december daily 2013 (part one)

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Happy Holidays friends! It occurred to me that I  never posted last year’s december daily album so that’s what I’m sharing today.

Day 1 – Collage of photos from an impromptu Holiday Photobooth session.

Day 2 – Celebrating Eric’s birthday with a simple dinner at home.

Day 3

Day 4 – New ornaments

Day 5 – A copy of the holiday cards we sent out this year

Day 6 – An after school playdate. This page seemed a bit bare (even for me!) so I added the “falalalala” paper insert (printed on vellum).

Day 7 – We had brunch Canter’s, this famous deli on the Westside. I think everyone goes for the corned beef sandwiches but I love their chocolate chip pancakes.

Day 8 – We spotted Audrey’s favorite USC football player, Marquis Lee, at the mall and couldn’t resist asking for a photo. He was super nice about it, even knelt down to her level for the photo!

Day 9 – Meeting Santa Claus. This might be my favorite series this year. The expressions on the girls faces when they talked to Santa were priceless. Audrey asked for a “balloon that never pops” and Madeline asked for a jewelry box.

Day 10 – No photos today so this seemed to be a good spot to feature a Dear Santa letter. This one is written by Madeline. To make this 2 page spread I first scanned in her letter, arranged it on a 12×6 canvas in photoshop before printing. Then traced her words, about three letters at a time, with glue and sprinkled glitter.

Day 10 and 11

Supplies used:

6×8 Chipboard binder by Rebinder

6×8 Layered Templates – December You Are My Fave No. 2

Falalala Patterned Paper – December You Are My Fave No. 3

Martha Stewart Glue Pen + Martha Stewart Gold Glitter

kristi prokopiak l hybrid artist

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hello all! kristi here, sharing some november and december.

products used: press cards no. 30

the week of thanksgiving was really special because i got to spend it with some of my closest friends. we have this little family we have created and i’m so glad they are all in my life. i decided to stitch a few crosses onto my photos with embroidery floss because they were lacking in color. sometimes the memories are so special it doesn’t matter if the pictures are kinda bad.

products used: this day in december

the beginning of december was exciting because i got to do the windows for two moleskine stores in manhattan. i used one photo of the actual window, and then one of their holiday gift tags with a cute illustration to put the date on. i used the dec. 1st with “chloe meets bear” replacing the “today in review” , which worked out fairly well considering i wasn’t sure i could pull it off.  i also wanted to document my current favorite song (sleigh bells + tink) the necklace my friend val made me, and the tag from a bag i had been wanting (needing!) for a while. i was sort of anti-holiday spirit, but one rainy night i was walking home and someone’s lights made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so i marked it with the date and turned it white. at first i was nervous to use the december cards because i was feeling ocd about which numbers to use and which days should get numbers, but honestly i love the random way i’ve applied them. numbers just kind of always look great, i think!

products used: this day in december

every few spreads i like to do a full 6×8 page, and i really liked the detail of the fence “art installation” so i figured it would be fun to make it big. i used the 11 on a semi transparent grey box so you could see it better. i decided to get a christmas tree this year, so that needed a photo, as well as my most liked instagram photo of all time (i’m not very popular on instagram so this was sort of exciting). a business card from a lunch spot and a week in review card filled out the rest of the spread, and also made me realize that time was running out for my secret santa shopping.

thanks for visiting guys! happy holidays and i’ll see you in oh fifteen!

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paislee-DD2014-2601 paislee-DD2014-2621

Our December in photos. Things were going so well the first few days. The girls were so excited when they met their elf on a shelf. We named him Pip. We celebrated Eric’s birthday with carrot cake and the girls did awesome in the Annual Holiday Show at school. Then they got sick. And then I got sick – like couldn’t drag myself out of bed sick – and now I’ve got a huge 5 day gap with no photos. I’m not sure how I’ll deal with that in our December Daily album. Maybe I’ll use those days to document other holiday related things that don’t need photos? Our Christmas cards, Dear Santa letters? How is your December album coming along and how do you deal with photo-less days?

carly robertson | my december album

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Hi everyone! It’s Carly here to share a peek into my December album. This is my first year doing a separate album to document the month and so far I’m loving this project!

