Project Life 2013 \ Documenting a weekend getaway

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Last year we drove up north to spend a weekend in San Francisco. Day One of the trip was shared here. Since that post, I’ve made some changes to the spread and also finally finished Day Two.

Originally, this was the spread for day one, a printed digital layout paired with a collage of 12 photos.


Here’s Day One (redone).  I swapped out the layout for an almost full photo spread. I like the flow of this better. The white space in the large scenic photo is a nice contrast to the grouping of smaller square photos.



Minimal embellishments here. Both the interstate tag and the “travel” definition are from my Road Trip Kit. I might come back to this page to add journaling to the bottom left photo.


Day 2 follows the same collage + large photo formula.




The collages were created in photoshop using press plate no. 37 and sent to Persnickety Prints for printing.

Do you have a go to formula for documenting vacations?


Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE. All of my project life entries can be found HERE. Photos edited using either RadLab by Get Totally Rad! or VSCO

jamaica | april project life

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Last month my girlfriend brought her family for a visit over their spring break. To make it extra fun for her 3 boys we did lots of adventuring and spent lots of time at the beach. Which means lots of good photo opportunities and lots of photos for my scrapbook. Here’s how I tackled a week worth of fun…


As an introduction to their visit, I printed one of my favorite images on vellum (again, loving the vellum) and added a title with the dates. I like how you can see thru it to the photos below.


This was the perfect opportunity to use press plate no. 39. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to use this template. The hairlines, the italic font and the white space… so lovely. It’s perfect for a vacation where you’ve got a lot of photos but don’t want to add a lot of pages to your scrapbook.


The fact that you can use 9 photos on one page and it doesn’t look too busy, makes it an instant fav.


To add continuity, I used the same font/type style from the press plate on my cover page, just pulled the text layers onto my photo, changed the type to white and added a thin line to mimic the template.


On the back side of the press plate, I added two group shots and a label from about us elements stapled right on top. The white border around the photos is intended to mirror the separation between photos on the right side. I’ve never done anything like this before—my hope was that it would trick your eye into thinking they were two separate images rather than 1 large one. At a glance, I think it’s working.

The Right Here card is from the from where I stand journaling cards set (I keep coming back to that one, it’s so good). Before printing it out, I changed the black text to red to match the solo cups and the label on the opposite page. The half-circle punched from the top revels a basic journaling card tucked into the pocket behind it that lists everything we did. That way, I’ve got the details down but didn’t have to clutter up the page with them.


I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Fitting 15 pictures into 2.5 page protectors feels like a win, especially since I’m using a small album. I think we can consider it high-density scrapbooking…

If you haven’t had your Spring Break yet, hope it’s a good one!

xo, jamaica

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Project Life 2014 \ A fresh start, maybe

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A while back I mentioned that I was trying a new size for Project life. I was debating between 6×8 and 8.5×11. Both appeal to me for different reasons. The 6×8 format lends itself easily to full photo spreads. Pairing a full photo spread with a collage of smaller photos is my favorite. That’s the formula I used to put together my December Daily album and photobooks so it feels most natural for me. But I imagine I can easily fill at least four 6×8 albums to complete a years worth of photos and space is also a concern for me so I decided to give 8.5×11 a try.

Events Based Pages. The first few layouts came together so easily, in part because of the newness of it. But mostly, I think it’s because I’m doing spreads based on events/themes vs. the “what happened this week” approach I used in previous years. I find it much easier to work with a group of photos that have a common theme (they often have the same colors, tone, mood, etc.) so the photos naturally have a cohesiveness to them. That was one of my biggest struggles with the weekly format – trying to get an eclectic mix of photos to look good together.

Event: A Saturday In February 2014. Not an official event per se, it was just one of those I-love-every-single-photo-we-took kind of days.


Event: A day spent at Disneyland.


Theme Based Pages. One of the advantages of working with a wider time frame (month vs. week) is the ability to group photos that share a common theme. I suppose it can be done with the weekly time frame too, but I find it’s much easier to identify themes over a longer span of time.



The theme here is Madeline’s playdates in January. I like that these photos are together vs. spread out over the weeks. I think it does a better job of conveying how their friendship is such a huge part of her life right now.

Month In Review Spreads. So far I’ve been making several in-review pages for each month. These are great for “catching” the photos that don’t make it on the events pages and for slipping in random/miscellaneous moments.

January 2014 via Instagram. I use Instagram to share my favorite photos so it just makes sense to have this documented in PL. These square coin pockets are perfect for Instagram photos. I used this Month At A Glance template to arrange and print out the photos.



Bonus: Two big January events (the CHA show and Disneyland w/Peppermint) were well documented via instagram so I didn’t feel the need to make additional layouts.

