project life | week of july 3rd

I’ve been on a black and white photo kick lately, mostly because I’m using RadLab (new photo editing photoshop plugin by Totally Rad!) to process my photos and running black and white conversions on it is a DREAM.ย  I’ll try to do an in-depth post later this week because the amazingness that is Radlab deserves its own space.

This is the week of July 3rd – July 16th. For some reason I didn’t take that many photos in the 1st half of July so I ended up squeezing two weeks worth in this spread.

Close up of left side.

A diptych and another funny thing Audrey said recorded. The red label stamp is this vintage black label stamp by purple onion designs.

A diptych for madeline too. She’s starting to talk a lot more now but most of it still sounds like gibberish. I’m cherishing this last bit of her baby side. For the journaling insert I listed out the way she is pronouncing her colors. La-lo is my favorite.

I couldn’t decide which picture to print from our frozen yogurt outing so I ended up printing them all.ย  The frames are from my snapshots no. 3 kit (specifically, it’s the frames from template no. 5, doubled up) and the patterned paper is from basic grey’s black tie collection.

The other side of the insert is a drawing by Audrey.

Close up of the right side.


I liked printing out the photos and presenting them as a series this week. Will probably do more photo collages in the coming weeks. The frames are from my newest album kit, snapshots no. 3, sized down to fit in a 4×6 print.

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I love the consistency of your editing. It’s so timeless, and your girls will really enjoy looking at it as they grow up. I’m hoping to become more consistent in taking photos of my own babies, so thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you for your kind words Amanda. It’s funny that you say my editing looks timeless because I feel like my taste in photo processing changes every few months!

I found you recently (can’t remember where/how just now…) and I want to tell you that you truly inspire me with your clean design, as well as how you are using Project Life. I did PL last year, using the photo a day approach. This year I did not and now I’m regretting it. Trying to jump back on the wagon. It’s funny how the more styles and approaches I observe, how I start to pull ideas from each one (yours, Ali Edwards’, etc.) and figure out my own approach. You are really inspiring me. Thank you.

Specifically about your post for week of July 3rd… I LOVE your insert and the way it breaks up the week’s spread and gives your eyes a place to land and rest. Great style.

Getting on the bandwagon was the hard part for me. I started this album mid way through the year and I’m so glad that I did that instead of waiting for 2012 to “do it right”.

Thank you for your kind words Debbie!

Beautiful as always. Just wondering if the grid cards are Becky Higgins’ and how you print on them (or is it typing)?

Hi Danielle,

Yes, the grid cards are Becky Higgins. I type out the journaling (in photoshop), adhere the grid card to a 8.5×11 sheet of paper, then run it through the printer. I’ll be happy to take photos of the process if you think it will help, let me know!

I would love to see your process!

That would be great! Is it just trial and error with getting the printing in the right place? Would love to see your process. Thanks!

I was actually just about to ask about this too. I love the cards that come with project life, but I’m not a fan of my handwriting. I would love to know how to print onto her cards.

your photos kill me… so gorgeous!

You totally inspire me! So I’ve got my album, inserts, papers, and even a printer… Haven’t done a darn thing! WTH is my problem?!

Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’re juggling like, oooooh, TEN full time jobs?

Love your layouts! So inspiring. I’m new to PSE — do you think you could walk me through how you resize your frames. I love the look of the frames in the 4×6 photo. Thanks!!

Will work on a tutorial for ya Jennifer!

Oh, and does Radlab work in PSE? Would love if you shared your process — your photos are always so beautiful!

RadLab works in PSE (photoshop 7.0 and higher). More detailed info here:

Thanks for your sweet comments! I will work on a rablab post too, not sure which one I will finish first.

I’ll say it again. You are sooo good at what you do!

And I still can’t get Becky Higgins things to Sweden. ๐Ÿ™
Someone who wants to help me?

Hi Karin, Looks like they are sold out at the moment, more info here:

Awesome. Just awesome.


i’ve always admired your work and have been encouraged to find the minimalist in myself! i love your take on this project. so very beautiful

This is such an inspiration!! I love it! It is especially inspiring how you meld the paper supplies with your digital elements.

gorgeous! Wow!! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes! I would as well love to see your technique for printing on the journaling cards and resizing frames for 4 x 6 prints
Love your style and PL ideas…..thanks

Also would love to hear more about RadLab as well

Both coming soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

THis is so beautiful!! Very inspiring!!

I am really loving your Project Life…you have such a clearly defined and clean/classic style. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is amazing!

I love what you are doing with Project Life. Do you think the plastic sleeves would work with old family photos? I want to make one, but with all the old family history photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

i konow its a stupid question, but do you shoot in manual mode ?

Since learning of Project Life, looking at other people’s work has been an inspiration. I started mine, but my album still only contains the first week from a few months ago. Seeing the beauty of your album gives me much hope for mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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