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On our shoebox of photographs project. At times it’s was overwhelming. I had to squash my urges to “fix” some of the photos and have them reprinted. I had to constantly remind myself that this wasn’t about making everything look beautiful and perfect but to simply get all of our photos into albums. Keep it plain and simple.

I did allow myself one exception to this rule –  the divider pages!  Here I printed a simple title page (onto a blank page that was included with the photo album), added our boarding passes and made a photo collage using two of my favorite photos from that trip.

The year 2000 (and the latter half of 1999) is done. Happy dance!


I’m using the Catalina Photo Album by Kolo.

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as always, you make simple gorgeous!

Thanks Becki!

This is awesome, Liz! And congrats on finishing!! Do you want to hop on a plane to Pennsylvania and help me with mine? 🙂

I’ve always wanted to visit Pennsylvania. 🙂 I’m no where near done with this project though, only have 2000 and 2001 done. Still need to take 2002 – 2007.

Gorgeous! And cheers to progress!

BRILLIANT idea … this maybe the quick solution to all my backlog problems … do you mind me asking what albums you are using? xx

It’s the Catalina by Kolo. Just updated the post with a link. 🙂

Hi Liz! This looks amazing. Would you mind sharing the fonts that you used for your title page? It’s so clean and perfect.

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