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Hello everyone, it’s Carly here to share my plans for documenting during the summer months. Summertime at our house is busy, very busy. We take a lot of short trips to visit friends and family during the summer; mixed with summer camps, plenty of day trips around town, and of course family outings to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


With summer being as busy as it is I wanted to make documenting as manageable and portable as possible, so I decided to trade in my 12×12 project life binder for the smaller format 6×8 handbook and so far I am loving it!

paislee_carly072014_IMG_6845 paislee_carly072014_IMG_6844

Using a smaller binder I can easily take it with me wherever we go and because it is so portable I won’t get behind in documenting during the summer. I’m also loving the variety of photo page pocket inserts I’m using. Yes, the 12×12 photo pocket pages also come in a variety of sizes, but for me at least I feel it’s so much easier to switch up your page layouts with the smaller format.


Although I’m dividing this binder into three months, June through August, I’m not too worried about keeping the photos in the order they were taken. This binder is more about capturing the entire summer of 2014 verse how it played out week by week. Again, it’s all about keeping the documenting easy and stress-free.

paislee_carly072014_IMG_6864 paislee_carly072014_IMG_6867

I  should also mention that in order to keep my documenting through the summer as quick and easy as possible I’ve been using only my iPhone for taking all my project life pictures and editing. Not carrying my SLR around during this busy time just makes everything so much easier.


One question I get asked a lot is how I format my photos and if I use any templates, I do! I use Paislee Press’s 4×6 Photo Template a lot for formatting my photos for project life, as well as the Pictures + Words templates. I find templates such a quick and easy way to prep your photos for printing.

paislee_carly072014_IMG_6871 paislee_carly072014_IMG_6875

What about you, are you making any changes to how you document this summer so that it’s quick, easy and portable?


*Other products I used in today’s pages include: love + other sentiments, press cards no.16, head in the clouds JC, frolic JC, presslines no.18, eternal sunshine JC and about us JC.

To see my other Paislee Press projects you can visit here, and you can always visit me at my (new) blog, on Instagram or over at Pinterest.

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This is such a great idea! Summer just officially started, but I’ve already found that keeping up is going to be difficult (I fell behind by the middle of June last year and didn’t pick back up until the last week of August — it sucked because so much happened during the summer that I looked forward to documenting but just never found the time to document). This year I think I may try something similar. I also think that using smaller pages can feel less overwhelming in terms of what to put in them and how to organize/style them.

And this album? Full of dreamy, whimsical, magic colors…love, Love, LOVE it!

Thanks Kelsey! Hope you have a wonderful time documenting this summer!

I loooove this size! Am getting back into scrapping after a short hiatus while trying to catch my 4 kids, ha! I wanted a smaller size and couldn’t decide. LOVE this. Would you mind sharing which album this is, and where you get the inserts? Lovely. Just lovely. And silly easy. I can do this!

Thank you!

Hi Rachel, I got my handbook and inserts from Studio Calico. And yes, you can do this!! 🙂

I love this! I’m planning on making the jump and will have to check out SC for the handbook/inserts. I have a new printer so will also be checking out the PP shop since I have a new printer:)

[…] love her simple and clean style for documenting her life with her husband and two beautiful girls.  Here she shows you how she’s approaching the summer and capturing those moments.  I think I may […]

this is gorgeous!

Hello! I just found you today and love your PL style! I am just starting out with project life and can use all the inspiration I can get. I was wondering where you found that adorable xoxo washi tape (if it is indeed washi tape)?

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Just found this.
I have fallen so behind in the kids albums, I have been good with family PL but the kids stories have been missing for the last 2 years…and the kids have said they miss seeing their stories on a page.
This is SO what I will do for them for 2014. I can do this all via awesome Apps and on my new iPad Air 2 that will arrive in the next week.
THANK YOU…I stumbled upon this on Pinterest looking for ways to style my bathroom and realised I had not been getting emails from you as I changed my email address…so many awesome ideas to catch up on.
My girls will be very excited 🙂

[…] När jag får lite andrum kommer jag tänka på min och pojkvännens roadtrip i sommar. Nu har vi hunnit boka två nätter i Höga kusten och två nätter i Smögen. Det ska bli så himla roligt och så fort jag får tid över hemma i veckan ska jag fixa fina collage på vad vi ska hitta på varje dag. Kanske något i den här stilen, från Paislee press […]

Do you have suggestions for apps to use on the iPhone for the photo templates? I would like to purchase some of the photo templates but really want to be able to just use them on my phone.

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