catherine saunders | creating 3×4 cards using digital papers

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Most of my pocket page layouts consist of a few staples: 4×6 photos, a few 3×4 photos and some patterned cards mixed with a little journaling. I find that keeping it simple helps me continue working through my albums. But I still spend some time fussing with the details. My favorite part of the creative process is picking the patterns that will fill the extra 3×4 pockets. I use digital paper packs to create little cards, which add a lot of impact with even a little bit of pattern. The digital papers mixed with word art and the minimalist templates have become my go-to formula for assembling a simple layout.


For this layout, I started by printing a stack of photos. The only extra step I took before printing was to use 4×6 photo templates vol. 1 to print two photos on a 4×6 for a few of them.


I arranged the photos in a couple of Project Life Design A pocket pages, one of which I trimmed down the middle to create a 6×12 insert. With the photos in place, I had six 3×4 pockets to fill with a mix of patterned cards and journaling.


In order to conserve paper and save time, I like to batch print a bunch of cards on one sheet of card stock. I start by creating a blank 8.5 x 11 inch document in Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS3, but you could do the same thing in Photoshop Elements). For this layout, I added five 3×4 rectangles, which I used as clipping masks. I adjusted the size of two of them so I could add text underneath the patterns.


Caylee has a video in her post on recoloring your digital supplies which shows you, step-by-step, how to use a clipping mask. Essentially, I drop patterns into each rectangle, which allows me to print all the cards on one page. Here’s the final file in Photoshop, with some text added using minimalist 3×4 templates.


I print the cards on one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of white cardstock and trim them to size.


Printing on a larger sheet of paper allows me to get the effect of a “full bleed” patterned card, which just means the pattern goes all the way to the edges of the card.


When I’m just printing some text on a white card, I run a 3×4 card through my printer on its own. You can see how I print directly on journal cards in this tutorial.


With the cards printed and cut, it’s just a matter of slipping them in the pockets and my layout is finished.


Here’s the first side of the finished layout. I used a 12×12 pocket on the left to include a piece of Ben’s original art from school, and the halved Design A pocket as my insert.


Here’s the layout with the insert flipped over. I try to use a mix of colorful and neutral digital papers that compliment the colors in the photos.


You can check out more of my pocket page layouts here, see what’s inspiring me on Pinterest or read more about my creative process on my blog. And please be sure to say hi on Instagram!

Products used in this layout: #mytribe digital papers, bloom digital papers, minimalist 3×4 templates, “currently” word art from pictures and words no. 16, 4×6 photo templates volume 1. Project Life supplies by Becky Higgins including Design A pocket pages and 12×12 paper from the Midnight Edition.

May Press Exhibit

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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good Memorial Day.  Kelly here bringing you this month’s installment of the Press Exhibit.  This is where I get to share with you some truly inspiring layouts and projects created by the creative team using the paislee press products of their choice.  As usual, the team has exceeded my expectations and I hope you love their projects as much as I do!

Digital Layouts


I really like how Susanne used the doodled road on her background. It adds such a great visual without losing the clean feel of the page.

Products used: the open road


This is seriously a gorgeous photo by KerriAnne. I love the way the muted photo treatments compliment the papers and elements she used.

Products used: outdoorsy, quintessentials no. 3, is it friday yet?, and bloom.


I like how Leontien incorporated a digital pocket protector on her layout. Great idea!

Products used: sunny days ahead, on my desk, road trip, day planner, and bright side.


Great layering here by Alexis. It really creates a realistic look to her digital layout.

Products used: diptych and 4×6 Photo Templates Vol 5


Love the yellow and pink together here by Aga.

Products used: eternal sunshine and the weekender.


This is a great clean layout by Brenda. The soft colors of the papers she used really brings focus to the bright photograph.

Products used: bloom + my tribe(1+2) + minimalist 4×6 verticle


paislee press: huntington, more + less, on my desk, you are my fav

Molly is our guest creative team member this month and I just love her layout! Great title work here!

Products used: huntington, more + less, on my desk,  and you are my fav.