In order to make this project manageable through such a busy month I pre-made many of my foundation pages before the month even began. I also made the decision to keep my album as simple as possible. My main focus is just getting the photos and journaling for each page printed and added to the album daily. If I find myself with a little extra time on a day, maybe I’ll add some decorative embellishments. However, I have this feeling as I get closer to Christmas my pages will become simply just a few photos and words, and I’m totally okay with that.

paislee_carly122014_IMG_7543I’m using the This date in December cards for each numbered day and many of my page designs start from templates from the December, you are my Fave No. 2 kit. I use this kit’s templates a lot to build my pages, even when I’m just creating my everyday project life book as seen here. This kit’s templates are such a go-to item for me.

paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7544 paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7545

For most of my album’s foundation pages I used the new December, you are my Fave No. 3 kit and what I love most about this kit aside from the great layered templates, is the non-traditional colour palette of green, gold, black and white. Love!

paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7793 paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7794As I plug away at this project I’m learning that I have to be pretty flexible when it comes to pulling each day together, because some days I will have lots to document and other days, not so much. If I only have one or two photos and not much to say on a particular day then that’s okay, as is the case with Day 7 and 8.

paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7795 paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7796 paislee_carly122014_IMG_IMG_7798This next spread is definitely more colourful and a bit busier looking then what I normally create, but there’s a story here. The girls and I just finished decorating the tree and each evening when the house is quiet I’ve been working on my album, printing my photos from the day and assembling my pages. Well this night the girls stayed up later than normal and I share my craft space with their playroom, so when they saw me working on this page they just had to help. They picked the photos with me and each selected a journal card, it was a fun collaboration.



On day 10 it was my girls Christmas concert and I was certain I’d have a ton of photos, but the lighting wasn’t great, we were pretty far back in the auditorium and to be honest, I really just wanted to be present during the performance and not behind the lens. So even though I didn’t have lots of photos to capture this day I did have a lot to say, which is the reason for the full page of journaling.


So that’s my album so far and I hope to share more of it with you soon. Hope everyone has a really wonderful holiday and I’ll see you in the New Year!

- Carly

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jamaica | december, everyday

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Hi there, it’s Jamaica. Just checking in on your Decembering. How’s it going?

I’m happy to report that my plan is working. Thanks to the pre-printed This Day in December cards and the little folio I keep them stashed in, I’m up to date with my little December Daily book. Here’s a look at how it’s shaping up…


If you’re on the very short list of people I card, sorry for the early reveal. And the fact that I may or may not have sent the same cards last year. They’re from 1Canoe2 and I couldn’t resist, the green on the soft pink background is gorgeous.


Good-bye spinning ball of death.


For the last few years, I’ve decorated my tree with only balls so buying this tiny, rainbow colored set was a no-brainer.


The plastic bags Anthro is shipping in this season are incredible—green on one side, feathers on the other. I’ll admit I cut it open carefully and am keeping it, despite the scuffs and dings.


My newest nephew arrived early… welcome to the world Finn.


I took my little book along with me to Disneyland (yay for portability!) and jotted down a quick note on the cards each night. I also put a few Instax photos, an unused Fastpass and my brother’s ticket (which he lovingly donated to the scrapbooking cause) into a plastic sleeve I had tucked the folio. When I got home, I couldn’t decide on one photo so I have two for now.


Disneyland, day two. I realized I could do two photos per spread if I used the This Day in December art as an overlay.


Again, two photos. It’s a luxury of being at home. When I’m traveling and busy again, I’ll likely be back to just one. Here I used part of the gift wrapping from Anthro to record what I bought.


A close-up of what’s under the card, a shot of Anthro’s pencil tree. The pencils are all short and dipped in silver and gold paint then wired on. Very cool.

I’m still undecided on how I’m going to finish my book at the end of the month. Right now, I can easily imagine tucking the cards into my scrapbook. Bu, and this is a big but, I want to have a mini book to go along with my collection. I like seeing them all together. And the folio would be a sweet addition. I’m so conflicted.

xo, jamaica

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