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paisleepress-carly012014-1Hi everyone! It’s Carly here today to share a new project I’m doing for 2015. I love to document “currently” lists. These lists include things like what I’m listening to or reading right now, what I’ve been wearing at the moment, if I have any small wants or needs, things I’ve been enjoying or wondering about, and so on. I always thought these little lists were such a wonderful way to document what life looks like right now in a quick snapshot.

paisleepress-carly012014-2So for 2015 I thought I’d keep an album just dedicated to these currently lists. My plan is that every month I will write out a list of all the things I’m currently doing and include it in this album with a small collection of photos. Some months I might journal more if needed, but for the most part the album is going to be kept pretty simple with just my currently lists and photos.



I started my album by using the twenty fifteen journal card as my title page and the Hello 6×8 paper printed on vellum from the Let’s Go (6×8 papers and overlay) kit. However, before I printed out the Hello paper I used the eraser tool in Photoshop to erase any words in the center of the page so that the twenty fifteen title would show through.


The next page in my album holds my January currently list and the start of my January photos. Even though I don’t tend to use lots of embellishments on my pages, I do love to dress them up with word art or digital brushes, and one of my most favourite word art kits is the Loved + Other Sentiments kit.

paisleepress-carly012014-6 paisleepress-carly012014-7

I also used the 4×6 layered 2015 Calendar Title Cards on one of my photos to help show that my currently list and photos are all to document that particular month.

Even though I’m only one month into this project I’m absolutely loving it, and it just might end up being one of my favourite documenting projects of the year!

How about you, are you doing any new documenting projects for 2015? If so, I’d love to hear what you have planned?

- Carly

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clean and simple

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Today is Day 21 of the Month of Challenges at the LilyPad. Today’s challenge is to use this clean and simple template (provided by me!).  Download the template HERE – it’s available as a free download but only thru the end of the month.


The template is based on this layout I made for MOC…last year!  (Yes, yes, I need to get back on the digital scrapbooking bandwagon. I miss it!)


musings 01 : madeline loves

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“I love ice cream, but you know what? I love my sister more.”

One of my memory keeping goals for 2015 is to get more words on paper. Writing doesn’t come easy for me so to keep this manageable I’m starting with the easy stuff: writing down conversations, things my daughters say, etc. If that’s all I’m able to do this year, I think I’ll be ok with that. And of course, already I’m thinking of how to translate these recordings from blog to photobook.


new in the shop + TLP Quarterly Sale

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This weekend the LilyPad is celebrating it’s 8th year in business. Yay! The entire store is 30% OFF and there’s fun games and prizes being given away in the forums so be sure to stop by and partake in the festivites. I’ve got 4 new products in the shop, from photo templates to wordart and journaling cards.









There’s also a special 50% bundled listing just for presslist subscribers (newsletter was sent out yesterday afternoon). If you’re not a subscriber, consider signing up!  Subscribers enjoy early access to new releases and each issue usually includes a special savings offer.

creative team inspiration

layout by susanne

layout by susanne

layout by elisa

layout by susanne

layout by elisa

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layout by julie

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happy new year! i was having a moment at the beginning of this year, uncertain if i wanted to continue documenting in this way. while i was super proud of myself for committing to scrapbooking once a week for a whole year, i also wanted to free myself up a little bit. after making some non-scrapbook related work, i realized i needed that format too. i’ve come to view my weekly recaps as gratitude journals, moments of mindfulness, and an excellent way to document my creative process.

products used: this day in december journaling cards

this may be my first ever all 4×6 spread. i always have a hard time with it but this time it was the only solution. simple recap of the end of december and a quote from a friend were my simple way of documenting the holidays.

for the last page of my 2014 album, i created a watercolor moon to journal on. i used numbers as a form of recap, as it was an easy way to string together all things that happened. for my 2015 cover page, i used a simple cutout from a madewell catalogue and a transparency floating on top.

products used: pictures and words no. 10 and let’s go papers

for the first few days of january nothing much happened so i used the opportunity to jot down my intentions for the year. the raindrops are one of my favorite patterns, so i made them translucent and printed them on the cloud paper before running the paper through the printer once again for the intentions list.  i used a sabrina ward harrison page that says new york on the left, and a sticker from elise’s latest release on the right. the photo of the shadow is one i took when i first moved to williamsburg (almost six years ago!!) and i liked the idea of using it here because i suspect this may be the year i leave new york city.

products used: let’s go papers

had a really fun week here. we’ve been super into my new tarot deck and have been doing readings on friday nights. i made a connection with a new healer that really inspired me and caused a subtle shift in me with a little palo santo and love. her logo is awesome so i included her business card. the circle mirror is from her office, where i couldn’t resist a self portrait. i chose the heart pattern for this spread because of all the heart healing going on. lastly, i’ve been listening to the postal service a lot, but with my headphones which sound SO MUCH better than my laptop speakers. so that had to go in the book!

products used: brightside elements

this week i was really in the zone with my paintings. feels good to accomplish a lot after feeling blocked for so long. that’s why i chose the #freshstart to tuck in between the paintbrushes. i finally taught myself to screen print, so those guys got a full page. a little recap of the week and the photo of chloe under the covers add a little bit of an everyday vibe.

thanks for checking out my pages everyone! hope your new year is starting off with good vibes.

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