two things that are inspiring me right now

1. Pink Ronnie’s Happy Closet Series.


She went an entire year without buying/adding anything new to her wardrobe.  That is seriously inspiring. I sort of attempted this in 2011 when my one little word was less.  I was so proud of myself but looking back, it was easy enough to do.  I was getting rid of a lot of things that were no longer relevant in my life – maternity clothes and office attire. At the time almost two years had passed since I stopped working at Ernst & Young and things were going well with my paislee press shop so I felt secure enough to let the work attire part of my wardrobe go.

Now, two years later, I’ve again amassed a collection of clothes (some that still have tags on them) and I’m right back where I started. Step one. I have to stop the impulse buying. Step two. I need to pare down my wardrobe.  And somewhere between steps one and two I hope to figure out what my style is.  I think that’s a big part of why my closet is filled with things I don’t wear. I buy things that I think are cute but aren’t really me. At the time of purchase I think I’ll find a way to incorporate it with existing pieces in my closet and hey! it was on sale so it’s really not a huge risk to experiment.  And now here I am, suffering from buyer’s remorse and finding myself back where I started – needing to pare down what’s in my closet, or simply to stop buying things I don’t wear.  I’m looking forward to future installments of Ronnie’s Happy Closet series to keep get me on track.  If you’re new to her blog, be sure to also check out her project life pages. They are absolutely stunning! I love her minimalist aesthetics and she also happens to be a member of Becky Higgin’s 2013 Creative Team (congrats Ronnie, so well deserved!).

The second thing that’s inspiring me right now is a project that I discovered as I was browsing Ronnie’s blog.

2. Jodi’s 52/A Portrait A Week Project


She’s taking a photo of her children, once a week, every week in 2013. You can read more about how her project came about here.  I’ve read about other 52 projects over the years but something about Jodi’s really resonated with me. Maybe because she has two children and each week she features two photos. I’d always thought of the 52 project as a “one photo a week” thing so it didn’t appealed to me simply because the thought of having to choose only one photo made me feel like I’d be playing favorites between my two daughters.  Jodi’s approach has helped me to see that I don’t have to play favorites.  The 52 project can be anything we want it to be.  And now my mind is reeling. This 52 mindset is going to change the way I approach photographing 2013.

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Love reading Ronnie’s blog too, inspiring. I like the portrait series too that she linked too.

I am doing the 52 week project and I love the idea of the closet overhaul. My issue is that I don’t have much by way of clothes because I have purged a LOT and I don’t have the budget to buy more. I have clothes that are old, don’t fit and are no longer my style. I am hoping to be able to dedicate a small budget each month to gathering pieces that will good investments. Less of them but of higher quality and timeless style.


I smiled to myself months ago when I discovered Ronnie’s blog because not only did I love her PL style and photography, but she had the closet segment. My OLW is simplicity and I’ve been considering doing Project 333… although 33 items seems a big challenge! Love your blog too!

I love the idea of 52 portraits in 2013: I just need to improve my photographing (working on it!).
Like you, I’m wondering which style I am (I completely recognized myself in the impulsive buyer who don’t wear things she bought…). Have tp work on it too! I discovered Ronnie’s blog a few months ago and I loooove her photos and, of course, her PL!
Thanks for sharing Liz!

oh i love the Happy Closet series! Thanks for linking it here. I did a no scrapbook materials buying last year and it felt good. Then again, i could claim a sum of materials every quarterly from the store i work in. It felt good to be using up my old stuff…maybe it is time to do the same with my closet =)

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