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Hi everyone! Kelly here and I am thrilled to be bringing you some creative inspiration from the team to brighten up your Monday! These projects feature More or Less.

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paislee-more or less-projectbytinaaszmus

Tina always creates such amazing hybrid projects. I love all the layered pieces that give her pages a tactile feel. She printed the more laughter wordart bits and layered them over the white space (brilliant!).  She also printed the green label from the kit, added her own journaling (doesn’t she have the most killer handwriting?) and adhere it to the bottom photo. Also? That square bit of vellum patterned paper over the floral photo is AMAZING.


This is such a fun layout! I love the mix of black and white and color photos as well as how she layered the tags to create more depth in her layout.


This is a great black and white layout and I really like how she has the more paper peeking up through they cuts in her background paper.


I love the way Leena used the paper strips with ‘more happy’ cut out and also they way she stapled the word ‘more’ directly onto her journal card. These are such great touches on her PL spread!


This is an amazing layout by Laura! What a great photo!

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Have a great week!

carly robertson | 2015 project life pages

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paisleepress-carly032615Hi everyone, it’s Carly here to share a few of my February project life pages with you. This year I made the switch back to a 12×12 binder from the smaller 6×8 handbook size and so far I am loving the larger format once again!

One of the main reasons why I decided to go back to a 12×12 binder is because this year I am including all of my documenting into one book. Whether I create an 8.5×11 scrapbook page or a 12×12 project life layout, it’s all going into this book.

paisleepress_carly_IMG_2930What I really like about keeping everything in one book, and not restricting myself to just creating 12×12 pocket pages, is that I feel completely creatively free. If I want to document a story or even an entire month review on an 8.5×11 page I will and having that flexibility has made documenting this year stress-free and fun.



paisleepress_Carly_IMG_2955My original plan was to only use the Design A photo page pockets thinking it would be easier and of course create a more consistent look throughout my binder, but when I decided to be just flexible with my 2015 documenting I opted to use whichever photo page pocket that fit with the pictures I was documenting. So far I’ve been switching it up a lot and using Design H, I and K, in addition to the traditional Design A.




For me, creating a documenting system that is flexible, simple and yet still allows me to express myself creatively is key if I am going to be successful at keeping it up. I’m a big believer in finding an approach that works best for you and being open to changing it if it ever starts to feel like it’s not working anymore.

- Carly

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Products used in today’s project: minimalist 4×6 photo templates, press cards no. 23, press cards no. 16, picture + words no. 18, 2015 journal cards, and picture + words no. 5.


catherine saunders | january project life

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Hi everyone! It’s Catherine here, and today I’m sharing a simple pocket-page layout. I’ve been documenting our son’s first year using a 12 x 12 project life album, and I’m a little bit behind, so I’m trying to keep it simple as I finish up the last couple of months. I’m finding the formula that works for me includes lots of photos, a little bit of journaling and documenting monthly. I also find it a lot easier to tell a single story with the layouts, rather than attempting to include a bunch of different moments in one layout. I love the challenge of putting those more “random” layouts together, but I find doing a layout like this, with a single subject, a lot quicker for me to complete.


We’re a west coast family living in New England this year, and this winter has been a bit of a shock for us! The snow started falling in January and it just didn’t stop. So I gathered all of our snow photos from the month, printed them and used them in one layout, regardless of the specific date they were taken. This works because I’m documenting monthly, rather than weekly.


It’s so beautiful here – I just wish it wasn’t so cold! I knew I wanted to include a large image of a snowy street in our neighborhood. On the left side, I cropped the photo to 12 x 8 inches in Photoshop, and then broke it up into four 4 x 6s to make printing easy. I wanted to include a little bit of journaling on this page, so I added the “adventure” text from pictures + words no. 9 and just a couple of my own words.


In the pocket next to it, I used a pattern from the more or less papers along with a bit more kraft paper so I could include some more journaling.


I contrasted the single photo on the left with a collage of photos on the right side, still sticking with my wintery theme.


As I scrolled through our January pictures in iPhoto, the shots of my shoes on the ground immediately jumped out at me, so I picked four that showed a progression of the snowfall throughout the month. I always use 4×6 templates vol. 1 (they’re free!) to print two 3×4 photos on a 4×6.


The minimalist photo templates have become a go-to for me in this album. They are the perfect way to add some journaling without sacrificing simplicity. I love the look and function of them.


On this page, I had room for just one 3×4 journaling card. I used the same dotted pattern as the previous page, along with some kraft paper. A little bit of journaling in the same fonts as the rest of the layout ties everything together and adds just enough detail to remind us of what a crazy winter we were about to experience!


