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Hi! It’s Kelly here and I am happy to bring you fresh inpiration in this edition of the picks from the press gallery.  This is when we go through the Paislee Press gallery and instagram and search for the projects and layouts that really get our attention.  This month’s picks are really amazing. I hope you enjoy them!

The first layout I would like to show you is by gaylemaupin called Owen-isms.  She used Dialogue to create this great layout highlighting a quote by her son.  I love the design here and the great journaling.


Next up we have Hello Sunshine by kim21673.  She used Sunny Days Ahead on this layout.  This is such a happy and bright layout the layering is so perfect!


The next layout I would like to show you is Explore Paris by MelanieB using From Where I Stand.  The first thing that grabbed my attention on this layout was that great photo. I love the black and white treatment paired with the soft colors of the papers.


I cannot say enough about this next layout called Good Morning by kewl_jive.  She used Good Morning  to create this gorgeous layout and I love everything about it! Wonderful element placement and photo treatment.



We found the next layout we would like to share on instagram.  It is by julietteperkins and it was also using Good Morning.  I love how she used the doodles on the background paper here and her simple design really draws attention to her photo.


That’s it for this edition of the picks from the press gallery. I hope you enjoyed looking at theses picks as much as I did!  We would love to see what you’ve created with your paislee press product too! We encourage you to post your layouts at the paislee press gallery or on instagram with the hashtag #paisleepress.  Thanks for looking and we’ll see you next time!

New In the Shop

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Happy Digital Scrapbook Day! Enjoy 30% savings storewide, including the 4 new products that were added to the shop today!

This Day In December
Per customer request, I’ve adapted my Week In Review Card Design for Documenting December Projects. Use these as filler cards or print out as is to use for free hand journaling.


NEW – Calendar Title Cards (4×6)
I’m excited to introduce a new Horizontal oriented Calendar design this year. The 4×6 size are ideal for Project life. Each template includes 2 different clipping masks and hand drawn month wordart. The calendars are available in two different formats: Sunday – Saturday or Monday. Simply choose your preferred format from the drop down window before adding it to your cart!


The month stamps are also available separately, as a digital stamp set.


2015 Calendar Journal Cards (3×4)



layout by Susanne

On My Desk | Honeymoon Album

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I have been scrapbooking regularly since 2007 and since then I have had our honeymoon, that we took in 2004,  on my list of things I wanted to go back and scrapbook.   I just figured that when I came across the collection that was perfect for those pictures I would do it. That is what happened when I saw the new On My Desk collection available at Gossamer blue.  As soon as I opened up the box and saw all the gold accented elements and transparency cards I knew it would be perfect.


There are so many things that I love about this collection, but I have to say that one of my favorites is the gold vellum.  So gorgeous that I had to devote an entire 6×8 page just to it!



Back in 2004 we didn’t have the best camera or the best photography skills but I love even the pictures that are less than perfect. Paired up next to these gorgeous papers and elements it’s easy to overlook the imperfections in the pictures.


One thing I really wanted to do in this album is leave a lot of transparent areas. I choose the Simple Stories 6×8 page protectors with the 2×2 pockets so I would be able to add lots of the little elements in the pockets and have the transparent feel that I wanted.


Another one of my favorites from this collection are the 3×4 transparencies.  I loved using them as is, or trimming them to use in the 2×2 pockets.




The label stickers are absolutely awesome for adding dates to your projects. These are going to be showing up on my project life spreads a lot.

paisleepress-onmydesk-kschmidt10 paisleepress-onmydesk-kschmidt11

I had such a great time reminiscing and reliving this great trip.  Thanks so much for looking!  You can find more from me on Instagram, Pinterest, and my blog.

currently (TLP Blog Hop)

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Did you know that November 1st is Digital Scrapbook Day?  We’re starting the celebration early with a TLP Blog Hop! My contribution to the hop is a set of “currently” themed wordart, available as 4×6 photo templates (Pictures + Words No. 16) or as a digital stamp set. If you can’t decide which format you prefer, by all means, download both! They are available as free downloads, but only for a limited time, from now thru November 5, 2014. Enjoy!  And I’d love to know which format you prefer.



Next stop on the bloghop: Pink Reptile Designs.


carly robertson | documenting by themes

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paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8688Hi there! It’s Carly here today to share the idea of documenting themes in your Project Life binder. I use theme based documenting all the time. For me, theme based documenting can really help when I’m feeling in a photo rut, or if I just don’t think there is that much happening in my life at the present moment needed to be document.

Theme based documenting is also a great place to start for anyone that is new to Project Life. One of the questions I get asked a lot from people that are new to this everyday documenting style is “what exactly should I photograph and journal about?” To say “just document your everyday” can be a little intimidating at first and often keep you from starting because you just might have no idea where to begin.

So what exactly is theme based documenting? Today I’m going to share some examples with you.

paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8693Document your home is a great theme example. This past 2 years our family has moved 4 times which is a lot of houses to remember. For each home I wanted to ensure I documented them and captured what made each place special. I have pages and pages in my Project Life binders just dedicated to each house and showcasing what I loved about each of them.

For me, one of my most favourite things about going through old photographs from when I was growing up is seeing pictures of what our home looked like, what my room looked like. Those photos always have an amazing way of taking me back to that time. Capturing what your home looks like right now is a theme based approach to documenting I encourage everyone to try and I guarantee you will love looking back at how your house looked a particular time.

paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8695Documenting a special outing or event is of course a more obvious approach to theme based storytelling and a really easy way to fill your pages. This 2-page spread documents an end of summer outing our family took to one of our favourite parks and rather than just capturing a few photos of this day I opted to document the entire day over 4 pages. I know some people prefer to document special events in a separate binder, but for me I prefer keeping everything together so that when I flip through my binder I see that entire time period in chronological order, but you have to decide what works best for you.

paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8696Another type of theme based documenting I do a lot is capturing a particular time of my day. I love to capture my typical morning, afternoon and evening, and do it over and over again so that one day I can look back and see how different that part of my day changed over the years. For example this 2-page spread captures my typical morning during the month of September. Each morning consisted of a short walk to my grandma’s which I took a bridge over that river everyday. It also showcases the amazing morning light we were lucky enough to get almost everyday this past month and I captured it in the “here” picture below. And lastly, waking up to my cat sleeping in a ball in the same spot every day had to be documented too. These September mornings were good days and I want to remember them.

There are tons of other ideas for theme based documenting that you can use if you ever need to get out of a documenting rut or just don’t know where to start. Some of my other favourite themes include documenting what your typical commute to work looks like, or documenting your child’s school and classroom, or capturing your family’s bedtime routine. Documenting your hobbies, sports or other activities you enjoy doing are other great topics to cover. The theme ideas are endless!

A great way to think of theme based documenting is capturing those little bits and pieces of your life that make you, you.  We all get up in the morning, eat breakfast, get our kids off to school, maybe you go off to work, then return home to have dinner, maybe spend the evening out at music or swimming lessons, etc. There are lots of things we all do every day that might seem a little mundane, but the great thing about “your everyday” is that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s and it’s worth documenting.


Have you ever tried theme based documenting in your Project Life binder? If so, what themes do you like to capture?


To see my other Paislee Press projects you can visit here, and of course you can always visit me at my blog, on Instagram or over at Pinterest.

Products used in today’s project share: heirloom kit4×6 photo templates vol. 3, picture & words vol.3, picture & words vol.14, penned no.3 and penned no.1.