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Farewell boxes. Today I’m starting a project that’s been on my to-do list for years: getting my photos organized and into albums. I’m not talking about digital photos of recent years (those are going into photobooks), but the older printed photos, some dating back to my high school years.

Hello albums. I’m using the Catalina Album by Kolo to build our photo library. It’s a simple cloth album that fits two 4×6 photos per side. I chose this album mainly because it’s a ring bound album and I’ll be able to easily change and move pages around. I think this is going to be a fun project.

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That sounds like a wonderful project to get stuck into! Agree that album is just perfect. Love the idea of being able to move things around. I wish I’d known about Kolo years ago! Do you plan on using red for all of them or maybe different colours for different periods/years?
Ronnie xo
p.s. I’m starting to feel like you’re my memory-keeping twin… (albeit a more stylish one than me)

Don’t have a set plan for the album colors. I like the idea of using colors to differentiate periods but from a purely aesthetics standpoint I like the look of one uniform color. I’ll most likely stick with red, maybe use a different color when I’m tackling photos from my husband’s childhood.

Totally digging the twins vibe, I’m beyond flattered that you think so! Thanks for making my night!

Love the colour of your new albums, Liz … good luck with your project!

Thanks Sue! 1 of the albums is 4+ years old and the rest I just recently ordered, but the color match is spot on. I’m super impressed with the consistency/quality of Kolo albums.

Oh man. This is something I have been way over due to start as well! Great choice on the albums by the way. I love that the pages are black & they have rings! Makes it very easy to organize.

Good luck on your project! 🙂

I’m liking the black pages too (they used to be cream colored)! Hopefully I’ll see this project thru. 🙂

I need to do something like this, too. I even have the same West Elm photo boxes, but in red. And I love Kolo, so this is a great option. Have fun organizing!


Sounds like a fantastic project this weekend!!! I’ve got stacks of photos as well as photo books that sit empty. You have now given me something to do while watching the Olympics…Thanks!!

I so need to do this too … I think I am finally working out an order to tackle my memory keeping chaos: 1) get from my eldest daughter’s first birthday (she’s now 6!!) to when I went digital, 2) photobooks or project life (do you do both?) from when I went digital to today!, and 3) way back to highschool, uni and pre-kiddo years … now I just have to knuckle down – I’m pleased to have come across you and your twin ;o) I think you’ve given me the kick up the arse that I needed to organise my journalling ….

Glad I found this site. I’m poring through three+ shoeboxes of photos. You’re inspiring me. Of course, first I need to clean my daughter’s room so I can use her bed to spread out the photos (she’s away at school). Before I do that, my son and I have to get to his room, because he’s got stuff in my daughter’s room.


We’re tackling his room this weekend. Next weekend, hers–then, the photos!

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