This layout came together so quickly. I loved working with such a cohesive set of photos, and I love how the large photo contrasts with the collage of 3×4 pictures. I haven’t used kraft paper in ages, but it really warmed up the layout – all that snow was a little chilly!


I think I’ve discovered how I’m going to quickly finish up this album. You can see more of my work on my blog or on Instagram, or see what inspires me on Pinterest. Do you have a go-to formula when you’re playing catch-up with Project Life?



Products used: wordart from pictures + words no. 9, papers from more or less, 4×6 templates vol. 1, minimalist 4×6 templates, minimalist 3×4 templates, Project Life pocket pages

March Press Exhibit

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Hi everyone! Kelly here and I am thrilled to be bringing you this month’s press exhibit!  The team has really outdone themselves this month, creating beautiful projects and layouts with their choice of products from the paislee press shop.  I am amazed and inspired by all the creations here and I know you will be too!



I love this first digital layout by Susanne because of her use of bright cheerful colors. This layout just screams Spring and I am so ready for that! I also love the way she layers her paper pieces with the different drop shadow settings to create a realistic depth to her page. Products used: From Where I Stand and Eternal Sunshine.

paislee-Feb16 double-projectbykerriannephelps-640 copy

I am such a huge fan of KerriAnne’s project life spreads.  I really have to admire her black and white photo treatment and the way she pairs those photos beautifully with her colored ones. I really like how she uses larger photos in her spreads alongside the 4×6 and 3×4 sizes.  This could be a great way to complete a spread when you might not have many photos. Products used: Presscards no. 1, Quintessential Papers no. 1, Monthly, Pictures + Words no. 17, Say Yes To, and Outdoorsy.


What can I say about Leontien’s layout except as usual it’s just perfect.  The shadowing and photo treatment on her photo is amazing. Products used: In Progress, Pictures + Words no. 18, Heirloom, and Presscards no. 31.


I really like how Aga carried the circle of the trampoline in her photo onto the page with the circular cutouts in her background paper. Product used: Frolic


This digital layout by our guest creative team member Tara is just lovely! First of all, look at that happy family photo! And I love the way she clipped paper to the xoxo under her photograph. Products used: Eternal Sunshine.


I love the page design here with the strips of papers peeking out on the side.  Great journaling too!  Products used: More + Less and You are My Fave.


paislee-Monthly Project - due MARCH 15-projectbymaysuzuki

I absolutely adore how May’s black and white themed mini planner turned out! She used a variety of paislee press journaling cards to create custom dividers.  Products used: let’s go (journal cards), about us journaling cards (volume 2), diptych journaling cards, press cards no. 23, because journal cards


Leena beautifully demonstrates how the faves (6×8 template) can be used to display many photographs on one layout. I love the black and white look and the photography is stunning as always!


Azzari used a 12×12 collage template (press plate no. 37) to create a mosaic-esque look, a great way to showcase a large format photo (without actually cutting anything!). She reserved the bottom right hand corner for text and type (loving wordart from Currently).


I love how Vanessa printed the heart pattern and her journaling on vellum! It adds such an interesting touch. Products used: Currently and Let’s go (6×8 papers and overlays).

paislee-beginning of feb-projectbytinaaszmus

Visually stunning pairing of art + photos by Tina. Here, shots of her art in progress add color and an abstract vibe that I just love! Products used: 6×8 Minimalist Collage Template, 4×6 Minimalist Photo Templates.


Super fun example of the beauty of symmetry. Here, Laura juxtaposes a grid of month journal cards with a grid of snapshots. It’s a great way to pull together a collection of favorite images taken throughout the year! Product used: woodgrain journaling cards.



kristi prokopiak l hybrid artist

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hi friends. spring is pretending to be here but in all reality it’s still pretty cold and mostly uneventful. no one leaves their house in this weather unless they have to. so that means lots of introspection and self care. which is really showing in my pages!

right now card

i found my instax camera while cleaning under the bed and a fresh pack of film! i rarely have success with my instax shots so i decided to just practice with the little vignettes around my room. crystals, alters and oils. all sorts of self care. i also did a shot of the right now card, which is fun because now it feels like i have two :)

currently card

another pretty boring week. i got a card in the mail and kept the little bag it came in. since i’ve been on a self care kick i decided seek was a really great word to sum it all up. the 6×8 photo is from a little dressing room photoshoot at personnel of new york. i definitely channeled a little cher from clueless there!

march pictures and words no. 10

my title page for march has a little bit of journaling and a shot of my current favorite thing, a crystal shelf my friend noel made for me. love love love it.

thanks so much for stopping by to check out my recent pages.

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