two things I’m excited about

1. New kit coming to the shop tomorrow.

Halloween is a favorite holiday in our household. Well, at least with me and the girls.  My husband is not so big on dressing up though he does help himself to the stash of chocolates we collect while trick-or-treating!


2. Becky Higgins’ Personal Yearbook Project

Super duper excited about this project!  The personal yearbook project is something Becky Higgins has been doing with her kids for years. When she approached me to ask if I would be interested in working with her to turn her concept into Project Life form I was besides myself with excitement!


I’m thrilled to announce that the Personal Yearbook Kit is now available for purchase at the Digital Project Life shop. Right now it’s only available in digital form. There are no plans for this kit to go to print at the moment though maybe if there is enough demand for it, maybe it will!

The Personal Yearbook Mini Kit includes all the cards you need to complete a Personal Yearbook for one school year and fits perfectly with the Project Life Mini Albums. See this product listing for full contents info.


The Kit is also available as Pre-Designed 8.5×11 PDF’s. These sheets can be slipped into a 8.5 x 11 page protector and stored in any 8.5 x 11 3-ring binder.


I love that Becky wanted to offer a more economical approach to documenting the school year and really pushed for this 8.5 x 11 format!  The 3 ring binder is so convenient and this format will allow other school related documents (awards, certificates, homework, drawings, essays, etc.) to all be stored in one place. And since storage space is a big concern for me, I’m hoping I can squeeze in 2 – 3 years of school in one binder.



Along the bottom of each PDF insert is a simple grid design that can be used as extra journaling space or left as is.


paislee-personalyearbook-5099 paislee-personalyearbook-5093 paislee-personalyearbook-5067

For more information about Becky’s Personal Yearbook Project, see this post on her blog.

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These are fab, Liz!!! I love your designs on the Personal Yearbook!

Thanks so much friend! xo.

Congratulations for this new PL kit! It is beautiful and I so love it! You are so talented ! Marie xoxo

Thank you kindly Marie. So thrilled you like it, your words mean the world to me!

I can’t wait for the Halloween kit! Those cards are adorable. And I am in love with the Personal Yearbook, such an awesome idea!

Super stoked that you’re excited about the Halloween kit, thank you! And I agree on the Personal Yearbook concept, Becky Higgins is a genius!

Fantastic! You’re digital designs are my all time favorite ♥♥♥

I am so excited for both of these Liz!!! I will be purchasing on Friday!!! I hope you do a set for each holiday since your designs are my favorite 🙂



Elizabeth, you just MADE MY DAY. Thank you thank you!

Just out of curiosity, what are you printing your 8.5 x 11 pages on? And what do you plan on using for the girls to draw and write with? Thanks!!!

I’m printing on regular white cardstock from paper source (the same ones that I use to print journaling cards) because I don’t want to bust out special pens for this project. I’d like them to draw using what they normally use, pencils, crayons, markets, etc.

Great! That was what I was thinking but they suggested using photo paper on the PL website, so I wasn’t sure if it would work. I definitely wanted my kids to be able to use markers, crayons, etc.. on the pages. I can’t wait to get started! 🙂

The yearbook is amazing, Liz!! I’m so going to do it with my kiddos. I already have your Midnight kit for PL and so far it is my favorite. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! LOVE your work.

I was SO excited to see this. The design is FANTASTIC and the 8.5×11 option is great. Awesome work.

I’m a great fan of your work Liz, so was really stoked to see that you had designed the yearbook kit. I’m hoping to tackle my daughter’s school albums next year, and this will be perfect.

WOW! I just adore this kit!!

Awesome! I’ve been colleting all of my Kindergartener’s things and haven’t been inspired to do anything with it… until now! I even designed a 3-ring binder on Zazzle using the artwork. SUPER EXCITED.

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