A kid’s birthday mini book DIY

Hello again, you awesome crafty peeps!

I’m back with a mini book to share!

My son Arty had his birthday back in January, and I’ve been putting off making the album for it because I just couldn’t find the right range of supplies to make it with.

His birthday involved two days of celebrations – we went to the zoo on the actual day, and then had a party with his friends on the weekend. This meant that the photos I had were all really different. They were full of bright colours, and very busy, and I was just feeling really unsure about how to bring them all together into a cohesive album.

Then, I finally realised that the ‘Oh Happy Day‘ range was perfect. It’s got reds, blues, greens and pinks in it, so it goes with pretty much any photos. This meant that the papers, journal cards, and elements I used could function as the unifying features that brought all my mismatched photos together.

Here’s a process video showing you how I made it:

… and here are some stills for a closer look:

If you’re ever stuck for a range that goes with everything, ‘Oh Happy Day‘ might be just the thing.

See you next month!

Essie xxx

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