Another Month In Review page for January. This is where I placed random photos taken throughout the month.



So this is where I’m at with Project Life 2014. To be honest, I’m not 100% certain that I’ll stick to this size.  I keep wavering. When I get the pages right I love the letter size format.  When it’s not coming together, I find myself thinking maybe I should have stuck with 12×12.

How is your Project Life album coming along?

Products used:

Recollections 8.5×11 Album

8.5×11 page protectors

Coin Pocket Pages

Trading Card Pocket Pages

Month At A Glance template


Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE. All of my project life entries can be found HERE or browse the entire project life gallery HERE. Photos edited using PicTapGo, RadLab by Get Totally Rad! or VSCO

new in the shop | april byoc

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Hello, hello! Two new products in the shop today!

Pictures + Words No. 10 New set of 4×6 photo templates featuring hand drawn months. Use them to create custom title cards for your weekly/monthly pocket page spreads or to embellish photos on digital layouts. Templates include an optional white border and customizable text spots. The month stamps are in its own layer so you can easily change the color, adjust the opacity, etc.


Month at a Glance A layered template + wordart set, ideal for documenting events with lots of photos and month-in-review pages.


The 8.5×11 template features 20 photo spots sized perfectly for coin page protector inserts. (I got mine here).


Or leave the print as is and simply slip the entire page into a letter sized page protector.


The set also includes mini month stamp labels. There’s a 2014 set, 2015 set and a month only set that you can use to add your own year.


Presslisters – there’s also an exclusive subscriber offer! Purchase both together and enjoy a savings of 45% OFF. Look for details in the latest newsletter that went out yesterday afternoon. Offer may not be combined with other store promotions, good thru April 6, 2014.

inspiration from the creative team


paislee-pics+words10-layoutbybrenda paislee-pics+words10-layoutbyelisa


paislee-pics+words10-layoutbylex2 paislee-pics+words10-layoutbyjulie

paislee-pics+words10-layoutbylex paislee-pics+words10-layoutbysue



caylee’s project life | week thirteen

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caylee's project life | week thirteen

Caylee here. If I were wittier I’d have thought of a funny prank for today’s post, but alas. Just the usual from me again. Have you noticed that it’s not only the photos from your layout that show  that week’s mood ? I’ve started noticing that I can immediately get a feel for what life was like for me at that time based on the colours I choose, and how busy the page is. This was a crazy week in my life and my Project Life reflects that. No matter how many times I restarted, I could not get this page to be calmer. I’m letting this week go. I guess sometimes you make the pages, and sometimes the pages make you.

caylee's project life | week thirteen

Left hand side:

caylee's project life | week thirteen

Right hand side:

caylee's project life | week thirteen

Memorabilia: I’m currently in a different town to be with my mom, so the movie ticket stub, and bakery business card will go in when I get back home.

I’ve been trying to get more journaling into my Project Life, but I don’t always like the way it looks. Then Donna let me in on a little secret – writing on the back of cards. That way you get all the memories in, without the distraction. It’s also great for keeping secrets, or private thoughts that you don’t want immediately on display. Behind this card, I wrote about why Jam’s pants were special (she was wearing our skinny friend’s pants because she laughed so much she knocked her drink all over herself – win win win situation) as well as the significance of the evening (private). I like this new little trick.

caylee's project life | week thirteen

Anything special: the brush script words are great for using as photo overlays because of how gloriously thick they are. The pink ruffles that you can see peeking out on the right is my favourite digital element ever.

caylee's project life | week thirteen

caylee's project life | week thirteen

Yay for husbands and silly faces. I so enjoy handwriting around a tea cup, but sometimes I’m lazy and just put typed text around it.

caylee's project life | week thirteen

caylee's project life | week thirteen

Products used: About UsEternal Sunshinepress cards no. 32 • title card from pictures + words no.9Week in Review Cards • Archer and Oswald fonts

♥ Caylee

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Do you tend to create your page, or do the pages take a life of their own and end up looking how they want to look ?

Trisha Harrison | Week seven Project Life.

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Hi There, Trisha Harrison here & for my March contributor post here I would love to share my Project Life week seven. I used another favourite go to card set when documenting our family vacations or little getaways, the “Road Trip” set is a super cute set and I loved incorporating them into my albums.


It is a perfect fit into the spread above on the left of my insert. Honestly I cannot express how much I love the simplicity of the card. I love it so much I went with the title and made it on the photo with wood veneers to continue the theme.




I know that I first started using these cards in my 2013 album for our summer road trip & immediately falling in love them I knew that I would continue using them on our trips this year. I love the look of the same card but with different photo’s of our vacations or getaways that we take. I am positive it will pop up again in this album. I might make a vacay minibook all about that.

