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happy new year! i was having a moment at the beginning of this year, uncertain if i wanted to continue documenting in this way. while i was super proud of myself for committing to scrapbooking once a week for a whole year, i also wanted to free myself up a little bit. after making some non-scrapbook related work, i realized i needed that format too. i’ve come to view my weekly recaps as gratitude journals, moments of mindfulness, and an excellent way to document my creative process.

products used: this day in december journaling cards

this may be my first ever all 4×6 spread. i always have a hard time with it but this time it was the only solution. simple recap of the end of december and a quote from a friend were my simple way of documenting the holidays.

for the last page of my 2014 album, i created a watercolor moon to journal on. i used numbers as a form of recap, as it was an easy way to string together all things that happened. for my 2015 cover page, i used a simple cutout from a madewell catalogue and a transparency floating on top.

products used: pictures and words no. 10 and let’s go papers

for the first few days of january nothing much happened so i used the opportunity to jot down my intentions for the year. the raindrops are one of my favorite patterns, so i made them translucent and printed them on the cloud paper before running the paper through the printer once again for the intentions list.  i used a sabrina ward harrison page that says new york on the left, and a sticker from elise’s latest release on the right. the photo of the shadow is one i took when i first moved to williamsburg (almost six years ago!!) and i liked the idea of using it here because i suspect this may be the year i leave new york city.

products used: let’s go papers

had a really fun week here. we’ve been super into my new tarot deck and have been doing readings on friday nights. i made a connection with a new healer that really inspired me and caused a subtle shift in me with a little palo santo and love. her logo is awesome so i included her business card. the circle mirror is from her office, where i couldn’t resist a self portrait. i chose the heart pattern for this spread because of all the heart healing going on. lastly, i’ve been listening to the postal service a lot, but with my headphones which sound SO MUCH better than my laptop speakers. so that had to go in the book!

products used: brightside elements

this week i was really in the zone with my paintings. feels good to accomplish a lot after feeling blocked for so long. that’s why i chose the #freshstart to tuck in between the paintbrushes. i finally taught myself to screen print, so those guys got a full page. a little recap of the week and the photo of chloe under the covers add a little bit of an everyday vibe.

thanks for checking out my pages everyone! hope your new year is starting off with good vibes.

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jamaica | twenty fifteen

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Hi there, it’s Jamaica. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally obsessed with gold lately. The minute I saw the Twenty Fifteen cut file I knew it needed to be gold. This was the perfect project to put the Silhouette Printable Gold Foil to the test.


The gold foil sticker paper is totally awesome. Not only is the gold a beautiful color and has a slightly matte sheen, it’s designed specifically for use with the Silhouette. Using the Printable Foil settings, the Silhouette cut thru just the top layer, leaving the backer intact which made it easier to separate. Plus, it’s surprisingly thick. After peeling the twenty fifteen away from the backer, it had a fair amount of rigidity. It’s not going to fold over and stick to itself while you’re trying to apply it. Thank goodness. 


Inspired by the Catbird packaging I received at Christmas, I added one cut file to a black Moleskine notebook. The gold really pops off the black. You can’t tell from the photos but the gold reflects the light really nicely. For a lower contrast, tone-on-tone look I used a slightly larger version on a kraft colored Moleskine and trimmed off the excess on either side.

While I love how it bleeds off the edge on the second version, the thickness of the foil prevents it from folding around the narrow spine nicely. You can see how the F pops out on the left, refusing to stay stuck. Maybe if I had more overlap on that side it would have worked better? I ended up trimming even more off that side and now I’ve got rough edges sticking out on the T and F where the spine starts to curve. If you’re going to try this one, I’d definitely recommend making it slightly smaller or only bleeding off the right side where it’s lies flat against the cover.


While playing around with my test cuts, I fell in love with the idea of the twenty fifteen wrapping around the front of the notebook to the back. And, I wanted it to be in white.

Rather than try to glue a piece of paper to the notebook or try to spray paint it, both of which would totally work, I went for a more lo-fi solution and colored it by hand. I just traced the cut file in pencil and then colored it in using a white poster paint Sharpie. I outlined it first then went back and filled it in carefully, letting it dry completely before touching up any patchy spots.


The challenge is to prevent the paper from getting too wet while you’re coloring it in. The wetness of the paint/ink starts to lift the tooth of the paper making it fuzzy and more difficult to cover. So think thin while you’re painting and let it dry thoroughly. To be honest, it turned out better than I expected. Although I am interested to see how a different type of pen or darker color would work. If you try it, let me know how it goes.