Hybrid Projects



Products used: #mytribe journal cards, #mytribe elementsMinimalist 6×8 collage templates, in progress elements, and
on my desk



Leena always blows me away with her project life spreads and this is no exception.  I really like how she did her journaling both in her own handwriting and right on the photos using the photo templates.

Products used: Faves Journal Cards, My Tribe Journal Cards, and Minimalist Squared.



I love the way May recolored the faves journaling card to suit her spread.

Products used: 3×4 Photo Templates4×6 Photo Templates Vol. 4 and faves journaling cards.



What a great way to showcase a month’s worth of favorites on one page.

Products used: Faves (6×8 templates)


I love all the black and white here with pops of colors from the photos. Gorgeous!

Products used: month in a glance template, this month journal cards, faves journal cards, and in progress elements


I love all the different photos here! I also like how she used minimal embellishments to maintain a clean look.

Products used: Minimalist Squared and Hello Spring.

Thank you for taking a look! As always, if you are looking for more creative team inspiration you can head over to the paislee press creative team projects board on pinterest.


creative team projects featuring my tribe

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Hello! It’s Kelly here and I am happy to be bringing you some fresh creative team inspiration, this time using My Tribe elements, papers, and journaling cards.



I just love the way Alexis placed the element and paint clusters along the two corners of her layout.


What a great use of the patterned background paper here by Aga. I really like the paper strips along the middle as well.


I love Azzari’s photographs here and the way she paired them along side the journaling cards.


Another gorgeous digital project life spread from KerriAnne.  I love the way she used the tribe wordart over the photograph of the boys.



I love how Leena was able to use the printed journaling cards along with her wood veneer pieces.


Gorgeous simplicity here.  The all together wordart goes so beautifully with the photo.

For more creative team inspiration check out the paislee press creative team projects board on pinterest.

caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

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caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

Hellooooo. Caylee here to share what I consider to be one of the handiest techniques in the digital and hybrid scrapper’s arsenal. There are roughly one million advantages to digital supplies, and personalisation is right up there. One of the quickest ways to do this is with recolouring. There are four ways that I use to recolour my digital scrapbooking supplies. In the video I share these four ways and how to do them. Each way is suited to different elements, and it will take some playing around and practise to spot which one suits what. Once you’ve done these a few times, the process is really quick and you get some drastic changes.

I am using Adobe Photoshop CC for this. I have never tried Photoshop Elements, so I’m not sure if it would work exactly the same way, but they are very similar and I’m sure you’ll find one way at least. Now let’s get to those techniques.

(and a text expansion below)

1. Paint Bucket 

caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

This is the simplest, and the least likely to be perfect. It’s good for simple graphics and quick shapes. It works exactly like that little bucket in Microsoft Paint used to work.

Since I’m useless at talking over videos, let me explain the Tolerance setting. Simply, determines how closely to match colour. Tolerance = 0 selects only one colour. 255 Tolerance selects all colours. A higher tolerance will select more colour shades, while a lower tolerance will select less. Anti-aliased defines a smooth edge, Contiguous selects only the areas joined together and All Layers selects from all layers.

2. Clipping Masks

caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

Clipping masks are the key to being great at Photoshop, and they work well to change colour. If you have a solid background in a kit that already matches, then it’s absolutely perfect because it also brings texture into play.

3. Colour Overlay

caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

Probably the best recolouring technique because you can get things close to an exact colour.

4. Colour Balance

caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

A more “realistic” recolouring technique, this is used mostly for photos but works well for scrap supplies. This technique is more creative. And by creative I mean, flimsier and less reliable, and involves more playing around.

caylee grey | how to recolour digital scrapbooking supplies

Products: #mytribe papers, journal cards, elements

♥ Caylee

You can see previous Paislee Press projects, or find more bits of me on Instagram, my shop, and my blog.

4×6 Photo Templates Vol. 5

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Happy Monday!  I released a new set of photo templates on Saturday and it’s 40% OFF during the National Scrapbook Day Sale. Today’s the last day so be sure to take advantage of the savings!  Also, everything else in my shop is still 30% OFF!

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