Thanks for reading.


carly robertson | approach to project life

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Hello everyone, it’s Carly here today! I don’t know about you, but I am always interested in hearing about how other people approach project life, so today I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about my approach to it.

I’ve mentioned before that I do project life monthly vs weekly which really fits well with my style of stress-free documenting. Each month I document what I can, when I can and from there I build my pages.


This year I have also added more purpose and intent behind my photos. Each day I take a photo of something that I’m grateful for and by the end of the month I have at least 30+ meaningful pictures to pick from.


So what’s my plan of action for when it comes to creating and building my pages? First, I always carry a small notebook in my purse and use it to jot down things I want to remember. Maybe it’s something my girls said or maybe it’s just something that happened and I want to be sure I’ll remember it for later. Most of my notes throughout the month either end up in my month in review cards or are added directly to a photo.


When it comes to creating my project life pages I like to keep the process pretty simple. Everyday I download any iPhone photos while my phone charges in the evening. I’ve also got into the habit of deleting any pictures I don’t want to keep right after I’ve taken the shot so when it comes time for my photos to be downloaded, they are all keepers. With my SLR pictures I typically download them once a week and only when I have time to go through them, delete any non-keepers and edit the ones I want. I then put my project life pics in a folder on my desktop for printing at a later time.


Once I have all my photos collected, edited and ready to go in a folder on my computer’s desktop and all my notes in my notebook for the month, I then set aside some time for printing my pics and pulling my pages together. This entire process is usually pretty quick because all the groundwork is done and all I need to do is add my journaling to my photos and/or journal cards, and print. I then pop everything into my page pockets, add a journal card filler, or two, if needed and I’m done!


Breaking my project life process down into bite size chunks makes it so much more manageable for me to stick with. Typically by the time I’ve selected and edited my photos and combined them with my journalling, I have already a layout in mind for my pages so all that’s left to do is the printing and placing.

How about you, what’s your approach to project life documenting? And as always, if you have any questions about my post today please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to answer you back.


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*Products used in today’s pages include: loved + other sentiments, week in review cards, pictures + words no.4, and happy as a lark element pack.

kristi prokopiak l hybrid artist

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hello all!

this month i wanted to share a new project i started this year. lately i’ve been combining an art journaling style with a pocket page format in my scrapbooks. this is a great way to document everyday life and have fun at the same time. combining digital elements with handmade pieces and traditional scrapbooking products has really been working for me lately. i try to stick to a somewhat weekly format, though sometimes a spread is more about a topic or a specific day/mood. while i do love the idea or capturing every single little detail of life, let’s be honest they aren’t all particularly interesting! this format leaves room for times when i just want to enjoy the process of making things and have a more “art-journaly” approach. here are a few of my recent spreads:


this one is a mix of a cut down coin pocket and a full 6×8 sleeve, both with a blue background that was painted/misted with a dark grey to feel cohesive. shots of my school project process, a business card from brunch at el almacen, an instagram photo of chloe and i (with the comment and hashtag for authenticity), veneer quote and a fortune cookie all visually represent moments from my week. a shot of the frames in a local tattoo parlor and some graffiti on blue brick at school add a little atmosphere, while the bought + loved card tells the story of the blue pants.  i used the week of with a date stamp on the pants picture and made a new friend today strip on a facetime photo.


here i used a poster from a recent record release on the left (that record has been on repeat, obviously),with some shots from lunch with friends on vellum. i also included a list of the songs on my current playlist, which were inspired by this particular artist. a photobooth pic from a coffee break at the ace hotel and a yoga mat package combined with 3×4 photos from brunch with a  friend and the new shelves i hung in my room tell the story of my week. i had a card calendar from january that i didn’t end up using but i loved it and held onto it anyway.  i folded it up under the photobooth pic, which has a 35 stitched to it, and it hides this year’s affirmation so only the 2014 from the calendar peeks out. i always have an affirmation that i print out and attach to that year’s birthday photo, and while my bday isn’t til august, i finally came up with my affirmation so i notated it here.


this spread was fun because i made a lot of the elements. left side has leftover sticker negatives from an alphabet set and a watercolored journaling card, while the right side contains a card made from a bunch of yogi tea fortunes i’ve collected, and a piece of cut up chipboard that i was experimenting on (white spray paint, inks,stamping, pencil, alpha negatives and some stitching). the march 2014 tab and new life pieces came from a catalogue, and the 3×4 card of six photos goes along with the journaling next to it. i cut up the xo and stuck it under the paperclip from the previous spread, and used some patterned paper to journal a quote on the tea fortune card.


