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Caylee here. It’s been a year and oh how I have missed you! I’m back on the paislee press CT after a hiatus while adjusting to the extra baby human in my life. My first project this year for paislee press is – unsurprisingly – something including my little guy. I made calendars for the grandparents and special friends of ours using calendar templates and CD cases. I used a photo of my son for each month. Let me tell you: babies are great for scrapbooking gifts. The grandparents cried, they loved the gift that much.

Here are the steps to creating your own:

1. Add your favourite photos to a calendar template

Obviously, Liz’s 2018 Desk Calendar Kit is perfect. And even more obvious are the photos I chose. I used a favourite photo from the month. It ended up having a natural colour scheme – white blues and greys, so that worked out well. If they clashed a lot I might have made the black and white. Since my son was born in February, I used a photo that included his ultrasound photo for the January photo.

2. Resize them to fit a CD box

CD boxes work so well for displays. It’s super easy to adapt a template to suit your requirements. The exact measurements to make them fit in a CD case are 4.627 x 4.75 in (11.75 x 12.07 cm). I ended up with more white space on my calendar bits as I wanted the edge to edge look for the calendar cards.

3. Print them out and cut

4. Turn the CD case around

It’s difficult to photograph this, but it’s super easy to do. You can see me doing it in the video at the top.

5. Put the photos in

This gift packages up quite nicely. It’s self containing. I didn’t do any backing on the photo, but if you’re getting more sleep than I am , that would be nice to do.

6. Package nicely

I wrapped it up in twine and added a snowflake die cut to make it pretty for gifting.

Simple! And lovely. Happy 2018, darling!

Products: 2018 Desk Calendar Kit


♥ Caylee

You can see previous paislee press projects, or find more bits of me at my blog.

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So cute Caylee!! Love that babe of yours! Perfect project to start the year off!

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