a year of less

a year of less

Less clutter. Less obsessing over trivial things.

Less slouching. Less holding my breath.


My one little word for 2011.

I’m excited to embark on this journey. Excited to see how less will impact my outlook, my demeanor, my everyday life. Right now I am purging and organizing, taking deeper breaths, and keeping my shoulders back. Will I be doing these things a month from now? I hope so, but who knows? I’m going to make a list of the things I hope to accomplish while I’m feeling motivated and things are fresh in my mind. If I lose steam as the year goes on (highly likely), I can refer back to this list. Here goes.

declutter and organize
1. declutter and organize my wardrobe closet
less clothes, more organized closetstarted on this already
2. declutter and organize the girls’ closets
less toys, more focused playtime, more appreciation for the things they have – in progress
3. declutter and organize our bookshelves – completed: see before + after
4. declutter and organize my stack of photo boxes and file folders of mementos
5. declutter and organize kitchen cabinets
6. declutter and organize linen closet
7. declutter and organize garage
8. declutter and organize living room closet
9. declutter and organize bathroom drawers
10. declutter kitchen counter top

The list will be updated as I work my way through it this year.

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great word and the photo is perfection.

Love this and after seeing it on Flickr you inspired my word. I wasn't going to do one but I kept thinking about your photo today so my word is "simple" I'm going to simplify LOTS of areas of my life 🙂

Love your word, Miss L. I chose unplugged.

good luck! I am very much a 'less is more' type of person. I can't stand clutter so I am constantly purging and I love to see other people doing it as well! you can do it!
btw, i'm new to your blog but i absolutely love it! and your header is great- i love minimalism.

Oh I like your word better than mine, is it too late to change? 🙂 I love the idea of "less".

OMGoodness! this is great. it's what i've been doing year long, and still have further to go. it gets a little overwhelming, but to see the list written by someone gives a sense of peace. thanks for sharing your list, and your thoughts 🙂


ps. the picture sums up everything!


LOVE this. Very similar to my resolution list as well. And what is it they say… less is more 🙂

The irony about less is that to achieve it there is a lot to do!!!!!!!

Great word & beautiful photo!

Great word. you also have a great plan!

great inspiration
thanks for sharing

wow ADORE that photo Liz.


Great choice of word … and the photo is amazing! I'm going for 2 words this year "bare necessities" 🙂

Very inspirational, Lizzie. Now I want to come up with a word my 2011!

xo, KK

I love your word. I was going to skip it this year since now and balance haven't worked so well in the past. But less speaks to me. I want there to be less of me! I may borrow your word. 😉

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