Hello everyone, it’s Lucie here. I’ve been part of the Paislee Press team for the past 2 years, but this is the first year I am going to contribute here once a month.

Thank you Liz for this opportunity, feeling grateful to share this space with you and other two very talented ladies, Caylee and Catherine!

To introduce myself a bit before I start, my name is Lucie and I come from a little country in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic. First of all, I am a mom to a wonderful 5 year old boy and then a photographer and a graphic designer (you can see a bit of my work here). In the past 10 years, I’ve lived all over Asia (because of my previous job) but now, happily back to my hometown, Olomouc. 

In 2012, when my son was born I was looking for a way to document our life together. As I always loved taking pictures and had lot’s of photos, the 12×12 album was perfect for me. I could fit all my photos in it. So far, I have filled 4 albums and despite the fact that there are many weeks and even months missing, I still keep documenting and one day I will catch up. I hope.

As I am not a native speaker, my english is far from being perfect, so please bear with me. Or just check the photos and skip the text 😉

Some of the favourite pages from my albums since 2012


For the first 2018 project, I’ve decided to add a little color to Liz’s calendar cards. I love the black and white version as well and I’ve used it in my previous albums, but also wanted to try something little different.

So I used this set of cards plus this collection of brush strokes. First of all I recolored the stroke elements to colors I wanted to use. I prefer to work in Illustrator, but the same thing could be done in Photoshop, I believe. So in Illustrator, you choose the element you want to recolor, go to EDIT – EDIT COLORS – ADJUST COLOR BALANCE and you play with the RED, GREEN and BLUE sliders.

Then I printed them on a card stock and will use them in my 2018 album every month (I do my layouts monthly, not weekly).

Now I am thinking it would also look great to paint on the cards directly, using watercolors, I might try that as well.Well, that’s it for today, if you have any question, please comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks and see you in a month


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I’m in love with all of your projects. I purchased some templates because I saw your PL photos on instagram and I thought they were perfect!! The monthly option is a great idea, I’ll try it. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Thank you Laia, this means a lot to me and keeps me going in my PL

I love how these turned out and am thinking I might need to make some of these too. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Kelli, and yes you should absolutelly try theese 🙂

They’re so beautiful! I love the colours you used and how it blends in and fits the Paislee style. Super lovely!!

Oh thank you Lucie, I am so happy you all took time to comment, it makes my day 😉

These are gorgeous! Love what you did with the brushes!

Thank you so much Jen 🙂 anything created with Liz’s desins will always look good 😉

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