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I was lamenting to Peppermint about how I didn’t get much personal memory keeping done last year. Yes, I worked out my Project Life album here and there but most of my time was spent designing products for my shop. Designing is fun, and a necessity around here, but I miss creating just for the sake of creating. Experimenting, making mistakes, learning, discovering new things. Over Skype one evening I messaged her, half jokingly,We should challenge each other to scrap. Like once a quarter.”

“More like once a month,” was Peppermint’s response.

So here we go. We’ve committed to carving out time once a month to make something for our personal memory books and to share it here on our blogs.

My entry for January is a documentation of my elsa dress in the making adventures. These are 6×8 pages.



Swatches of the fabrics were sewn onto a 4×8 insert. The back side is a collage of photos I took throughout the dress making process.



The insert isn’t hole punched yet because I don’t know for certain if I’m going with this 6×8 album (SC Handbook). I probably will. This was a fun spread to work on. Experimenting with script brushwork (I used Chinese calligraphy ink and brush) was the most time consuming (and fun, not to mention messy) part of this project.


Stop by Peppermint’s blog to check out her January entries.

What are your creative goals for 2014?



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  2. 2
    Claudette says:

    Love this! Heck, I love everything you do!

  3. 3
    Elisa says:

    I Love the idea and the making :)
    You are awesome!!!!

  4. 4
    Miss Bubble says:

    Gorgeous, I lke the idea of makign little project. I do act like this caus’ I know I cant’t get with long one. So I collect little moment that are important for our familly !

  5. 5
    Erin says:

    Love love love this! The fabric swatches are gorgeous.

  6. 6
    Catherine says:

    I love this! And I love that you guys are committing to spending a little more time just being creative – imagine that :) Lots of journaling – what a treat it will be for your girls to read about what you were working on and why.


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