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Waiting for much needed rain.

Listening to Amy Winehouse.

Knitting a pair of fingerless gloves.

Eating sauteed kale with caramelized onion. Got this recipe from a friend. Caramelize onions, add kale, sautee until tender (about 3 minutes) then add a little soy sauce at the end. Sounds weird, but trust me on this one.  If you like spicy, try it with sriracha sauce. So good and totally addicting.

Looking for a new sewing project. Most likely a tulle skirt.

Dreaming of a backyard movie night/party for someone who’s turning 5 this summer.

Trisha Harrison | Week five Project Life.

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Hi Everyone, Trisha Harrison here & today I would love to share my week five of my Project Life with you all.


One of my favourite designs that Liz has done is the 4×6 templates. they are so versatile & well user friendly just open the template in PS and drop your photo’s into each square, you can create so many different things with the templates … I used them to help add more photo’s to my weekly spread in my Project Life album.

In this particular week I wanted to use the templates to add more photo space, and also extra little spaces to add in paper or  the transparency paper and wood veneers (bottom left) turning this into a hybrid template. Here is how it looks in the album.



It was super easy then to take this 4×6 template and slide it into the page pockets & I really love how it all turned out.







One more super cute design in this weeks spread was the journal card top right – “brightside” totally loving that line too.

Thanks for reading!

Trisha Harrison.

Project Life 2013 | Week 31 and 32

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My 2013 album still lots of gaps everywhere and I’m not sure when I will finish it at this point. If you’ve been following me on instagram you probably know that I recently switched to a different size – 8.5×11 and wow, I’m loving it.  I’ll share more of how that’s going in the next few days.  For now, I’m posting some of the pages from 2013 that I never got around to sharing here.

This is week 31, a 12×12 page paired with a 6×12 insert. Super simple again, just photos and a week in review card.




This is Week 32.


The yellow ampersand card (by LifeLovePaper) is one that I’ve been hoarding for years now.  Feels good to finally put it to use.  I love how it pops but still makes sense here because of the yellow hues in the surrounding photos, especially so with that yellow dress from Anthro.



On their first day of school, each of them signed their names on their half of a blank 3×4 card. I like having this record of their penmanship in the album.


How’s your project life album coming along this year?  Have you made any changes?

Products used: Design A + Design H page protectors, 3×4 white cards, 4×6 photo templates, Week in Review Cards


Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE. All of my project life entries can be found HERE or browse the entire project life gallery HERE. Photos edited using PicTapGo, RadLab by Get Totally Rad! or VSCO

new in the shop | pictures + words no. 9 and press cards no. 32

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Happy friday!  I’ve got two new products in the shop, both are 20% OFF thru the weekend. There’s also a special bundled offer for presslist subscribers, purchase both together to save an additional 20%.  Look for details in the newsletter that went out last night.

Pictures + Words No. 9 is a set of 4×6 photo templates featuring hand drawn wordart.


Press Cards No. 32 is a set of 6 3×4 journaling cards featuring hand drawn words and motifs.


inspiration from the creative team

paislee-pictures+words9-bybrenda2 paislee-pictures+words9-bybrenda

paislee-pictures+words9-bymissbubble paislee-pictures+words9presscards32-layoutbysucali



paislee-pictures+words9-bymissbubble2 paislee-presscards32-byelisa

kristi prokopiak l hybrid artist

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hello! here are some recent layouts i’ve been working on:

just one of my usual monthly recaps, but the xoxo tag perfectly matched with a postcard i got from a store. love it when that happens!!

xo card and gold glitter brush from eternal sunshine.


another page about the love of my life, little chloe. she is getting heart surgery next month, so i’m doing a fundraiser for her and she has been the subject of most of my work lately. so freaked out about it all, i just love her so so so much.

patterned paper, you are happiness, and glitter hearts from eternal sunshine. paint from hey there handsome. spaltter from hello my name is.

this is a super simple one, but i love it the best. the brush script is perfect!

moments form pictures and words no.9

thanks for visiting!!


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You can find all of my hybrid project posts here.

meeting elsa and anna

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Early last month I got the crazy idea to make an Elsa cape for Madeline and it snowballed into a make the entire Elsa dress and while I’m at it might as well make the Anna ensemble too. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I thought it would be a two or three day type of project. Boy did I grossly underestimate the time. Probably totally doable for the intermediate level seamstress, but not so for a total beginner like me. It took almost 2 weeks to complete the Elsa dresses (3 total) and one Anna cape and dress. 6 of those days were full 8 hours days of sewing (ripping) and re-sewing.  This project absolutely could not have been completed without my Mom guiding me every step of the way. The dresses were completed in time for the girls to wear to the Frozen Sing-A-Long at the El Capitan Theater on February 9th.

On a Friday (there was no school), we headed to Disneyland to brave the 2 hour wait for the Elsa and Anna Meet & Greet.

paislee-rightnow-0602 paislee-rightnow-0589 paislee-rightnow-0599

They had lunch while we waited in line. We also brought a backpack filled with snacks, books, crayons and drawing pads to help pass the time. They were really really good. No whining or impatient sighs, just happy smiles and giggles the entire time.




We were so lucky that both Elsa and Anna were there, and they were amazing with the girls. They signed autographs, engaged them in conversation, commented on their outfits and Frozen toys and made them feel really special. The girls were mesmerized. I never thought I’d say this, but it was totally worth the 2 hour wait.




