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paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8688Hi there! It’s Carly here today to share the idea of documenting themes in your Project Life binder. I use theme based documenting all the time. For me, theme based documenting can really help when I’m feeling in a photo rut, or if I just don’t think there is that much happening in my life at the present moment needed to be document.

Theme based documenting is also a great place to start for anyone that is new to Project Life. One of the questions I get asked a lot from people that are new to this everyday documenting style is “what exactly should I photograph and journal about?” To say “just document your everyday” can be a little intimidating at first and often keep you from starting because you just might have no idea where to begin.

So what exactly is theme based documenting? Today I’m going to share some examples with you.

paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8693Document your home is a great theme example. This past 2 years our family has moved 4 times which is a lot of houses to remember. For each home I wanted to ensure I documented them and captured what made each place special. I have pages and pages in my Project Life binders just dedicated to each house and showcasing what I loved about each of them.

For me, one of my most favourite things about going through old photographs from when I was growing up is seeing pictures of what our home looked like, what my room looked like. Those photos always have an amazing way of taking me back to that time. Capturing what your home looks like right now is a theme based approach to documenting I encourage everyone to try and I guarantee you will love looking back at how your house looked a particular time.

paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8695Documenting a special outing or event is of course a more obvious approach to theme based storytelling and a really easy way to fill your pages. This 2-page spread documents an end of summer outing our family took to one of our favourite parks and rather than just capturing a few photos of this day I opted to document the entire day over 4 pages. I know some people prefer to document special events in a separate binder, but for me I prefer keeping everything together so that when I flip through my binder I see that entire time period in chronological order, but you have to decide what works best for you.

paislee_carly102014_IMG_IMG_8696Another type of theme based documenting I do a lot is capturing a particular time of my day. I love to capture my typical morning, afternoon and evening, and do it over and over again so that one day I can look back and see how different that part of my day changed over the years. For example this 2-page spread captures my typical morning during the month of September. Each morning consisted of a short walk to my grandma’s which I took a bridge over that river everyday. It also showcases the amazing morning light we were lucky enough to get almost everyday this past month and I captured it in the “here” picture below. And lastly, waking up to my cat sleeping in a ball in the same spot every day had to be documented too. These September mornings were good days and I want to remember them.

There are tons of other ideas for theme based documenting that you can use if you ever need to get out of a documenting rut or just don’t know where to start. Some of my other favourite themes include documenting what your typical commute to work looks like, or documenting your child’s school and classroom, or capturing your family’s bedtime routine. Documenting your hobbies, sports or other activities you enjoy doing are other great topics to cover. The theme ideas are endless!

A great way to think of theme based documenting is capturing those little bits and pieces of your life that make you, you.  We all get up in the morning, eat breakfast, get our kids off to school, maybe you go off to work, then return home to have dinner, maybe spend the evening out at music or swimming lessons, etc. There are lots of things we all do every day that might seem a little mundane, but the great thing about “your everyday” is that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s and it’s worth documenting.


Have you ever tried theme based documenting in your Project Life binder? If so, what themes do you like to capture?


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Products used in today’s project share: heirloom kit4×6 photo templates vol. 3, picture & words vol.3, picture & words vol.14, penned no.3 and penned no.1.




kristi prokopiak l hybrid artist

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hello!!! it’s kristi! here are my september and october pages.

september was a little hectic so i decided to wrap up the last few weeks with quotes from friends and coworkers. i think the words really capture the essence of what transpired, more so than the few crummy photos i managed to snap. they all make me giggle when i read them, so i might use this method again the next time i don’t have good visuals.

products used: xoxo

october was a little chilly so it is starting to finally feel like fall. jeans and booties and sweater time!

products used: what she wore

still sort of into the quotes so i included another one here. shots of my new tattoo, fall gear and the YEAH which references our current obsession with 90s buzz tracks and how every single one of them has a “yeah” in it.

products used: amazing, things are getting good

musings of a 5 year old

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Yesterday Madeline declared that she didn’t want to be a Madeline anymore.

“Oh?” I responded, remembering back to when she was three years old and asked everyone to call her Emily.

