Traveler’s Notebook: My Layout Process

Hey guys!  I finally have a process video to share with you! In it I walk you through the process of how I put together a typical layout in a Traveler’s Notebook. Also, as I’m typing this, I am realizing that I haven’t actually shared any Traveler’s Notebook layouts here on the blog. I will work on putting one together but in the meantime, the best way to stay up to date is via my instagram feed.

Ok, back to the video. I tried to be as brief yet thorough as possible but I’m sure there are some details that I skipped over.  Please let me know if there’s anything I didn’t cover that you’d like to see and I’ll try to address it in the comments section or in an upcoming video. 


Here’s another look at the completed layout.

Blog Comments

Thanks for the video. It helps to see how things come together. I love your style. Clean and simple.


Thank you for your video, I love the way you incorporated the QR code. So nice and discreet at the same time. Love your process!

Woah. You are amazing. Love love love the QR code incorporation. Do you print what you’ve done in photoshop on that besutiful paper at home? Also, which travelers notebook are you using? Do you make the TN, purchase or sell it? I’m a new, huge fan of your work, blog and products!

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