Also? Becky Higgin’s 4×6 Project Life blank white cards are perfect for collecting autographs!

jamaica | february project life

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Hey there, this is Jamaica.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten off to a very slow start with my scrapbook this year. It’s the middle of February and most of my pages are are only half done. Some spreads have photos, a few have ticket stubs and business cards tucked in, and there are some quickly scribbled notes here and there but almost all have empty pockets.

The solution: Eternal Sunshine. The patterned papers and journal cards were just the right colors and added just the right touch to finish up a handful of weeks.


This year, it seems like my pages are either very neutral or over-the-top colorful. Eternal Sunshine’s mix of colors and neutrals fit in perfectly. My new favorite gray patterned paper is tucked behind the business card and the Optimist journal card is funny (I think) paired with my nephew’s wish for a sister.



Not only is this  journaling card the perfect shade of taupey-grey but the scale of the pattern is just large enough to make it interesting without the pattern overwhelming the page. The tag is doing twice the work here, holding down the ticket stub and as a little journaling spot. Using an exacto knife and ruler, I carefully cut along the edge of the tab, going about 1/4″ along the sides, so that I could lift it up and tuck my movie stub under the edge.


And then lo and behold, Valentine’s week is brimming with color. While I loved the high contrast black and white XOXO journaling cards I didn’t want them to dominate the spread. So, I used them as patterned paper behind this year’s Valentine’s Day card (which I cut in half and stapled atop two journaling card). I love how the black and white pops out from behind the undies.

And just like that, I wrapped up almost a month’s worth of pages. You can do it too!

xo, jamaica

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A Valentine’s Tradition: DIY Photobooth Pics

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We’ve been making these Valentine’s Day Card since 2011. (Here’s 2012 and 2013).  They are super simple and easy to make.


For best results, make sure your backdrop is clutter free or monochromatic.  A blank white wall is ideal.


You don’t need that much space either.  There’s this small section of blank unobstructed wall in our bedroom between the dresser and the door that I use to take a lot of their photos.  Our bedroom is tiny. I have to sit on bed to take their photos.


Then snap away. Lately they’ve developed a fake-smile-for-the-camera-smile. To try to capture more natural smiles and expressions I engage them in conversation while I’m snapping away (using my iPhone 4S).

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 2.43.55 PM

48 frames later, I choose five favorites and edit them in lightroom (using Get Totally Rad’s Replichrome Film Presets)


To create the photobooth strip, use my DIY Project No. 4 Photobooth Templates (it’s a free download!). Print and cut, then add them to a blank card (the photobooth template also includes a simple card template).



eta: just updated the templates this morning to include cut lines and editable text layers. Download the updated files HERE.


caylee’s project life | week five 2014

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Caylee here and I’m excited to be sharing another two pages of my Project Life with you.

You know those weeks where absolutely nothing interesting happens ? Where you get two or three photos at best, but they are completely arbitrary things ? Week five was one of those weeks for me. Week five also managed to tie in with our first wedding anniversary. This was a good thing because I could use that as an excuse to do a “recap week”. I had only used my wedding photos in PL for title pages and a week zero so I was pretty happy at the thought of a whole layout for them.


Left hand side:


Right hand side:



I kept the same format of previous weeks with my title card and week in review. It just happened to have very special photos from a year ago.

This week was kept lovely and simple because of the value I’ve placed on the photos. Black, white, and kraft, with strong lines and circles. No over-complicating. I used the xoxo from Note Taker on top of a plain paper to make my own patterned paper, that’s about as crazy as I got this week.


Products used: striped lines from Hey There Handsome, other paper from Quintessentials No. 4, xoxo from Note Taker No. 1, you and me from Pictures + Words No. 7, Pictures + Words No. 6Presslines No. 17, Round About Now vol. 2, We Circle Tags, title card doily from The WeekenderWeek in Review Cards with my handwriting for the month name

My crazy product list is a perfect example of how so many kits can work together because of consistent style. I love it. Have a great February, lovely people.

♥ Caylee

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something for the memory books (January Edition)

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I was lamenting to Peppermint about how I didn’t get much personal memory keeping done last year. Yes, I worked out my Project Life album here and there but most of my time was spent designing products for my shop. Designing is fun, and a necessity around here, but I miss creating just for the sake of creating. Experimenting, making mistakes, learning, discovering new things. Over Skype one evening I messaged her, half jokingly,We should challenge each other to scrap. Like once a quarter.”

“More like once a month,” was Peppermint’s response.

So here we go. We’ve committed to carving out time once a month to make something for our personal memory books and to share it here on our blogs.

My entry for January is a documentation of my elsa dress in the making adventures. These are 6×8 pages.



Swatches of the fabrics were sewn onto a 4×8 insert. The back side is a collage of photos I took throughout the dress making process.



The insert isn’t hole punched yet because I don’t know for certain if I’m going with this 6×8 album (SC Handbook). I probably will. This was a fun spread to work on. Experimenting with script brushwork (I used Chinese calligraphy ink and brush) was the most time consuming (and fun, not to mention messy) part of this project.


Stop by Peppermint’s blog to check out her January entries.

What are your creative goals for 2014?