pictures + words no. 18 projects

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The creative team has been incredibly busy behind the scenes this month!  Today we are sharing their projects using one of this month’s product releases: Pictures + Words No. 18.



The monochromatic scheme in Vanessa’s layout is stunning. The hues of blush and rose gold adds warmth and I love how she uses a variety of fonts and played with the scale to achieve balance and interest. Vanessa used the “here” wordart to create a custom journal card and added the “on my desk” stamp to a photo of her (gorgeous) hand lettering project in progress.



Leontien used the “home” wordart – the yellow really makes the page pop yet doesn’t detract at all from the photo. Masterful!



Vellum strips? Yes please!  Azzari printed the home, here and destination wordart on vellum and cut them into strips to adorn 4×6 pocket pages. I love the way the vellum looks against the kraft and the blush/gold paper. Vellum is a great way to add depth and dimension yet still maintain a clean, minimalist look.




One photo, lots of white space, carefully chosen type and embellishment(s). To me, this is a “quintessential Laura” page (and why I’ve been in love with her pages since waaaaaay back in the days). Laura used the “love” wordart to title her layout. I love that she added a wood veneer heart to the tail end of the wordart.




Tina takes the *best* from where I stand photos. This one is a series from her recent trip to Portland. I love that she used the quote/box design element from a catalog (newsprint?) page to frame her photo. Brilliant!  She also used the “destination” wordart to create the title page for this album. To read more about her process, check out this post on her blog.



This year Kelly is creating all of her project life spreads in digital format. Her plan is to print an entire year’s worth in photobook format. I’m excited every time I see a new entry from her and this one is no exception. She strageically uses a lot of white throughout to create “space” between photos. This is a great technique to use when you’re working with photos taken throughout the week, which often times means each photo has it’s own color/tone. She used the “here” wordart to embellish the scenic photo at the bottom right.




Caylee recently switched to the smaller 6×8 format and I’m loving how she’s combined the two things she loves from previous projects – photo-centric approach in her 12×12 album) and the art journaling in her Get Messy Journal. She printed the “love” and “destination” wordart on vellum and cut them out before adding it to her page. The touches of pink she added throughout her “we are here” spread is a fun play on color and I think it helps to bring out the vibrance of the greens in her photos too.



The “love” sentiment takes center stage here in May’s layout. I love the white space and the subtle touches of gold and the grey paint splotch mimic the tones of the photo!


Asali’s scenic photos are stunning!  She used the “here” and “destination” photo templates and I love how the white pops against the vibrant colors of the sky.



If you follow Leena on instagram, you will know that she often shares photos of the amazing meals she’s having. Scrolling through her instagram feed always makes me hungry!  I love that food is prominently featured in this layout.  The way she used the “we are here” stamp on her location shot is exactly how I envisioned it to be used and the geotag sticker above it is the perfect finishing touch!



Alexis’ layout perfectly captures the fun playfullness of taking selfies. By converting the photos to a neutral sepia tone, she’s able to really integrate a lot of color and patterns to her layout design without detracting from the photo.



Brenda’s portraits of her children are absolutely stunning. This is another great example of how a black and white photo allows you to play up color in the layout design.

Looking for more creative team inspiration? Follow the paislee press creative team projects board on pinterest.

catherine saunders | mixing color with black + white

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Hi there, I’m Catherine.  I wrote a guest post here in 2013 and I’m so happy to be regularly contributing this year as a member of the Paislee Press creative team.

I like to keep my Project Life layouts pretty simple, but when I take a lot of random photos in a month, the 12×12 pages can start to look a little too busy for me. I’ve found that a great way to tone down the “busy-ness” and make some photos pop is to mix color photos with black and white.


This week, I’m sharing a layout from December. This is a baby album after all, so I’m perpetually playing catch-up! Here’s a closer look at the left side.


And here’s the right side.


It’s not always easy to figure out which photos to convert to black and white, which to keep in color and how to put it all together. So I thought I’d share a few tips based on how I do this for Project Life.


Tip no. 1 / Balance differences in lighting

If you have two photos you know will be on the same page, but they have really different lighting, consider making one of them black and white. In the Christmas tree photos above, the ones in black and white were shot at night. They’re pretty, but they were a lot warmer in tone than everything else on the page. I chose to make them black and white so they wouldn’t clash with everything else.


Tip no. 2 / Keep your eye moving over similar photos

When you’re photographing people, taking many shots in a series is a great way to document nuances in facial expressions and interactions. And let’s be honest: sometimes there are just too many great photos from a sequence that it’s impossible to narrow it down. I like to mix color with black and white in a series like this to make the photos pop a bit more. If they’re all the same color scheme, they can tend to blend together and cause your eye to stop and view the series as one image. But mixing it up will keep your eye moving around the page.


Tip no. 3 / Use black and white when it improves a photo

Some photos just look great in black and white, and since black, white and grey are neutral colors, they’ll go with anything. So my advice is to make a photo black and white when it makes the photo better. Portraits are a great way to incorporate black and white. I love this picture of my husband Nick, but he was pretty washed out in the original. I converted it to black and white and boom – it makes the photo one of my faves. Same goes for the picture of Ben on the beach. In the color version, his silhouette didn’t stand out nearly as much. In black and white, it pops.


Tip no. 4 / Mix it up when you lay it out

When I put together a Project Life layout, I like to nestle color and black and white photos right next to each other. I think the mix keeps your eye moving around the page, which is particularly important when working with 12×12. It also breaks up color photos that may clash a bit because of lighting or exposure differences.


