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Back in 2008 I created a photobook to document our baby girl and the joys we were experiencing as new parents and titled it happiness is.  I eventually turned it in into an album kit and to this day, it’s still one of my best selling digital kits. Over the years I’ve seen people use it to document a wide range of life events – from weddings to everyday life moments.

Today, I am beyond thrilled to announce that the Happiness Is photobook style is now available at Shutterfly.

Earlier this year Shutterfly launched a new photobooking component called custom path, which I can best describe to you as a platform that introduces photoshop-esque control to your photobook designing process. In custom path, you now have the ability to change backgrounds, resize photo frames, swap out (or resize) embellishments, adapt layout designs, etc. This really takes the art of photobooking to an all new level and it is especially great news for those of you that want to create a custom photobook, but don’t have the time (or desire) to learn photoshop.

Here’s a closer look at the happiness is style and a quick overview of what you can do using shutterfly’s custom path tools.

1. Predesigned Pages  The happiness is photobook style comes with 20 predesigned pages and a matching front, back and spine design. For those of you familiar with photoshop and digital kits – these layouts are like quick pages except better because you have the ability to change the background color, remove or add text, embellishments and even change the layout completely.


2. Customizable Design Tools  Your custom path design tools can be found in the tabs (layouts, backgrounds, embellishments) on the left side of the page.


3. Journaling Help  The text spaces are pre-filled with journaling ideas that you can easily customize to fit your project.

Just click in the text area and this text box will pop up. In here you can further customize – change the text, change the font, the size, the color.

4. Idea Pages I really like this (new to me) category. If you get stuck working on a certain layout, you can click on the idea pages tab to pull up sample pages showcasing the layout design and it also suggests alternate page designs.

Shutterfly just launched 29 new photobook styles.

– see all new styles (especially loving Ali Edwards’ Top 10 Book)

– see happiness is style

I also have two photobook styles that will be available at the beginning of 2012. I’m super excited about those. Working with Shutterfly has been absolutely amazing, thrilling, and just a downright surreal experience.

I hope you enjoy perusing the new photobook styles. If you have any questions regarding the custom path platform, I’ll do my best to answer them.

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WOW Liz!! TOTALLY amazing!!!! It makes me want to get a book done RIGHT NOW! Congrats!!! I think this will be a super popular product!!

completely agree. so fabulous : )

EEEEK! everything looks incredible! Congrats Liz! 😀

This is amazing, Liz!!! Congratulations!

congratulations!!!! That’s is awesome news!

This rocks!!!!

Liz this is AMAZING!!!!! Congrats sweetie!

Liz, this is so awesome!!! Congratulations 😉

So amazing! Congrats and SO well deserved! Big hugs!

Beautiful! congratulations!

LIZ OMG that’s so AWESOME!!! Congrats – you are so darn cool!

Omgeeeee!!! Thank you!! I cannot wait to get started. It’s beautiful!!!!

Wow – we are so proud of you Liz. Am totally bragging that I know you. 🙂

congrats!! that is a gorgeous album!! i’m so excited and am already planning a photobook in my head!

LIZ!!! This is amazing! Congratulations, you fabulous woman! 😀 Woot! Woot!

This is great! Congratulations!!!:)

Oh Liz! This is amazing. Congratulations!!

Wow, that is awesome Liz! Congratulations!

That is super-duper amazing and cool! Congrats on Shutterfly! Need to check out this custom path newfangled thingie too!

Just gorgeous! I am going to have to make one of these!

Congratulations Liz!

I marked this book as a favorite on Shutterfly when you first shared it. Definitely a versatile design for preserving life’s special moments 🙂

Looking forward to what is coming in 2012!

Congrats!!!! Love your work and shutterfly:)

Congratulations!!! They’re lucky to have your designs. 🙂

Liz, this is amazing. I’m not surprised – you are so talented and I’m just glad that this is opening up a whole new market of people to your creativity!!

Congratulations! I’m so excited (I just got a code to make a new photobook). 😀

Congratulations Liz, Shutterfly is lucky to have you on board! That is a beautiful album and now others can have a piece of that themselves. 🙂 Ok, I’m going off to work on my travel book now….

Oh Liz, this is so fantastic! Congratulations! Your album is fantastic!

Until now, I’ve always been scared of printing my own photo-book. What if the pages look weird when they’re printed? What if the edges of the pages get cropped? What if? What if? What if?

Seeing your beautiful Shutterfly book style has made me do a complete U-turn! Now I won’t be intimidated. Now I’ll have the courage to put my images into a book format, knowing that they’ll look AMAZING!

Thank you Liz. Thank you.

Yaaaay! Soooooo so happy for you my friend. You know how much I love youre work and I am excited to see you take it even farther!

Fantastic news !
Congrats !

Congrats Liz !!!! Fantastic work as always !!!

Gongrats!! You know, your designers are amazing and you deserve this!

Stunning. I have some shopping to do. I have to say it again, … stunning.

GIRL!!! i am SO, SO, SO super excited for you!!!! this is SO excitingggggg!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! shutterfly has never looked better than with your amazing designs greeting you when you get there!!! i’m so proud of you!!!!! love you, girl!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoox

Wow! This is just great!!! Congratulations Liz!!!

Love that album, I bought it myself LOL… Shutterfly sure is coming a long way… you make them look GOOD 😉

Wow, that is amazing, congratulations! I’ve become a strictly Blurb person, but I am definitely going to have to check out these new products on Shutterfly, I might have to give them another shot with everything so customizable and beautiful now!

this is just FABULOUS !!!

I saw this on Shutterfly the other day and squealed! Somehow I missed this blog post until now. So very cool

Love this!

Oh this is STUNNING! Will add this to my list of must have’s!!

I came across your blog this morning, and I have to say this is so so cool! Last year my siblings and I made a book for my Mom’s 60th birthday called “60 reasons we love you” and used this template. I loved it at the time (and still do!), so no wonder why I love your work and your site!

So thrilled that you selected that template in particular to make your mother’s bday book. 60 reasons we love you is such a sweet and brilliant theme for a photobook!

Wow, I actually just started following your blog but I just happened to use parts of this on a book that I made on Shutterfly for my employers last year! I work as a nanny and I compiled the best pictures that I had taken of the children over the year and gave it to them in a photobook for Christmas.

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