mini albums

Posted by | November 26, 2012
december daily, oh yes

I'm ready. Supplies are gathered. Most of them are things left over from last year's project: doillies, kraft, glitter and shimmery papers. They still appeal to me so why not...

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Posted by | April 13, 2012
december daily album (part two)

Remember the December Daily Album I blogged about back in February? I finally got around to wrapping it up this week. It came together so quickly I'm wondering now why...

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Posted by | February 3, 2012
december daily album (part one)

This was my first hybrid mini album undertaking.  And dare I say it?  I think I'm so much more into making albums and photobooks than I am into making individual...

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Posted by | January 19, 2012
in progress

december daily album. three more pages to go. new press cards for release tomorrow.  per your request, the next three sets are 4x6's. new floors going in. not at our...

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Posted by | August 26, 2010
A mini travel album

In 2006, on the eve of our one year wedding anniversary, we hopped on a plane bound for Italy. And thus began our whirlwind-once-in-a-lifetime adventure to experience as much of...

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