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I function best when my schedule is predictable and things are orderly. Recently I’d taken on new roles that fit in nicely with my passion for memory keeping (school yearbook advisor,  school photographer, Dance Team Mom/Historian) but these roles also ripped my steady work schedule to shreds. I’m not going to lie, I’m still reeling from it. Nothing brings on frustration and stress for me faster than that constant feeling of “There’s not enough hours in the day!” And nothing agitates me more than when “other” obligations things get in the way of work. I think what frustrated me the most though is that I couldn’t figure out how to fit it all in without sacrificing work hours. The girls are on summer break now, which means that I get a little break too from school related duties and I have some time to figure things out before the new school year starts in August.

And now we embark on yet another new adventure.

Summer break – a real, bonafide summer vacation. No summer school to attend, no need to wake up early, and…no schedules. This will be our new normal for the month of July and I’m going to embrace that wholeheartedly, schedules be damned.

ps. The two photos above were shot with the 24-70mm, f/2.8 lens that I rented to shoot an event at the girls’ school. I didn’t want to love this lens (it’s so pricey), but I do.

caylee’s project life | week 26

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caylee's project life | week 26

It’s Caylee here sharing my last spread for the first half of 2014.

I’m in a bit of a creative crossroads. I’ve never quite played with my “style” and tried anything other than trying to make my spreads light and airy. For some reason, this week had a lot of darker photos. So I went with it. I made an active effort to be darker. And  I like the result.


caylee's project life | week 26


caylee's project life | week 26

It was a very exciting week in the Grey house – Big Grey’s birthday and Little Grey’s first day of self employment.

caylee's project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

I encourage you to try other styles. Perhaps there is someone whose pages you like with a completely different style to what you think yours is. Try it. Have a bit of fun. If it doesn’t come out perfectly, there’s always another week.

Products used: Because, staple from Weekender, scribble behind “The Best…” from Oh Dearie, Press Clippings no.1, Press Cards no.15 • title card from pictures + words no.9Week in Review CardsMay word art freebie from my blog • words + letters no. 1 from green fingerprint • Archer font

♥ Caylee

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carly robertson | summertime project life plan

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Hello everyone, it’s Carly here to share my plans for documenting during the summer months. Summertime at our house is busy, very busy. We take a lot of short trips to visit friends and family during the summer; mixed with summer camps, plenty of day trips around town, and of course family outings to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


With summer being as busy as it is I wanted to make documenting as manageable and portable as possible, so I decided to trade in my 12×12 project life binder for the smaller format 6×8 handbook and so far I am loving it!

paislee_carly072014_IMG_6845 paislee_carly072014_IMG_6844

Using a smaller binder I can easily take it with me wherever we go and because it is so portable I won’t get behind in documenting during the summer. I’m also loving the variety of photo page pocket inserts I’m using. Yes, the 12×12 photo pocket pages also come in a variety of sizes, but for me at least I feel it’s so much easier to switch up your page layouts with the smaller format.


Although I’m dividing this binder into three months, June through August, I’m not too worried about keeping the photos in the order they were taken. This binder is more about capturing the entire summer of 2014 verse how it played out week by week. Again, it’s all about keeping the documenting easy and stress-free.

paislee_carly072014_IMG_6864 paislee_carly072014_IMG_6867

I  should also mention that in order to keep my documenting through the summer as quick and easy as possible I’ve been using only my iPhone for taking all my project life pictures and editing. Not carrying my SLR around during this busy time just makes everything so much easier.


One question I get asked a lot is how I format my photos and if I use any templates, I do! I use Paislee Press’s 4×6 Photo Template a lot for formatting my photos for project life, as well as the Pictures + Words templates. I find templates such a quick and easy way to prep your photos for printing.

paislee_carly072014_IMG_6871 paislee_carly072014_IMG_6875

What about you, are you making any changes to how you document this summer so that it’s quick, easy and portable?


*Other products I used in today’s pages include: love + other sentiments, press cards no.16, head in the clouds JC, frolic JC, presslines no.18, eternal sunshine JC and about us JC.

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creating a hybrid page using a digital template

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Hi! Kelly here and today I would like to show you how I use digital templates to take the guess-work out of making hybrid pages.  I absolutely love making hybrid pages but it hasn’t been an easy transition from digital.  I love working with paper and physical elements/stamps but I missed being able to change things and make adjustments like I could do with my digital layouts.  Once I have everything printed out I can’t easily go back and resize a paper piece or a word art if I found that it didn’t work with my page design which usually meant wasting something that I had printed.  Then I had the idea to use the digital templates I have in my stash to create my hybrid pages, and let me tell you, it has been a game changer!

I start out by creating my page using my digital template and the digital items that I plan to print out.  On this layout I used press packet no. 2 and hello, my name is.


After I have all my printable items sized the way I want and the journaling done (on this page I typed it right on the background paper) I save the pieces on a png file to print and cut with my Silhouette.  I usually make my hybrid pages 8×8,  so most of my pieces will usually fit on one page to print and cut.  I printed the background paper and photo directly from photoshop and trimmed them with my paper trimmer.


Then I simply print and cut the pieces with my Silhouette.  If I am doing a page that only has square and rectangle pieces I will usually print directly from photoshop and use my paper trimmer, but in this case I wanted my Silhouette to cut out the glasses element.


After I have all my pieces cut I just put them back together and add my elements, stamps or sewing.  Then if I haven’t typed out my journaling to be printed I will hand write it on my layout.


And there you have it! A beautiful hybrid page without all the guess-work or need to reprint several times to get things right.


Have a great week you guys and happy scrapping!

Trisha Harrison | Project Life week 24.

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I everyone, Trisha Harrison here and today I am happy to share my Project Life week 24 with you all. I can not believe that it’s already June! I can not believe that we are wrapping up another school year here in my family as many of you are too, makes me think that these project are even more precious – time moves too fast!


This week I used the “hey there handsome” journal card + “he” journal card both to add as recognition for fathers day. I can not say it enough that I love Liz’s designs and truly it’s the simplicity of the cards that let’s the words stand out and be heard! I did add some wood veneers as embellishments but that’s it & done. Hey there Handsome, daddy. was it. Of course I complemented these cards with a Midnight edition card.



That’s it for me for another month, Thanks so much for reading + Thanks to Liz for allowing me to be a contributor, Love sharing here!  Hope you all have a great week and happy Summer!

Trisha Harrison.

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