project life 2012: week 19 and 4 x 6 photo templates vol. 2

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It’s been months since I’ve blogged about project life.  The reality is I haven’t created any new pages since my last post (which ironically was entitled “on being caught up“).  Right now I’m consumed by this overwhelming need to get my older photos out of boxes and into albums so that’s what I’ve been focusing. Once I make significance progress on the older photos I’ll be able to work on both projects simultaneously. Hopefully. :) So today I’m sharing one of the entries that I finished back in June.

This is Week 19. Eric was on vacation. We booked a Big White Box photo session with The Image is Found. We drove down to Oceanside. We celebrated me turning a year older.

First, how clever is that Kelly Purkey? Ever since I saw how she enlarged a photo for her 2012 project life title page, I knew I wanted to try something similar. We took a lot of photos that day so I added a 6×12 page protector and I love how the day spills over to the other side of the album and makes that much more of an impact.

More Oceanside photos on the other side. Then added yet another 6×12 sleeve to hold the DVD that contains the photos from the big white box session.  How awesome is their branding and packaging and hand written note btw?)

Right side.

Used a sharpie to jot down this quote, a reminder to myself to not succumb to negative thoughts and doubt.

Made a photobooth-ish collage with a series of silly self portraits we took while waiting for a table at Sushi-Gen. (If you’re interested in making a similar collage,  the template is available as a free download in my shop, see end of post for details). The woodgrain paper is from Photobooth.

It’s not often that we spend time together just the two of us so I celebrated it by cramming in as many “us” photos as I could.

And lastly I added this birthday promo piece I got in the mail from Anthropologie. The postcard along with the envelope is mounted on a 4×6 journaling card (from press cards no. 6) I love the little clock trinket. I’m blatantly ignoring the chinese superstition that it’s considered bad luck to give someone a watch or a clock on their birthday – something about sending the message that your “time is up.” Anyways, I figure this superstition (curse?) only applies if the gift giver is Chinese. So I think its safe to for me to keep this clock around.

I have a new set of  photo templates and it’s available as a free download in my shop. The 4×6 photo template Vol. 2 is available HERE.  In case you missed Vol. 1, it’s are also available as a free download so be sure to grab those as well!




Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE. All of my project life entries can be found HERE. All photos edited using RadLab by Get Totally Rad!


  1. 1
    Kelli W says:

    thank you for sharing the 4×6 templates!

  2. 2
    sue.falstaff says:

    Whenever I see yours & Christine’s (aka listgirl) blog posts, I always wish I had even an ounce of your skill & creativity!

  3. 3
  4. 4
    philippa says:

    ok so i don’t feel so bad being a bit behind in my project life either, love you stuff liz so inspiring and lovely to se, thank you so much for sharing

  5. 5
    mamamlscrap says:

    thanks !

  6. 6
    Fiona says:

    These are great templates, Liz. Thanks for sharing!

    Your pages are just so lovely. I love those beach photos, such a great choice to use as a large photo! Inspiring, as always.

    Fiona xoxo

  7. 7
    Vera says:

    Beautiful spread! Thanks for the freebie as well :)

  8. 8
    Kim says:

    Your photos and pages are lovely! Thank you for the free downloads!

  9. 9
    Alex says:

    Liz, embrace your inner minimalist is really a great tag line – it spoke to me and your designs are truly unique. Clean and elegant. You prove that scrapbooking can be stylish and chic! Please continue to post your project life designs – such great inspiration – and to create your lovely products!

  10. 10
    amanda says:

    Looks great! I used my anthro birthday card in my project life, too. I thought it was super cute! I love the background paper, and your pictures are amazing!

  11. 11
    Emily says:

    …This question might appear to be stupid considering everyone in the comment section appears to know how to use the photo templates…but I don’t know how.

    I downloaded the zip file and the templates looked like regular picture files. Where am I suppose to use the photo templates? Photoshop?

    Thank you!

  12. 12
    liz says:

    Hi Emily, no such thing as a stupid question. Yes, the templates are designed to be used in photoshop. If you’re not familiar with working with clipping masks, see step 5 in my layered templates tutorial here:

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