caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

Caylee here and I’m bringing another round of pregnancy goodness to the paislee press blog this month. Now that I’m no longer sick, I just can’t stop making things about the pregnancy and about expecting a little human. This book I kept really simple. Since I already have an “official” pregnancy album, I wanted a little notebook that would hold just the belly shots (my fave!) and the sonograms.

caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

I kept things simple and used the Year One Baby Album photobook template. Those are totally not just for photobooks, and yay for that.

caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

Nine months. Each month received three circles as per the template – one with the month, one with a pregnant silhouette, and one with black and white paper from a paislee press kit or paper pack.

caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

Then an outside and inside belly shot. It’s only one month, but oh man, was I bloated. Plus it’s just so much fun pushing it out 🙂

caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

I’m currently this size, and awaiting my appointment on Thursday for the latest sonogram. The thing I love the most about notebooks is that they’re all set up and you just washi tape and stick your image in. Easy peasy!

caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine caylee grey | pregnancy moleskine

Products: Year One Baby Album, Artiste, Goes with Everything No. 2

♥ Caylee

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Blog Comments

This is the most amazing pregnancy album that I’ve ever seen! minimalistic, yet everything what’s important is in there! Thanks for sharing!!!!! And take care Caylee!

You rock, Mira. Thank you ♥♥♥

So so amazing! Congrats! I have other ideas to use those cute number circles from Paisleepress. where did you get the pregnancy silhouette you used? I want to redo my pregnancy album now?

Aw, thank you! I adore those number circles. I’ve used the top ten album ones soooo many times. The pregnancy silhouette is from Creative Market, here:

Thanks love.. And your baby is due on my birthday ..Feb 18,yay!☺

Are you allowed to have a sonogram every month?! Here in the states you’re generally allowed one to confirm a positive pregnancy test, one around 12 weeks to make sure everything is progressing okay, one around 20 to find out the gender and then…well, that’s it (at least, that was my experience for all three kiddos). I used to BEG for extra sonograms but they never gave in. Officially the justification was they didn’t want to overexpose the fetus to the sound waves, but I’m sure it’s really more something to do with the crappy healthcare system here and the fact that everything requires way too much paperwork and money.

YEP. German healthcare is INSANE. I’ve already had six.

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