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hey everyone! kristi here!!

(products used: heart burst)

august was packed with stuff, so it was actually quite hard to shrink it down to a manageable weekly format.  i do love a challenge though. photos of my craftings, chloe with my new favorite crystal, beach time, a business card from beautiful dreamers and a photo of a close friend’s wedding sum it all up.

(products used: july)

this spread is an example of making mistakes work to your advantage, as i had printed out the july title for a prior spread and it just didn’t work. i saved it because i hate throwing things away, and while i was working this page out i used it as a placeholder and i actually just ended up liking the way it looked flipped upside down. i added some triangle stamps to it because i am obsessed with triangles right now.

these eight pocket spreads are usually my toughest to crack, but sometimes you just need that much space to fit it all in. the end of august was lots of beach time and a wild (but doomed) romance.

(products used: striped paper, september)

fall times! a funny quote from a friend, a collage of self portraits and a little journaling on my title page sum up the beginning of september. the 6×8 page was ripped from a newspaper and i wanted to cover up the person, so i ran the top part through the printer with the striped paper and then used the september card with the bottom chopped off.

(products used:  fortune)

had to squeeze one last long beach trip in before the weather goes cold. that aqua background was just screaming for a portrait, and the ok computer album playing at work during a thunderstorm just had to be documented. i journaled on a page from a magazine and used some fun circle jams on the craft paper. life.

thanks for visiting!!!

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new in the shop | trading card sized templates

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Per customer request, a new set of layered templates designed to fit baseball/trading card pocket pages is now available! Use the 8.5×11 sized templates (A4 Size also included) to print an entire sheet of photos, or use the smaller 4×6 sized templates to print out 2 photos at a time.




These templates are a great tool to have if you’re pocket scrapbooking. Sometimes it’s fun to break up the 12×12 pages to with different pocket page sizes. The baseball card inserts are especially ideal for events like vacations, weekend getaway, a birthday or any occasion you have a lot of photos to showcase.

creative team inspiration


Week In The Life layouts by caylee


“These Days” by Liz



digital layout by sue

layout by FarrahJobling

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blog tour

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I was tagged by Jamaica to participate in this blog tour thing so here goes.

1. What am I working on right now?

2015 Calendars and a new set of photo templates for my shop. I’m also working on a few personal projects – finishing up our 2013 Project Life album and starting a mini “BFF” photobook for each of my girls…and new poster sized prints of their artwork to replace this one.

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

This totally depends on the type of project. The quickest are usually photobooks. I’ve made enough of these now to know what I like and don’t like and I have a “system” now so I can knock these out pretty quickly. Mini albums, on the other hand, takes so much longer.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

Most of my projects are photo-centric so I’d say my favorite, or rather, my can’t-live-without tools are Lightroom, Presets for photo editing (Replichrome by Get Totally Rad is my go to), and templates for putting together photo collages.

4. How does my creating process work?

I work most efficiently when things are organized and easy to find so every project begins with me creating a folder for the project on my computer. The next step involves gathering supplies. My projects are mostly photo focused so this really just means selecting and editing photos – this is usually the most time intensive part of the process. Once I have all the photos gathered and a better idea of the scale of the project (ie., will a simple 8.5×11 insert in my project life album do or do I have enough photos to make a photobook?), I can move on to the actual design process.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

Pinterest is my go to source for inspiration, there’s never a shortage of ideas there! The tricky part is finding the time to pursue those ideas. What I’ve recently come to realize is that the biggest “inspiration killer” is when I’m feeling pressed for time or frustrated that I don’t have enough for creative “free play.” I’m constantly struggling to find that right balance between work and play.

6. What is my signature style?

Photo-focused and simple. I also have a thing for white space and black & white stripes.

I’m tagging three of my favorite memory keepers to keep this blog roll going: Peppermint, Ronnie and Carly.

new in the shop | pictures and words no. 13

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Happy Wednesday friends!  I’m happy to announce that pictures + words no. 13, which was originally offered during the We Are Storytellers Promotion at The Lilypad in July is now available for purchase in my shop! And for one today only, it’s available at 50% OFF so take advantage of the huge savings!


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layout by lex

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jamaica | see it live mini

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Hi there! This is what I’ve been working on lately… a mini-book documenting all the concerts I’ve seen so far this summer. It all started with the idea of using dated tabs, so that you’d see the dates sticking up (or out to the side as it turned out).


The base of each page is a 4″ x 6″ tabbed index card that I turned on its side and trimmed to be 4″ tall, so each page is roughly 4″ square plus the tab. I made templates in Photoshop, one to help line up the dates that appear on the photos and another for the text pages. After adding the dates and text, I started pulling patterned papers to go along with them. You’ll notice most are solids, or almost solids. Because the font I’m using for the band names is outlined and the text on the bottom is relatively small, it worked best to find patterns that are very tight or small when printed out.

After setting up all of my pages, I printed them out and glued them to my index cards, lining up the top and right sides to make sure the dates were in place and the text centered on the other side. I did all of the photos first, letting them dry overnight under a stack of books to keep them flat (the index cards are thicker than regular paper they tend to curl). Then I cut carefully around the edges and the tabs, using a hole punch get the hard to reach inside curves of the tabs. After those were done, I went back and glued the text pages to the back side letting them dry overnight and cutting them out a second time.

paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_02 paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_03 paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_04 paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_05 paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_06 paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_07 paislee_jamaicaSeptPL_08

The covers are made from a pair of drink coasters, covered front and back with pattern paper printed on cardstock. I used a black sharpie to “paint” the white edge of the coaster so that it would match the black XOXO paper. Because there are quite a few more concerts left on my calendar, I’m leaving it unbound for now. After the season is over, I’ll probably spiral bind it. But for now, the ribbon is doing a good job of holding it together and distracting from the blank cover. I couldn’t settle on a title or the perfect embellishment, so I’m letting go without until I’ve settled on just the right thing.


Papers pulled from these kits: Heirloom, Eternal Sunshine, Hey There Handsome, and Downtime.

xo, jamaica

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