On My Desk Collection for Gossamer Blue

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Today is the day!  I’m so thrilled and excited to finally be able to share the big news. If you’ve been following Gossamer Blue, you’ll know they just announced that they are coming out with three brand new collections. The first collection was revealed yesterday. It’s called Gramercy Park and it’s gorgeous and it’s designed by one of my favorite people in the industry – Peppermint of One Little Bird.

I’m thrilled to say that I’m the designer behind Gossamer Blue’s second collection, On My Desk.


It’s an “everyday” type collection filled with an eclectic mix of hand drawn patterns and bold graphics.


There are 8 doubled sided patterned papers + one gold foil on vellum specialty paper.


Coordinating elements in the collection include die cuts, puffy stickers, label stickers, enamel stars, a set of badges to start.

paisleeforgossamerblue-OnMyDesk-DieCuts-prv paisleeforgossamerblue-OnMyDesk-Elements-prv paisleeforgossamerblue-OnMyDesk-badges-prv


I’m extremely excited about this set of 3×4 transparency cards – with gold foil and white! They are perfectly sized for pocket page scrapbooking but I can easily see them used on traditional pages as well!



And finally, a set of wood veneers to round out the collection.



-sample layout-


The collection will be available in September and honestly, I can’t wait to see everything in person. As soon as I get them, you can be sure I’ll be sharing photos of them here!

Interested in winning On My Desk? Gossamer Blue is hosting a giveaway for this collection so be sure to visit the Gossamer Blue blog to enter for your chance to win it!


Trisha Harrison | Project Life week 28.

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Hi everyone, Trisha Harrison here & today I am super ridiculously excited to share my latest spread of my Project Life week #28 … it is so recent that I haven’t finished up my journaling & that is how I am approaching things these busy summer days. I think hey if I can get the photo’s printed & cards I want in place then the last step is super easy, Tell the story.


I LOVE  yes LOVE  the calendar cards that Liz designed & you may have seen me use them before, a lot in 2013 Album & this year I was placing them as an overlay on 3×4 slot’s  …. Well this time I went BIG with them! 12 x12 to be exact & I love it, hope you do too! It’s was super easy in PS change the size of the card and slide your photo underneath it and flatten image. YOU will not be disappointed !


Closer look in the 12 x12.



I complemented the B&W 12×12 with an insert and more of  Liz’s cards that she designed for PL the Midnight edition.


This is the back side of the insert view and right hand page. Yes this is a NEW Favourite for me I will be adding these in again and again! I might just have a few more Ideas yet for them. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer thanks Liz for having me as a contributor once again & thanks for reading !!

You can also find me and more of my PL  here:   Instagram | Here at no.30 | Pinterest


new in the shop | 4 x 6 Photo Templates Vol. 3

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New in the Shop | 4 x 6 Photo Templates, Volume 3

This set includes the templates I’ve been using most frequently as I’m playing catch up on my project life album. These templates have ample white space, which I find helpful when putting together layouts with vastly different (and not necessarily complementary) colors. The white borders help to keep each unique color story contained, so to speak, in its own space.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the templates in Volume 3.





If you don’t know how to create qr codes, check out the tutorial I posted yesterday.

:: more examples from the creative team ::





And of course, these templates can be used on 12×12 layouts as well!


layout by Beth (also used Sunny Days Ahead)


project life 2013: week 17 and qr codes

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I’m starting to include video clips via QR codes in our Project Life album. This is so fun you guys, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Probably because I’m not so great with taking videos. But you know who is? My husband. 90% (maybe more) of our videos are recorded by him. And I’m so glad because his videos are so much more fun than mine. His video recordings often include editorial accounts (funny and entertaining) of what’s happening in the moment. I love that his voice and perspective is captured in these clips. In a way these videos are very much his way of documenting our family life.


Per your request, here’s a quick tutorial on how to generate QR Codes. Hope you find it helpful!


Step 1: Upload your video to an online site. (I’m using Vimeo.)

Step 2: Copy your video’s URL address (you’ll need it in step 3).

Step 3: Go to a QR code Generator of your choice. I’m using Kaywa. It’s free but there are many other options available.  Paste your video’s URL address in the appropriate field and click on the GENERATE button to create your very own QR Code.

Step 4: Final step! Grab the QR Code (right click > save to desktop OR drag and drop to your desktop if you’re on a MAC).

Also, I recommend renaming your QR Code so that later on, you’ll know which code belongs with what video.


Now that you’ve generated your QR Code, you’re ready to assemble the video card insert! To create this “thumbnail-like” frame of your video, simply open up your video then use the slider to find the frame you want to use as your image. When you find it, take a screenshot of it!


One final note, if you’re concerned about privacy, make sure to password protect your uploads. To keep things easy, all of my videos share the same password and that info is noted on the back of the card.

ps. this 4×6 QR Code template, along with nine NEW templates will be available in the shop tonight (presslist subcribers – the product is now LIVE in the newsletter that went out this afternoon!)

currently, midsummer edition

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+ Living in tank tops, maxis and flip flops this summer.

+ Thinking it’s time to give this blog a face lift.

+ Looking forward to date night.

+ Keywording and organizing photos in Lightroom.

+ Working on an exciting new project (cannot wait to share more info when I can).

+ Loving my oversized orange tote. It goes with us on picnics, swim lessons, playdates…pretty much everywhere.