love to. Still deciding if this year is it. 🙂

That’s how I was last year. I started by setting a simple goal of taking a photo a day so if I did decide to take on an album project I’d have photos to work with. 🙂

I’m jumping in for the first time, both excited and nervous. I’m using a red 8×8 album, blue and silver papers from CDWV’s “Arctic Wishes,” and “december, you are a fave.” I’m hoping/praying to find a balance between bright + fun for my kids and crisp + magical for me.

Sounds like the perfect holiday mix to me! 🙂

true story = I had a simple December Daily plan in place for this year. I was totally ready. Then, I saw your kit and I started wavering. THEN, I saw the Simple Stories binder during my first trip to Archivers. Yeah, now I’m doing a complete 180. LOL!

LOL. I was the exact same way last year, except a lot less organized and focused than you. I kept going back and forth on format…hybrid or digital? 8×8 or 6×6 or 7×9…or something else? I finally settled on 6×8 and I love working with this size so I’m going with the same format this year. Whatever you choose, have FUN with it. 🙂

Looks lovely. I am excited about putting it together simply and easily this year digitally, using your December kit. I’m hoping that I’ll actually be able to finish it for once! I love the simplicity and white space. Hopefully I can restrain myself from cluttering it up!

There is beauty in both cluttered and minimalist. I can’t wait to see how your album comes together Fiona!

Love it!!! Cannot wait to get the stuff to do mine this year. (shopping tomorrow)

YAY!!! Im holding you to it. cannot wait to see your beautiful photos and layouts PRINTED. 🙂

This is simply stunning Liz! Looking forward to seeing it all unfold. I’ll be using your templates (my fave) plus a few items from the Studio Calico kit. I need to get moving and gather all of my supplies:)

Quick question – what kind of photo paper do you use?

My home printer is not the best. I despise it actually, lol. So last year I got my photos printed at costco. I’m probably going to use persnickety prints this year.

Wonderful Liz !! I too am going for more natural tones. I fought with the idea of taking on this project or not until I saw yours and Ali Edwards designs. I too plan on keeping it simple and not putting too much pressure on it, rather just let it be what it is and enjoy each day. As if December wasn’t crazy enough we are moving smack in the middle of it and plan on being all set up in the new house on the 22nd. Wish me luck! Happy December Daily’ing.

Omigosh Trisha! Good luck with the move and hope you get settled in quickly.

Doing December Daily again this year, but with a more minimalist approach (you make it look so good). I saw your new kit while killing time in line for Black Friday and I have to say, it’s exactly what I was shooting for. Today I picked up paper in my color scheme (white, black and kraft with a pop of red), some red glitter glue and red and black polka dot washi tape. I also finish it all up after the holiday because I order prints. Can’t wait!

Oh, i love your supplies list Marlene! Can’t wait to see your album ,will you be sharing your pages online?

Oh Liz, you make me want to do one of these…
Maybe next year, once I’ve cleared my backlog of other projects!
I shall just have to enjoy gawking at yours.
So utterly beautiful.
Ronnie xo

I so admire how on top of things you are! My backlong, if I dwell on it long enough, is depressing. HA. I’m slowly realizing that I probably will never get caught up. So many things to do, so little time.

I love the new templates Liz, they’re really, really tempting me, so beautiful! I’m going simple simple this year… I NEED to finish this time around, or that’s it for me, never again, LOL. I’m using a white & gold colour scheme, some stamping, and then will add things as I go along. I have a gigantic stash to choose from and could probably make 50 DD’s if I had to. ;p

Your album sounds gorgeous already. No one does clean and simple like you, I can’t wait to see your pages!!

Love love love your DD! Can I say love one more time? I so wish I was doing it. Kinda tempted, but the past years, I never made it past day 4. That’s just too pathetic to even consider another year.

Come on Linda! Let’s do this together. 🙂

This is my 5th year doing DD. It is my fave project of the year. I had already chosen my papers and supplies when I saw your kit. Of course I bought it as it will merge perfectly with what I was already planning. Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you do with your album…

Thank you! I can’t wait to see your album come together!


Love, love your digital template and I think this binder will work perfectly. I am going to buy everything today. But, I am stumped. I am going to print my digital templates out after I add my pictures. What size should I print things so that they fit well in my binder? Also what size paper are you using?

Angelica – my pages will mostly be 6×8. Some may be smaller – last year I also had 4×6 and 5×7 inserts. If you’re printing from home you can just print the 6×8 template using 8×10 paper or 8.5×11 cardstock. I don’t like to waste paper though so what I usually do is add 2 4×4 photos alongside the 6×8 template so the entire sheet of photo paper is utilized. The template kit includes 8×10 versions of the 6×8 templates so you can easily do the same. Hope my explanation makes sense!

I too, was inspired by your DD project from last year! I just came across the posts recently and I’m going to see what I come up with this year. My current plan is to utilize Instagram/Facebook as a means of capturing notes along with photos and then if I end up putting it together into an album of some sort, great! If not, I will have had intentional moments to cherish. That’s enough for me!

I have a print question of sorts. You mentioned something about printing pattern papers, I’m assuming you do this at home? What kind of printer do you have? Are you happy with how your print outs look? I also notice that you responded to another commenter that you don’t like your home printer do this may be a pointless discussion. 😉 We have both a laser printer and an ink jet, neither print how I envision something should look when printed well.

Jessica, I love your intentionally no stress plan, it’s perfect!

I am printing the patterned papers and journaling cards at home – they print fine on my home printer. What I’m not happy with is the way the photos print so I send all of those to a photo lab.

I’m insanely jealous that you have a laser printer! The shimmery cardstock (quartz stardream) that’s in my stash will only print with laser but mine is inkjet.

Thanks for your reply! I’ll have to get some of that paper, I’m all about the shimmer! 🙂


Following you. You’re such a great inspiration. Purchased your kit, and have the complete press cards and more(cough, can start my own store pretty soon;-))
This will be my first album, my first December daily and I’m excited. yes I will be posting it online and hope you will critique it!

What is the name of the font that you’re using on the last photo above? It looks so crisp and clear.

Awesome, Christine, I would love to check out your pages! The font In that photo is helvetica neue.

Oh my goodness I’m getting over stimulated with fabulous ideas. Now I have the Studio Calico Kit, Simple Scrapper kit, Ali’s DD kit, a lot of holiday digi papers & elements, Christmas pattern paper & embellishments and I want to purchase your kit as well. What started off as a simple plan just got complicated. Supposedly this year I was going to be prepared now I have too many options with a lot if supplies!!! Why do you create such wonderful and inspirational work?!!! 🙂

I love this digi kit. I’m planning to keep up and make the page of the day every night after the kids go to sleep. This will be so easy using your templates. I was also going back and forth on how to print it out – on cardstock, photo paper or seperately on cardstock and adhering the photos afterwards. For Dec. 1st I decided to print the whole page on smooth cardstock and it came out really nice. Thank you for putting this together!

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