DIY: the max costume




This is how Maddie’s where the wild things are costume turned out. It was really super easy to make. You can complete this project in about an hour’s time. Here’s how.

Step 1: Get hand measurements. I did this by tracing Madeline’s hand on a piece of paper.
max costume step 1

Step 2: Trace the claw on to your white felt. I used a fabric pen. You can just freehand draw the claws right onto the felt. I’m no good at freehand drawing and I’m the type of person that needs things to be exact, so I made a claw pattern in illustrator, printed and cut it out and used that as my tracing pattern. You can download the claw template at the end of this post.
max costume step 2

I ended up cutting the claws to the entire length of the felt because I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to secure the claws to her hands. It ended up being way too long – covering her entire forearm – so I shortened it (a lot) later.
max costume step 3

Step 3: Make the claw fastenable. I cuffed them up and sewed along the top to create an opening that I could loop a ribbon/string through to tie the claws the her hands.
max costume step 4

Here’s a no sew alternative. Just make two length-wise slits and loop your string/ribbon through.
step 4a - no sew option

Hand claws done! Next up: the claw feet. Here’s how to make a set of claw shaped shoe covers (for babies).

Step 4: Trace the claw on to your white felt. I used the same claw pattern that I used for the claw hands. Position the claw pattern to the center of the felt. Just trace the 4 claws along the top and cut those out. Place the felt over the shoe, with the claws sticking out slightly, and wrap the felt around the shoe until it is covered all the way around. Cut away the excess felt.
max costume step 5

This is what my cutout ended up looking like.
max costume step 6

max costume step 7

Step 5: Secure the feet claws. I used velcro, a set in the back and one at the front of the shoe.
max costume step 8

Feet claws done! Next up: The Crown.

Step 6: Trace and cut the crown. Again, I made crown template in illustrator and traced the pattern onto 2 sheets of grey felt. You can download the crown template at the end of this post.
max costume step 9

Step 7: Adhere felt crown to hat. I stitched them on. Velcro works too.
max costume step 10

What the hat looked like on Maddie.

maddie as max

I used the triangle scraps from the crown cutouts to make this bunting. Just because. I like bunting. 🙂
max costume step 11

The crown is done! Last step: tail.

Step 8: Adhere the tail to the pants. I used velcro.

Project Supply List:
– crown and claw clip art (download here)
– 4 sheets of white felt for the claws
– 2 sheets of grey felt for the crown
– velcro
– fabric pen for tracing (optional)
– needle and thread (optional)

Details on putting together the foundation for this costume can be found in this post.


I hope you enjoy the download and happy crafting!

Blog Comments

maddie looks adorable in her costume!

OMG – adorable!!! She looks so cute!!! I will have to put that in my idea folder for next year! Thank you for sharing!!

my goodness, she is so cute!!

once, I made Hobbit feet like that – painted nails with a fabric marker and glued some fiber on to make them hairy… still have them, I think! ( it was 8 years ago)

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW — this is so DARLING. She looks too CUTE for words! Great job!!!

What a great idea! She looks so cute Liz! xox

What a great idea…you really are full of them and she is so very cute!

so cuuuute !!!!

wow! it looks perfect 🙂 Maddie is so cute 🙂

How cute is she?! And how awesome are YOU? Great job, Liz! 🙂

I love this! Our son was Max last year. We just used a white sleeper and added ears, whiskers, claws, and a tail. So easy and so cute! Here was our costume:

Thanks everyone!

Danniey – TOTALLY adorable! hank you for sharing your costume!

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