project life 2013, week 4


This is week 4. After doing project life for almost 2 years it feels like I’ve finally found a rhythm and settled into a routine of sorts. I know what to expect when I sit down to work on my album. I know that I won’t have a photo for every day of that week and that it’s ok because I usually take enough photos over the weekend to cover the entire week. I know that I’ll have a good mix of both iphone and DSLR photos to choose from. Realizing that I needed both has made a huge difference. I struggled with this last year – tried dropping the DSLR and instead used my iphone almost exclusively to document moments. In the end though, I wasn’t happy with a majority of the photos I took with my camera phone and my project life album reflected that.  Too many weeks are left unfinished because I had a hard time working with those photos.

With that being said, I know it is possible to take amazing photos with the iphone and make gorgeous project life pages filled with iphone photos.  If you are struggling with how to use your iphone photos with project life, I encourage you to check out the Ronnie’s pages. I think she uses iphone photos almost exclusively, truly lovely and breathtaking work. I am a huge fan. Also, she has a great series on how to take better pictures with an iphone. If I could take photos like Ronnie, I would be wildly content to use only my iphone.  Since I don’t, I will continue to use both the DSLR and my iphone.

Left side. The top two photos were taken with the DSLR, the rest are iphone photos.



I try to take photos at home with the DSLR at least once a week. It’s convenient, it’s accessible, it’s so doable. The challenge here is just remembering to do it, and to try to do it at varying times so I don’t end up capturing the same scenario week after week (we are creatures of habit). This is a common scene on the weekends, snacktime after their afternoon naps. I love that they love eating roasted brussel sprouts.


Right side. We spent the morning at the Natural History Museum to celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday. What a cool venue to host a birthday party.


One insert this week.  This is my nephew’s birthday party invite. I love that it was printed it on yellow ledger paper. And love the “tickets” that came with the invite.


The other side holds a 5×7 photo of my nephew with his birthday cake.


Simple and I’m loving project life more than ever. What’s your go to camera for project life?

products used: Design A page protectors, 3×4 white cards, 4×6 photo templates


Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE. All of my project life entries can be found HERE. Photos edited using either RadLab by Get Totally Rad! or VSCO

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love love love your album!
I tend to use the DSLR. sometimes i use the phone if there is a moment I really want to capture & I don’t have time to run and grab the camera, but i prefer the DSLR photos – especially knowing I might do more with the images at a later stage. Catching up tonight actually, finalising 2012 and working on 2013 + my son’s childhood album. So hard to keep up!!

Love seeing your pages Liz the giggly ones with Daddy was so sweet. I love Ronnie’s PL too especially as i get to see areas close to where I grew up. I only got an iPhone last Nov so up til then I just used my dslr now I use both… I do find I snap a photo with my phone instead of hauling out my huge lens out every occasion. I try to balance my use as I know I will be happier with my dslr photos (still working out how to take good iPhone photos).

I have three cameras – iPhone, dslr and a really good point and shoot. I use whatever is convenient to capture the moment. My phone is always in my pocket, my p&s lives in my diaper bag for things like trips to the zoo and my dslr is for at home photos (I hate lugging it around town) or big activities like Disneyland or the beach.

I’m always a huge fan of your pages Liz, they are awesome! Last year, I used exclusively my DSLR, as I got my iPhone only in November. The quality of the DSLR is better of course, but it’s not always convenient to bring it everywhere. Now, I mix DSLR and iPhone photos, and I must admit that it’s easier. Sometimes, when we go outside for a walk, I put a small camera in my bag (better quality than the iPhone but easier to take with us than the DSLR).

You are so sweet, Liz. Love the light that you captured in the park with your phone in that first layout!
Ronnie xo

I always carried either my mark II or mark iii with me. But we just got a Fuji XE1 and I’m loving the smaller size and great quality images that come from it so far. We’ve only had it a couple days but most likely the majority of the photos will be taken with the Fuji. I usually fill in with Instagram iPhone pics too.

I don’t know if there is a “put away” place in my home anymore for the DSLR. It’s always hanging out somewhere where I can grab it. Is it the safest arrangement in the world? Probably not, but it really helps me grab good shots!

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