Tip no. 5 / Keep journaling simple

So many Project Lifers out there are really skilled at keeping a layout clean and beautiful while also including a lot of color in their cards and embellishments. I am not one of those people! I have to rely heavily on white cardstock, neutral patterned cards and word art to keep my layouts simple and focused on the photos. Lately, I’m loving the days-of-the-week templates from the minimalist series as a way to add white space and journaling to photos.


I hope these tips will be helpful as you decide how to mix it up in your own pocket page albums or even in photobooks. You can see more of my work here and on my blog or check out what’s inspiring me these days on Pinterest. I’m a big fan of Instagram, so please pop over and say hi!

 xo, Catherine

Products used: word art from pictures + words no. 16 and no. 18 / photo templates from the minimalist series / patterned papers from let’s go and december you are a fave no. 3 / Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins

February Press Exhibit

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Welcome to the first installment of The Press Exhibit! Once a month we’re asking the creative team to create a project using a product of their choice from the paislee press shop. The projects they submitted just blew our minds and we can’t wait to share them with you, so without further ado, here’s the February Edition of The Press Exhibit.


I’m a huge fan of Leontien’s photography and I’m always drawn to her pages because each one is composed in such a way that your eye is immediately drawn to take a closer look at the photo. Products used: Good Morning, Pictures & Words no. 12, and Roadtrip


This gorgeous Pocket Page style layout by Aga is stunning! Products used: about us: papers + elements by paislee press, about us – journal cards by paislee press , paislee press-gallery frames no.3, and paislee press-pictures + words no. 9 


KerriAnne made a month in review layout featuring Month at a glance template, This month journaling cards, and about us.  I love all the how all the snapshots of her month come together in the template along with the patterned paper bits to create an overview of her month.


Susanne made this digital layout using Mixed Tape.  This is another example of excellent shadow work on a digital layout. I love the triangles too!


Brenda is sharing a digital layout using Sunny Days Ahead.  I love the strips of paper and vellum and of course that adorable photo!



For this hybrid spread Azzari used Good Morning journaling cards, 4×6 photo templates vol. 3., Press Cards no. 32, and Pictures + Words no. 9. I love the combination of the gorgeous photographs with the black and white journaling cards.


May used press cards no. 20 and iron on transfer sheets to make this totally sweet valentines goodie bag for her daughter.


This next hybrid Project Life spread by Leena using the Let’s Go Journal Cards is just gorgeous. I love all the little touches and accents she’s added throughout.


Tina is sharing her February faves with this gorgeous hybrid project. She used the Let’s Go journal cards, Faves 6×8 templates, and In Progress elements.  There is such great color here I love how she uses stitching on her squares of papers.


Next we have another hybrid layout by Laura using Today Is Journaling Cards, Woodgrain Journaling Cards, Sunny Days Journaling Cards, Say Yes To Journaling Cards, Road Trip Journaling Cards, and Heirloom Journaling Cards.


The next hybrid layout shared by creative team member Vanessa uses Press Cards no. 32. I love the black and white look of her layout.


the minimalist series

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Super excited to introduce a new collection of photo templates! The Minimalist Series combines two things I love – (1) a clean layout design that allows your photo to truly shine and (2) small type with plenty of room for you to include journaling. The journaling spots are designed so that your stories, whether you’re on the wordy side or prefer will all look good within the space! Templates are available in 4×6, 3×4 and 6×8 sizes and they are all 20% OFF thru February 22, 2015.






There’s also a special Presslist Offer (40% off bundles) for newsletter subscribers so be on the lookout for details in the latest issue that went out yesterday afternoon!




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kristi prokopiak I hybrid artist

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hey everyone! how’s your winter looking? those of us here in the north east are just about done with all this “feels like” nonsense on our weather aps. the bright side of weather too cold for human interaction is that i have plenty of time to watch netflix and work on my scrapbooks! they just don’t have many photos of people in them :/

(currently word art)

my favorite part of this spread is the currently pencil transfer, done with tracing paper the way we learned in high school art class. i envisioned it in my head, knowing that i couldn’t run the paper through my printer and also that the triangle would shift and it would be a mess… and then inspiration struck and i just used that long lost skill. this was the week i started a shop for some of my work so i made a little collage of the product shots. journaling is typewritten on vellum strips on an image that holds some personal meaning for this time, but is not even close to my snow covered reality.

(press plate no. 40 and faves journaling cards)

the layout on the left was inspired by press plate 40, but i used a full 4×6 photo of a screenprinting failure as my journaling background. i sold one of my paintings to an acupuncturist in nyc and she is going to hang it in her office, so i quickly made a bunch of business cards for her and took their picture because i was so excited. the heart printed out on the map index paper is because the name of her business is called ‘radiant heart’.

(hey there handsome)

the first week of february was so exciting because i completely manifested my dream sofa on craigslist. i was trying to rationalize how i could ever spend $1,500 on a couch, and like magic the exact one i wanted showed up for less than half the price. i enlisted my friend brandon to help me move it, which was an escapade, of course. i’ve been working on some new pieces for my shop so i snapped a pic of them all propped up on my shelves, in progress.

(pictures and words no. 18)

here i was feeling all emotional and reflective about all the changes that have happened since the new year. i feel like i’ve shed an unnecessary layer of myself, yet don’t quite know what lies ahead. it’s a weird time. i felt like the sabrina ward harrison page and quote were EXACTLY describing this time. having to bravely move forward, even though you don’t know where you’re going.

thanks for checking out my pages everyone! stay warm! and if you live in california, i am seething with jealousy. brrrrr.

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