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December 1, 2009 |  by  |  mini albums

I’ve got lots of things to share with you so I am warning you now: there will be a slew of mini blog posts from me today! First up. I’m so uber geeked to be guest blogging at Ella Publishing today. Thank you Lain, for offering me this awesome opportunity! The blog article has something to do with this:

And it includes a free template download and a photoshop tutorial. Click HERE to take you to the guest blog post. I hope you enjoy the article and the free download!

I’ll be back in a jiffy (give or take an hour) to announce the winner of Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class!



  1. 1
    Dana says:

    Congrats on being guest blogger! I LOVE this album. Thank you for sharing. Hope I can find some time today to sort through my photos.

  2. 2
    Liz says:

    Thanks Dana. You only need to find 10 photos, you can do it!! And I'd LOVE to see your album if you get a chance to work on it!

  3. 3
    osaru says:

    Gorgeous mini album!!
    Thank you for inspiration and beautiful template!

  4. 4
    Nancy Comelab says:

    You rock my world. :)

    Nancy Comelab

  5. 5
    Antique Rose says:

    What a cute album!! Thanks Liz x

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