creating a hybrid page using a digital template

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Hi! Kelly here and today I would like to show you how I use digital templates to take the guess-work out of making hybrid pages.  I absolutely love making hybrid pages but it hasn’t been an easy transition from digital.  I love working with paper and physical elements/stamps but I missed being able to change things and make adjustments like I could do with my digital layouts.  Once I have everything printed out I can’t easily go back and resize a paper piece or a word art if I found that it didn’t work with my page design which usually meant wasting something that I had printed.  Then I had the idea to use the digital templates I have in my stash to create my hybrid pages, and let me tell you, it has been a game changer!

I start out by creating my page using my digital template and the digital items that I plan to print out.  On this layout I used press packet no. 2 and hello, my name is.


After I have all my printable items sized the way I want and the journaling done (on this page I typed it right on the background paper) I save the pieces on a png file to print and cut with my Silhouette.  I usually make my hybrid pages 8×8,  so most of my pieces will usually fit on one page to print and cut.  I printed the background paper and photo directly from photoshop and trimmed them with my paper trimmer.


Then I simply print and cut the pieces with my Silhouette.  If I am doing a page that only has square and rectangle pieces I will usually print directly from photoshop and use my paper trimmer, but in this case I wanted my Silhouette to cut out the glasses element.


After I have all my pieces cut I just put them back together and add my elements, stamps or sewing.  Then if I haven’t typed out my journaling to be printed I will hand write it on my layout.


And there you have it! A beautiful hybrid page without all the guess-work or need to reprint several times to get things right.


Have a great week you guys and happy scrapping!

Trisha Harrison | Project Life week 24.

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I everyone, Trisha Harrison here and today I am happy to share my Project Life week 24 with you all. I can not believe that it’s already June! I can not believe that we are wrapping up another school year here in my family as many of you are too, makes me think that these project are even more precious – time moves too fast!


This week I used the “hey there handsome” journal card + “he” journal card both to add as recognition for fathers day. I can not say it enough that I love Liz’s designs and truly it’s the simplicity of the cards that let’s the words stand out and be heard! I did add some wood veneers as embellishments but that’s it & done. Hey there Handsome, daddy. was it. Of course I complemented these cards with a Midnight edition card.



That’s it for me for another month, Thanks so much for reading + Thanks to Liz for allowing me to be a contributor, Love sharing here!  Hope you all have a great week and happy Summer!

Trisha Harrison.

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kristi prokopiak I hybrid artist

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hi friends! happy summertime!!



for this spread i used a watercolor floral paper that came from a creatures of comfort catalogue. i had visited the store and fell in love with so many pieces, so i felt the paper was perfect for this spread, and i added the “moments” stamp at a reduced transparency level, then outlined it in pencil and journaled on top. i also used another catalogue for the “everything is ok” circle, only i covered up the “going to be” portion because i believe in positive affirmations!



this week was when make29 came out with a poster that i loved. since i have no wall space left to speak of, i decided to recreate the poster for my pocket page. i changed the background to a charcoal grey to match my shibori paper a little better. i used the “here” tab on a photo, then cut out the lower portion with a craft knife so i could nestle the card underneath.


(xo, alphabet)

i did a lot of stuff this week, so i had to use the 2×2 squares to fit it all in. once again used my beloved xo’s and alpha cards because the struggle is real. addiction isn’t a joke. another thing i’m addicted to: making shibori paper.


(patterned paper)

this spread is actually the end and beginning of two albums in one photo. my second volume of 2014 is starting at the beginning of june. speak of your joy often is from danielle laporte, and when i did the brush script on plain white cardstock i decided it was boring, so i cut it out and threw it on this old madewell clipping i had on my vision clipboard.


(yes, patterned paper)

i love that i got to use the “yes” card in conjunction with the photos of my friend finding her wedding dress at beacon’s closet. i toyed with the idea of writing “she said” above the yes, but i don’t like being too literal. i think if you know the subject of the photo, it sort of infers the “she said” aspect. i could be wrong, but that’s kind of what makes me an artist, no?


(end of an era)

here i used the “end of an era” stamp because (which you can’t see in the photo) my friend aly is having a baby! it was all very sudden and we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year… the last time we hung out she was single, now she’s engaged and due in a month! so obviously it’s the end of an era, and a reminder to keep in touch with my friends on a more regular basis.

thanks for visiting!!

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june featured kit | road trip

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This month’s Featured Kit, Road Trip, is one of my all-time favorites. Most of our travel adventures in the last few years have all been road trips. With two little ones, traveling by car has been the most economical (and stress-less) way to go. If there’s chaos (like a one hour crying tantrum thrown by a 4 year old), it’s safely contained to our vehicle and we’re not bothering other travelers.

The entire collection, the digital kit, journaling cards, along with a new set of journaling cards (Road Trip Journal Cards No. 2) is 30% this month.


Here’s a closer look at the NEW set of journaling cards.







creative team inspiration

digital layout by brenda

digital layout by morgana

digital layout by susanne

hybrid layout by kelly

digital layout by Sue

jamaica | june project life

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Hey, it’s Jamaica again. Thought I’d show you a quick trick for making a collage of small photos and papers using the month at a glance template. The template is designed to be 8.5″ x 11″ but if you omit the last row on the right and the bottom row, it works for smaller albums too. To make it easier to see my “page” while I was adding patterned papers and arranging photos, I just turned off the layers with those boxes.


Picking up the colors from the left side of the spread, I pulled textured solids for the non-photo squares from Say Yes To and Quintessentials No. 4. The benefit of using a template is that you can add, subtract and rearrange as much as you want before you print it out. That way you don’t need to go back and print anything else later (which I almost always end up doing, because I change my mind a billion times).


For a moment, I considered leaving the page intact—it fit right into a 6″ x 8″ page protector—but the white lines were too distracting for me.


Carefully cut apart, the blocks fit perfectly into the October Afternoon Daily Flash page protector. No need for extra trimming, none of the photos are smaller than the other (an annoying result of printing my own grid of squares onto a 4″ x 6″), it’s just right. Here’s what my finished spread looks like… quick and easy.


xo, jamaica

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