Hope this inspires you to dress up your notebooks for the new year. Here’s to a crafty twenty fifteen!

xo, jamaica

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2015 Creative Team Call

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It’s that time again folks. I’m looking for a few memory keepers/crafters – digital scrapbookers, hybrid artists and pocket page memory keepers (digital or hybrid) – to add to the team!

If you are:

Passionate about memory keeping, possess strong writing + photography skills, a great team player, reliable (able to meet project deadlines) and enjoy working with my digital designs, please consider applying!

Responsibilities include:

  • 3 Projects per month (2 using new paislee press digital products, 1 using a paislee press digital product of your choice)
  • Promote paislee press products whenever possible via various social media channels (instagram, pinterest, scrapbook galleries, etc.)
  • This is a 12.5 month term position, from February 2015 thru March 2016


As a creative team member you have free (and early!) access to all products in my shop.


To apply, click HERE to fill out the application form.

Application deadline is Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015.

*Please note that this role requires that you work with the digital products in my shop at The LilyPad.

currently : January

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paislee-LRN2015-3153  paislee-LRN2015-8675


Thinking about my one little word for 2015: trust.

Knitting projects in progress: a chunky cable hat and an heirloom christmas stocking.

Wanting another day at Disneyland just so I can take rad photos like these and these by Jamaica.

Sifting through our 2014 photos in an attempt to cut down on digital clutter*. I took over 15,000 (!!!) last year and so far have managed to get it down to 12,859. Still more work to be done, obviously. Don’t get me wrong. I treasure photos.  All of them. Even the blurry ones I attach sentimental value to, which makes this culling process so much harder. But I’m finally ready to admit that the number of photos I have is excessive and frankly, having too many photos to sort through, too many choices to make is a barrier to getting them documented.

Listening to podcasts while I knit. Current fave is: Strangers (anxiously awaiting a new episode). Also listening to Criminal, The Moth and Ted Talks. What are your faves?

*I can’t believe that I just labeled photos as digital clutter. I don’t even know myself anymore.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

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caylee grey | ten things photobook

Hello lovely 2015 people! And you time traveller, non-2015 people too. It’s Caylee here. Wishing you all the best for this exciting new year.

I’m starting 2015 by sharing my 2013 book. Delayed. I know. But when you live in undeliverable South Africa, and you have to wait for your husband to go to England on business so that he can bring Moleskine photobooks back to you, that’s what happens. 2014’s one will be quicker, thanks Germany and emigration.

I have been obsessed with the Ten Things layered template since I discovered Paislee Press. I’ve had it at the ready for the longest time. It looks even better printed than it does on my computer screen.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

I unknowingly gave myself a colour scheme for the year – gold glitter, mint, and peach. These are the colours that I kept for the book, along with the standard ones in the template. For the content, T and I chose ten of our favourite moments from the year. I kept the moments in chronological order, because I couldn’t possibly bare to rank them. I kept the 12×12″ sizing for the files, even though my book ended up at 8×8″. I simply chose the full page photo option and inserted each page into there.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

I scanned my handwriting in for the left (the same one as the cover), gold glitter-ified it, put it over the digital paper from the kit. On the right is a blank page for journaling that was done by hand, straight onto the book. I didn’t want to share those private words, so I took a photo before writing. This was the longest journaling in the book. The rest of the pages got one line.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

I followed the templates for each of the top ten, and put a large image next to it. I just changed the colours for the circles. I can’t get over how easy this was for how great it looks.

caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook

After my ten favourites, there were a few extra things I wanted to include – moments, as was included in the template, and the places we saw, since there were so many.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

I wrote my own “places”, and scanned it in to look just like the template’s “moments” page.

caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook

Each place got one page, and one photo. More of my handwriting, and more circles.

caylee grey | ten things photobook caylee grey | ten things photobook cg-tenthings2013-63

There were a whole bunch of moments and places that I included. I couldn’t include them all here so I put them onto my blog. They all followed the same style.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

This year was definitely a fave, if not the fave, so I included the gorgeous word art over a circle for the last page.

caylee grey | ten things photobook

I love how easy this made the photobook. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing it every year from now on (I’m already at 100% success rate, since 2014 is ready to be printed). See you next month!

Products: Ten Things (12×12), You Are My Fave word art

♥ Caylee

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