“I want to be Alinda, or Melinda, or Princess Celestia,” she beamed. “Daddy, what did you want to name me when I was born?”

“I liked the name Elise. And Kate,” he replied.

“Alisa? How do you spell that?”

Uh-leeese. E-L-I-S-E.”

She proceeded to write “elise” on a piece of paper. As she scribbled away I told her about the time when I was eight years old and wanted my name to be Christine instead of Elizabeth. Within a matter of minutes, she’d filled the paper with potential names .”I circled Prinses Celestia because that’s my favorite.”


jamaica | blocks

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Hey there, it’s Jamaica. This month I thought I’d make something different than usual. I found these 1.5″ wood blocks in the clearance bin of the craft store the other day and thought they’d be fun. Back at home I pulled together a handful patterned papers from my favorite kits: eternal sunshine, spellbound, road trip, up and away, the weekender, and more + less.


Originally, I thought I’d add a mix of papers to each cube so that they’d all end up different. But in the end, I only using 4 papers and leaving one side of each block blank so you could see the bare wood. It felt more cohesive and functions like a puzzle on the striped side. The last side, I sort-of spray painted gold. Because I decided to paint it after I’d already adhered paper to the other sides (and was afraid of tape or overspray), I spray painted a piece of paper that I could trim and glue on like the others.


Here’s a quick how to: cut your paper into 1.5″ squares, use Elmers glue and a brush to adhere the paper squares to the blocks, let dry, use an exacto knife to trim any excess paper and sand slightly along the edges to smooth. I did one side at a time letting each dry well before moving onto the next (i.e., all of the XOXO sides, then all of the striped sides, etc). This helped prevent getting too many glue goobers on the other sides and let me trim each side as it was finished. To help protect them for kid use, I’ll probably finish them off by adding a few coats of Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic spray paint.


But for now, they’re living happily on the bookshelf in my office amongst my other favorite things.


While mine are purely decorative, it would be easy to make a set for kids with numbers, the alphabet and/or photos of loved ones, friends and pets. Or create puzzles using larger images broken up into pieces. Another fun idea would be to decorate each cube with photos and memorabilia from a trip or special event. The possibilities are endless…

xo, jamaica

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SCinspires | the underground kit

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Happy Monday!  Something new to kick off the week – I’m excited to be participating in Studio Calico’s #SCinspires Bloghop/Giveaway. Today I’m sharing glimpses of this month’s Project Life Kit, The Underground. This kit really speaks to my minimalist aesthetics – I love that black and white is a prevalent color theme. That’s my go to “color” combo because you can work them into any type of spread.  That “sweater weather” card is going to make it’s way onto a PL spread very soon. Or rather, as soon as this So Cal weather decides it wants to act seasonally appropriate. It still feels very much like summer right now and frankly, I’m so ready to bust out the sweaters and boots already. Also, it just doesn’t feel right to drink pumpkin anything when it’s 90 degrees out.

The one thing in this month’s kit that immediately jumped out at me are these copper rub ons by Tina Aszmus of LifeLovePaper. I go bananas over anything Tina makes and hello, copper. I’m obsessed with all things copper at the moment. The tricky part now is finding a photo that will does these rub ons justice.


And now for the super fun part…the giveaway details!

I’m giving away one October Project Life Kit (The Underground)! Just leave a comment here by October 31, 2014, 11:59PM EST. A winner will be chosen at random and announced here shortly after the contest ends. But wait, there’s more!



Right now, this fall printable is available at Studio Calico as a free download! Anyone that downloads this print will automatically be entered into a bigger drawing at the end of the month. Here’s how it’s going to work.

Studio Calico is giving away over $1,400 in prizes drawn from the people who download that printable. The prizes get bigger and bigger the more uses of the #scinspires hashtag. So the key is encourage everyone to share this hashtag and talk about what inspires them! Studio Calico will add up all the uses and update everyone our blog every Friday how we’re progressing. Here’s a short list. But it will grow as the shares grows:


100 shares of #scinspires = 1 Month Free Sub

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Be sure to check the Studio Calico Blog for the full bloghop list. Good luck and happy hopping!