Project Life – Cover Page and Week Zero 2018 Process

Caylee here. I am so excited for Project Life 2018, you guys. I am so excited for the start of every Project Life. My favourite part of every album is the cover page. In fact, I love it so much that I do it twice. I have included a “Week Zero” as an inner cover page every year since I started in 2013. As soon as I saw the “this messy beautiful life” lettering from Liz, I knew it had to go into this favourite part of my album.

The Week Zero went through so many iterations before I just went with what I knew – simple. The phrase was printed on transparency and put over wax paper and a vintage rose illustration. I was then fancy and stitched over it. I’m in love with how it looks.

Here’s my Project Life process from start to finish, including all of the unsure bits.

Go get messy and I’ll see you next month.

Products: Messy Beautiful

♥ Caylee

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