project life 2013: week 17 and qr codes


I’m starting to include video clips via QR codes in our Project Life album. This is so fun you guys, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Probably because I’m not so great with taking videos. But you know who is? My husband. 90% (maybe more) of our videos are recorded by him. And I’m so glad because his videos are so much more fun than mine. His video recordings often include editorial accounts (funny and entertaining) of what’s happening in the moment. I love that his voice and perspective is captured in these clips. In a way these videos are very much his way of documenting our family life.


Per your request, here’s a quick tutorial on how to generate QR Codes. Hope you find it helpful!


Step 1: Upload your video to an online site. (I’m using Vimeo.)

Step 2: Copy your video’s URL address (you’ll need it in step 3).

Step 3: Go to a QR code Generator of your choice. I’m using Kaywa. It’s free but there are many other options available.  Paste your video’s URL address in the appropriate field and click on the GENERATE button to create your very own QR Code.

Step 4: Final step! Grab the QR Code (right click > save to desktop OR drag and drop to your desktop if you’re on a MAC).

Also, I recommend renaming your QR Code so that later on, you’ll know which code belongs with what video.


Now that you’ve generated your QR Code, you’re ready to assemble the video card insert! To create this “thumbnail-like” frame of your video, simply open up your video then use the slider to find the frame you want to use as your image. When you find it, take a screenshot of it!


One final note, if you’re concerned about privacy, make sure to password protect your uploads. To keep things easy, all of my videos share the same password and that info is noted on the back of the card.

ps. this 4×6 QR Code template, along with nine NEW templates will be available in the shop tonight (presslist subcribers – the product is now LIVE in the newsletter that went out this afternoon!)

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Gah! I did this with my album last year and included some really fun stuff this way, including my son’s first steps and an EPIC tantrum that my middle daughter threw. I so, so have to start doing this again!

Those are moments best remembered by watching. You done good Kelsey!! I want to get all of those baby milestone moments qr coded. One of these days. 🙂

This is such a COOL idea, Liz! I am so behind with memory keeping/PL but I’m getting ready to jump into it once again. Will be definitely getting the new photo templates of yours, love the format!

I have a question if you don’t mind – have you ever done a different size than 12×12 for your PL (except December daily)? If yes, did you like it and why? I want to get back to PL but not sure which format should I go with. I have 12×12 and also a snap binder, which is 6x8inch I think. I don’t plan on doing every week, probably just a month summary. Thank you in advance for any input.

Have a wonderful day!

So far it’s been 12×12, though earlier this year, I experimented with changing to an 8.5×11 size. I shared some of the pages here:

I don’t know if I’m going to stick with 8.5×11 for our 2014 album. That’s a decision I’ll make after I wrap up our 2013 album. I’m so behind! But…having lots of fun. 🙂

Personally, I think the 12×12 format is too large and 6×8 is too small so neither are an ideal choice for me.

If you’re switching to monthly, sounds like 6×8 might be the way to go. 🙂

Thanks for your input, Liz. I really appreciate it! Love the 8.5×11 btw!

Have a wonderful weekend.

I’d love to know what size you end up going with. Keep us posted!

I will! 🙂 Thanks, Liz!

Genius! I will definitely do this one day!

Awesome, Shaui!!

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Nice work! Came across a solution recently that generates beautiful QR codes which blend to a background image. It is free, you should check it out to see if it works for you ( Maybe it will give you more options to express your creativity! 🙂

Love this idea! Thank you for sharing how to do it and for being so encouraging to others who might want to do the same 🙂

I just read this through in detail and I’m going to give it a shot! What a brilliant idea, Liz 🙂 And p.s. I adore the new 4×6 templates. Off to purchase now… xo

I tried this as well and it was so cool. I’m planning to create a chatbook for each of my granddaughters and including a few of these in there as a special surprise for them. They may not work forever, but even if they get to see them once or twice, it will be worth it!

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