this spread has a floating window from the spread before that holds a business card from dinner with a friend. i journaled on top with vellum and stuck the “west” arrow underneath, since we discussed a possible move scenario (my third daydream this year). below that i used a fresh start tab since chloe is going for surgery and i’m excited for her to feel new and refreshed. to make it stand out a little more, i cut out the bottom and right side to slide a piece of patterned paper underneath. the currents card is on aqua patterned paper to go with the alpha you see in the floating window, and the photo of the white leather jackets has floral washi tape at the top to cover up some background stuff happening in the photo. the paper clip on the 4×6 photo is a grouping of chloe’s post-surgery photo, typed out texts from friends wishing her luck, and an alphabet card printed on kraft paper for some texture. the let it go card is perfect for my mixed emotions about taking some time off of school. oh life.


this last spread was another fun one because i made the striped collage paper from catalogue clippings. the 4×6 is the chloe picture from her fundraiser page and the journaling is about our experience with her surgery this past saturday. above that are a bunch of out takes from me playing with the camera timer. the hello perfection card functions as the title for this spread and some veneer and cork give a little texture and depth.

i love using paislee press releases as digital elements atop photos as well as printed out pieces i can cut and manipulate. i’ve been asked how i decide which digital elements to use, and of course there isn’t a simple answer. some months i’m just so excited about a new release i will base a whole spread around it (like the week of spread), while other times i know i want to use a digital element but i go searching for something that fits (the fresh start tab above). i have all of my paislee press stuff in it’s own folder, and i also have a separate folder called “need to use!” that is filled with elements i love but don’t know how i want to use them yet (there’s a lot of brightside and eternal sunshine in there, and i’m really holding back with the latest picture + words because if i didn’t there would be one of those on every single spread). now that i have more ink for my printer, i am excited to start printing out the patterned papers again, and manipulating the scale to work in smaller sized pockets. like i said, the process isn’t a definite trajectory but i try to leave myself little hints along the way so i don’t forget to add digi stuff because it really does add a fun layer to my books.

thanks for visiting!!

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new in the shop | about us journaling cards 2

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New set of journaling cards that coordinates with the About Us Collection (kit and journaling cards). This set features blue and greens, colors that I usually use as accents. But here, they are the main feature and I’m really digging it.  I’ve been really into greens for some reason and I think that striped “remember when” might be my fave.

For today only, the cards are 50% OFF.


inspiration from the creative team

paislee-aboutusJC2-layoutbyAnaPaula paislee-aboutusJC2-layoutbyFarrahJobling

paislee-aboutusJC2-layoutbyKarenPerry paislee-aboutusJC2-layoutbyMarina1

paislee-aboutusJC2-layoutbyMarina2 paislee-aboutusJC2-layoutbySucali


jamaica | march project life

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One of the things I’ve realized about working with a smaller album is that you have to get creative if you’re going to “fit everything in.” Of course, how much you include is totally subjective and you could easily add more pages. But sometimes, the thought of using a 12 x 12 album with 3 times as many pockets makes me a little wistful. Just think of all those empty pockets waiting to be filled…

Okay, back to what I was saying… you have to get creative. For me, that means layering. Today, I’m going to show you how I added journaling and two gorgeous paislee script cards to my scrapbook using vellum. Yay, vellum!

I printed a selection of my favorite cards from About Us (journaling cards and elements), Press Cards No. 32, and Pictures + Words No. 9 onto lightweight vellum from Paper Source. Just make sure to get the right type for your printer (laser vs inkjet) and follow the instructions for printing.


Here’s what my spread looked like before I started—photos printed and tucked quickly into pockets, a postcard I wanted to include and a see-thru red card from the other side. It wasn’t feeling very cohesive and didn’t leave any room for journaling or extra elements. So I started playing around with the vellum cards, laying them quickly over each pocket to see what would work.


The obvious spot was the postcard. Blah on it’s own, it became a beautiful, subtle background when layered under the Moments card.


The vellum doesn’t cover the text completely but obscures it enough that you can journaling over it legibly. I ran the vellum thru my typewriter before trimming it to size.


The other page wasn’t so easy. I knew I wanted to add another card with the black script to balance out my spread but the vellum obscured one photo too much and another not enough. Plus, I was struggling to keep the transparent red pocket see-thru. After swapping out a few photos and moving things around I came to the obvious conclusion…


… and added it to the red pocket. From the back, the red card is still semi-transparent which is good enough for me (I just wanted the glowing red effect) and the reversed journaling adds some character. From the front, the vellum tones down the red helping it to blend in with the other muted colors on the page.


Here’s how it all turned out… bold black script in two corners, dishes in the opposite, and blue tones hugging the gutter. And Mia, who coordinates perfectly.


The next time you think you’ve run out of space, try adding another layer!

xo, jamaica

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