new in the shop | 2015 calendar kits & sm(art) mouth 2

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Lots of new products in the shop this week so let’s get right to it!  I originally planned to release the 2015 Calendars next month but after getting lots of “when will they be available?” requests from customers, I moved “get 2015 Calendars ready” to the top of my to do list. Three 2015 Calendar sets are now available, with more to come (like the 3×4 Calendar Cards)  next month.

2015 Calendar Kit – 4×6 and 5×7 layered templates


2015 Poster Calendar Kit (16×20 Inches)

2015 Poster Calendar Kit (20×30)

This extra large 20×30 Poster Board format is a personal favorite!  In years past, I’ve used it to showcase my daughter’s artwork. This one from 2012 is still up in her room. When the year is up, just cut off the Calendar portion. I do have plans of making new posters featuring more recent artwork soon.


2015 Calendar Kit Bundle – Purchase all three and save even more! This weekend only, this set is 40% OFF!

Also, presslisters save an additional 10% OFF any 2015 Calendar Order. Be on the lookout for the coupon code in the latest Presslist newsletter that went out yesterday! If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up HERE to take advantage of the extra subscriber savings this weekend.


The Calendars are available in two different formats: Sunday – Saturday (US) or Monday – Sunday (International). Your order does not include both, just the ONE format you select!

This dropdown window is at the bottom of each 2015 Calendar listing. Select your desired format (Sunday – Saturday or Monday – Sunday) by scrolling down to the dropdown window at the bottom of each 2015 Calendar listing.



Also new this week is a collaboration between myself and Peppermint of One Little Bird. Sm(art) Mouth No. 2 is a cheeky little package of sassy word art. No one does snarky as well as Peppermint, she makes me laugh all day long. Working on this set with her was SO fun. This set is 20% OFF thru the weekend!


carly robertson | my creative process

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paislee_carly092014_IMG_0163Hello there! It’s Carly here today with a bit of a different share. This week I was tagged by Liz in a blog hop tour and some of the questions asked really got me thinking about my creative process. I can easily get stuck in a creative rut if I spend too much time online. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, Instagram and visiting blogs for inspiration, but you know what they say, “too much of a good thing can be just too much.”:) For me those places can often make me feel overwhelmed and the next thing I know I’ve spent way too much time online and nothing real gets done.

paislee_carly092014_IMG_0170It’s great to gather creative inspiration from places like Pinterest, blogs or magazines, but when it comes down to actually creating something I need to unplug. After turning everything off I will write down my creative goals in a to do list format. To me nothing feels better than putting checkmarks to a task once completed. For example my checklist might look something like this: Print project life photos – checkmark; write out journal cards – checkmark; gather embellishments – checkmark; and so on. I love lists!


paislee_carly092014_IMG_0171I will also be the first to admit that my creative process might not sound like the most creative and free spirited approach, but for me it works. I like to keep things very simple so that I don’t become overwhelmed, or worse start to procrastinate and then nothing gets done. I’m a list girl and totally okay with it.

paislee_carly092014_IMG_0169All that being said I truly believe that finding a creative process that works with your own unique style can really help you stay on top of your creative projects and be very productive. For example, I don’t think I would have been able to stick with Project Life for as long as I have if I didn’t have some system in place for getting the job done. My creative process has definitely evolved over the years, just like my creative style has, but the one thing that has remained the same is that I’ve always put processes in place that aid me in getting the job done.


paislee_carly092014_IMG_0168Now how about you, do you have a creative process that you follow when creating anything from a scrapbooking layout or a project life page? If so, please share! I love to hear about other peoples approach to creating and of course,  if you have any questions for me about my process please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments.

Have a great day!


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Products used in today’s project share: today is (elements), heirloom kit, press cards no. 15, december, you are a fave, 4×6 photo templates vol. 3, press cards no. 16, and press lines no.18.

chat tonight & September’s feature kit

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There’s also a little something by the two of us that you’ll get just for attending. Hope to see you there tonight!



30% OFF thru the end of the month!


creative team inspiration

layout by brenda

layout by christelle

layout by beth

Totally blown away by  this hybrid mini album that Caylee made using papers and elements from You Are My Fave.

hybrid project by caylee

And finally, a beautiful 2 page Project Life spread by Dunia



kristi prokopiak I hybrid artist

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hey everyone! kristi here!!

(products used: heart burst)

august was packed with stuff, so it was actually quite hard to shrink it down to a manageable weekly format.  i do love a challenge though. photos of my craftings, chloe with my new favorite crystal, beach time, a business card from beautiful dreamers and a photo of a close friend’s wedding sum it all up.

(products used: july)

this spread is an example of making mistakes work to your advantage, as i had printed out the july title for a prior spread and it just didn’t work. i saved it because i hate throwing things away, and while i was working this page out i used it as a placeholder and i actually just ended up liking the way it looked flipped upside down. i added some triangle stamps to it because i am obsessed with triangles right now.

these eight pocket spreads are usually my toughest to crack, but sometimes you just need that much space to fit it all in. the end of august was lots of beach time and a wild (but doomed) romance.

(products used: striped paper, september)

fall times! a funny quote from a friend, a collage of self portraits and a little journaling on my title page sum up the beginning of september. the 6×8 page was ripped from a newspaper and i wanted to cover up the person, so i ran the top part through the printer with the striped paper and then used the september card with the bottom chopped off.

(products used:  fortune)

had to squeeze one last long beach trip in before the weather goes cold. that aqua background was just screaming for a portrait, and the ok computer album playing at work during a thunderstorm just had to be documented. i journaled on a page from a magazine and used some fun circle jams on the craft paper. life.

thanks for visiting!!!

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new in the shop | trading card sized templates

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Per customer request, a new set of layered templates designed to fit baseball/trading card pocket pages is now available! Use the 8.5×11 sized templates (A4 Size also included) to print an entire sheet of photos, or use the smaller 4×6 sized templates to print out 2 photos at a time.




These templates are a great tool to have if you’re pocket scrapbooking. Sometimes it’s fun to break up the 12×12 pages to with different pocket page sizes. The baseball card inserts are especially ideal for events like vacations, weekend getaway, a birthday or any occasion you have a lot of photos to showcase.

creative team inspiration


Week In The Life layouts by caylee


“These Days” by Liz



digital layout by sue

layout by FarrahJobling

layout by lcpereyra

layout by MollyC