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Hooray for savings!  It’s quarterly sale time at The LilyPad and that means everything in my shop, including new releases, is 30% OFF thru August 25, 2014.

New in the shop this week is a new set of stamp designs, available in three different formats. Whether you are a digital scrapbooker/layout artist, pocket page scrapbooker or hybrid artist, or all of the above, one of these is sure to appeal to you!


PHOTO TEMPLATES |These templates make it easy to add days and date labels to your projects. Use the text layer included in the layered templates to add your date – no need to tinker with sizing or lining up your text properly – the formatting is all take care of!  Or hide the text field and print as is, then hand write the dates after you print.





DIGITAL STAMPS & PRINTABLE TAGS | Digital stamps are such versatile memory keeping tools!  Use these in digital layouts, hybrid projects or pocket page scrapbooking. This set also includes a PDF of printable tags. They are sized to work with 1.5″ circle punches.





3X4 JOURNALING CARDS | This set includes two versions – a set with journaling lines (perfect for those of you that like to hand write your journaling) and a set without journaling (great for handwritten or typed text).



There’s also an exclusive presslist offer – purchase all three and enjoy a savings of 50% off. Look for the listing in the presslist newsletter that was sent out last night!  Not yet a subscriber? Sign up HERE.


layout by Leontien

layout by Susanne

layout by Chantalk

layout by stampin rachel

layout by ashelywb

layout by Cristina

layoutby Leontien

layout by Brenda Smith

kristi prokopiak l hybrid artist

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hello everyone! long time no post!! here are some of my summer pages.














(quintessentials 4, you are perfection)

some of my june stuff. business cards, pinterest pins, the time we spent $40 at the juice place and the opening of the rachel comey store. peeled the juice label off and affixed it onto my photo, stamped the dates on a catalogue, and used the plus signs on top of the 4×6 photo to incorporate the pattern on both sides.














(week of)

here i had originally used the “week of” stamp on a photo, but didn’t like the way it looked in the spread so i cut the words out and used it a different way. actually love the way it turned out!














(daily routine)

went to the beach over 4th of july and it was HEAVEN.














(daily routine)

when i printed the photo of the seagulls it was really saturated and i didn’t love the way it looked, so i put some tracing paper on top and made a little hole for his beady little eye.















after i got back from vacation the rest of the month went by in a blur. i had a bunch of 2×2 photos of stuff that happened, but hated the way it looked so decided to toss them and just journal about everything on this page from a book. sometimes the pictures tell way too much of a story. the chambray photos make me laugh b/c there is just no form of clothing i don’t want to own in chambray. dresses, tank tops, t shirts, button down, sweats… it never ends.















here i used the postcard from the restaurant we had dinner at, an instax and of course, meghan in her bride crown.

thanks for visiting!!!

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jamaica | digital overprinting

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Hi, it’s Jamaica again. Today I’m sharing the results of my latest crazy idea… digital overprinting. I love the look of make-readies where letterpress and screenprinters do test prints over already printed sheets of paper. So I thought I’d try the same thing here at home using pages from catalogs and other bits of paper I’ve been saving.

I started by looking thru my old catalogs and magazines for pages with bold typography and colors that appealed to me. Because I plan to cut the final pages down to pocket-size for use in my scrapbook later, it doesn’t matter if the wording doesn’t make sense or part of the image is strange. They’ll either be cropped out or obscured by ticket stubs or labels when they get put into use. Basically, they’ll make interesting background papers.


1) pluses from quintessentials no. 4 on blu dot catalog, 2) neon dots from in progress on anthro catalog


XOXO from eternal sunshine on 1) page from surfing magazine, 2) anthro catalog


1) aqua pattern from outdoorsy on Beer + Food calendar, 2) speckles from eternal sunshine on Lunar Calendar


Some pages definitely turned out better than others. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Uncoated paper and pages with with minimal ink coverage work best in inkjet printers. In the chair image above, you can see how the XOXO didn’t stick/dry as well on the part of the image with more ink coverage, leaving tiny bubbled letters even after it dried. Whereas on the left, where the majority of the page was blank, the patterned overlay is smooth and even. If you’re printing over a busy background, be careful handling the printed page, giving the ink time to dry.
  2. Pattern selection is important. If you want more of the background image to show thru, select a pattern with more white space. The XOXO pattern is so dense that it obscures the original image of the ocean compared to the pluses pattern which only embellishes the original image.
  3. White backgrounds are the best. Printing a small pattern with a solid colored background over both calendars turned out surprisingly well. The overprinting effectively changes the color of the original design which still shows thru.
  4. Laser printers. Because laser printer’s ink isn’t wet like an inkjet printer, it is better equipped to print over glossy pages and images with less white space, just make sure to load your paper thru the manual tray since it’s likely to be thinner and need more delicate handling to prevent wrinkling.


Here’s a spread from my album showing how I used two of my favorite digital overprints. The image on the left is a little strange to be including in my album but I love the grouping of portraits in the background (I’m starting a collection of portraits myself). And the yellow dot—I love how the bold black lettering grounds the ticket stub layered over it. They’re fun and interesting additions to my book. I’d say this experiment was a success.

The next time you get something good in the mail or turn to a new page in your calendar think about how you could use that page, embellish it with a bold pattern, and use it in your next craft project.

xo, jamaica

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starting a new school year

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It’s official. One’s starting Kindergarten and the other is going on to 1st grade.



I woke up at 6:50am to find Madeline already dressed in her school uniform, her teeth brushed and hair combed (as best she could) and she was grinning from ear to ear. I think it’s safe to say she’s pretty excited to start the new school year.

This morning went by in a blur (as most mornings do in this household) so I’m glad I took the time yesterday to get their “signatures” documented. They each picked a 3×4 journaling card from the Midnight Edition Core Kit, grabbed a sharpie and got to work. paislee-2014blogged-8485

paislee-2014blogged-8519 paislee-2014blogged-8509


They ended up embellishing with illustrations as well, which I love! These will go into our 2014 album…you know, the one I haven’t started yet. (See last year’s penmanship card insert + back to school layout HERE).

caylee’s project life | week 29

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I’m Caylee and I’ve caught up on a whole stack of Project Life spreads, and one of them is the one that I’m sharing with you.

This was the week that I got back from my holiday in Spain, and I wanted it to be as muted as I felt. It seemed lovely, muted, and simple on screen. After printing, though, it just seemed completely dull. How dull? Okay, I’ll show you:


Now there’s nothing wrong with this week. But there’s also nothing really right. After catching up on twenty Project Life spreads I didn’t really have the energy to do anything about it. Until today. That is the beauty of hybrid Project Life. You can always add to it.

The result of my energy burst was a hybrid layout that fell closer to traditional than digital for the first time for me. The result was also, basically, just a puking of gold all over the week. I’m completely okay with that.






Bits of details…




This pic is from the latest Flow magazine.



My blog finally got an email newsletter.

paislee-cayleePL2014-w29-08 paislee-cayleePL2014-w29-09

My all time favourite couple got engaged after 11 years.


I’m really loving paint chips, and although the shade doesn’t quite fit, it really had to be a part of my Project Life.


So when you’re not happy with a layout, you can totally change it to be something you love. You don’t always need to start over. Have a fantastic August.

Products used: Rue, “yes” from In Progress • Week in Review Cards • paintchip from the hardware store • anything else is from gifts • Archer font

♥ Caylee

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