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Early last month I got the crazy idea to make an Elsa cape for Madeline and it snowballed into a make the entire Elsa dress and while I’m at it might as well make the Anna ensemble too. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I thought it would be a two or three day type of project. Boy did I grossly underestimate the time. Probably totally doable for the intermediate level seamstress, but not so for a total beginner like me. It took almost 2 weeks to complete the Elsa dresses (3 total) and one Anna cape and dress. 6 of those days were full 8 hours days of sewing (ripping) and re-sewing.  This project absolutely could not have been completed without my Mom guiding me every step of the way. The dresses were completed in time for the girls to wear to the Frozen Sing-A-Long at the El Capitan Theater on February 9th.

On a Friday (there was no school), we headed to Disneyland to brave the 2 hour wait for the Elsa and Anna Meet & Greet.

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They had lunch while we waited in line. We also brought a backpack filled with snacks, books, crayons and drawing pads to help pass the time. They were really really good. No whining or impatient sighs, just happy smiles and giggles the entire time.




We were so lucky that both Elsa and Anna were there, and they were amazing with the girls. They signed autographs, engaged them in conversation, commented on their outfits and Frozen toys and made them feel really special. The girls were mesmerized. I never thought I’d say this, but it was totally worth the 2 hour wait.




Also? Becky Higgin’s 4×6 Project Life blank white cards are perfect for collecting autographs!

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absolutely love this, what an awesome Mom to make your girls feel so special! gorgeous dresses & adorable photos!

Wow, for someone who doesn’t really sew, this was awesome!

How Adorable Liz! Love the dresses, what an achievement and so cool the girls got to meet the characters too!

I totally used my PL cards for autographs – they are the perfect size!

Those dresses are amazing! What a fantastic experience! Your girls look so happy and excited about meeting Anna and Elsa!

Amazing! Any tips on the Elsa dress you can share? I have all the materials now I’m having trouble starting D:

You’re an awesome mom!

plz do a diy i have a sewing machine but cant sew ………

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