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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on photo processing. My workflow has changed so much (no more editing in photoshop!) and so has my taste and style. Nowadays, photos are processed either in Lightroom (when I’m on my computer) or in the PicTapGo! app (on my phone).

When editing in Lightroom, I usually just make minor adjustments (exposure and white balance) or reach for my go-to presets: Replichrome by Get Totally Rad. The black and whites presets are my absolute FAVORITE.

For b&w conversions, Kodak Plus-x 125– and Kodak T-Max 3200 are my my go-to. I tend to go through phases, where I heavily favor certain presets. Right now I’m really digging the moody feel of the Plus-X 125–.


For color photos, I’m trying not to do too much processing. Again, just basic adjustments of exposure and white balance.


I usually also apply Curve #2 (slightly faded look) or Curve #3 (brightens the image).


The neatest thing is being able to match up my Lightroom processing of DSLR photos with photos taken and edited on my phone.

The image below taken with the iphone and edited in PicTapGo (filters used: auto color, brightside, high fives). Obvious differences aside (quality of phone image vs a DSLR image), the tones and coloring are a pretty close match to the DSLR image (above)!


I like to incorporate both DSLR and smartphone photos in my Project Life (and other memory keeping projects). Having the tools that gives me the ability to produce the same look across different platforms is a really good thing.

jamaica | bloom accordion-fold book

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Hi, it’s Jamaica. The first time I saw the collection of papers in Bloom, I had a vision of them rearranged from light to dark and knew I wanted to use them all together. I decided on a small, accordion-fold book with eight of the patterns from the collection. The mix of soft pinks and greys with the high-contrast black and whites would be the perfect backdrop for a collection of photobooth pictures I’ve been saving.


I paired up my favorite patterns and printed four sets onto 4″ x 6″matte photo paper, then cut the papers that would become the front and back into individual 3″ x 4″ cards.


Once I had them all lined up in the order I wanted, I turned them face down and used white washi tape to connect them together leaving a tiny gap between them to act as a hinge once it’s folded. The white tape blends in with the edges of the white photo paper, becoming invisible.


After taping all the cards together, I trimmed off the excess washi tape and glued the long strip of patterned papers onto a piece of kraft wrapping paper so that the back looks finished and it gives the strip a bit more rigidity. Because it was so long, it was either wrapping paper or several smaller pieces of paper. I chose the kraft paper out of convenience but it ended up folding really nicely.


Once the glue dried, I scored the center of the three 4″ x 6″ cards that I didn’t cut down (the three spots where the panels meet that aren’t already hinged). After scoring them using a ruler and a bone folder, I began to fold the panels in opposite directions carefully folding along the scored lines then running my bone folder along the crease to make crisp edges.


If you’ve lined everything up carefully the panels should all fold up into a tidy 3″ x 4″ book. All that’s left is to embellish!


I added a simple gold foil chipboard heart to the cover and photobooth pictures of me and my mom from the last few years to the inside panels. The photos are printed from scans, not the original strips, so I varied the sizes slightly to make it less cookie-cutter.



When it’s done, it can stand unassisted on display or be folded into a tiny book. It unfolds a bit when closed so I’ll tie it up with a ribbon before gifting it to my mom on Mother’s Day.

xo, jamaica

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4×6 photo templates no. 4 + minimalist template projects

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Good morning!! Kelly here and I am excited to share with you some more creative team inspiration, this time using the 4×6 photo templates no. 4 and the minimalist squared, trading card sized, and the 4.75 x 8.25 photo templates.

_paislee-4X6PhotoTemplatesVol4-prv-01 _paislee-MinimalistSquared-prv _paislee-minimalist-tradingcardsize-prv _paislee-MinimalistTemplates-collage-prv



Templates used:  minimalist squared

paislee-4x6 Photo Templates Vol. 4-projectbymaysuzuki

Template used: 4×6 photo templates vol. 4

paislee-Minimalist Squared-projectbymaysuzuki

Template used: minimalist squared


Templates used: 4.75×8.25, trading card sized, 4×6


Template used: 4.75×8.25


Template used: minimalist squared


Template used: minimalist squared


Template used: minimalist squared


Templates used: minimalist squared (additional products used: 3×4 photo templates, let’s go journal cards, faves journal cards)


Template used: minimalist squared


Template used: minimalist trading card sized


Template used: minimalist trading card sized

Thanks so much for taking a look and have a great Monday!


3×4 photo templates + bloom (6×8 papers & overlays)

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Happy Friday! I’ve got two new products in the shop this week, a set of 3×4 photo templates and a set of 6×8 papers + overlays. Both are 20% OFF thru the weekend. Also, there’s an additional 15% OFF savings coupon exclusively for presslist subscribers. Look for the code in the newsletter that was sent yesterday. Not yet a subscriber? Sign-up here to get the code (please note that it takes up to 24 hours after you confirm your subscription for the newsletter to reach your inbox).


creative team inspiration


Be on the lookout for more projects from the creative team soon! Have a wonderful weekend!


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We’re on spring break this week. Around here, this means my daughters get to have sleepovers in each other’s rooms every night. We’re going to the park, painting our nails, crafting up projects. It’s not all fun and games though. We spent yesterday morning cleaning their rooms and organizing their closets, drawers and toy bins. Not exactly their idea of the best vacation ever. I think Audrey’s exact comment was, “Aw, that’s boring time!”

I suppose this means I’m on break as well. Though, after the girls are in bed, I do try to squeeze in a few hours of work every night. One of the things I’m working on is updating this site. This past weekend, I scheduled a photo shoot with my brother to get new images for my about me page. The entire site badly needs an overhaul and I’m excited to finally start tackling this task!


Can I also just say that being in front of the camera is one of my least favorite things…ever. I feel awkward and I never quite know what to do. I so much prefer to be behind the camera.

Hope you are having a great week!

*photos edited in lightroom using Replichrome I Presets by Get Totally Rad