One Way to Include More Journaling in Your Pocket Page Layouts

Catherine here with a simple way to include more journaling in a pocket page layout.

I’ve been on a major minimalist-documenting kick lately, which means when we take a trip, I print just a few photos alongside some journaling about our itinerary or specific memories from that trip.

At the end of the summer we took a road trip from our home in Germany to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I easily could have printed 100 photos from the trip, but I wanted to keep the trip contained to just one layout.

However, there were lots of memories to include.

For each stop on the trip, I printed just a couple of photos using templates to include more than one in a pocket, and some journaling to describe what we did in each place. The journaling is really the star of the show in this layout.

Here’s the full layout:

On the left side, I documented our two stops in France.

For our trip to Disney, I used one of the pockets to add the dates and a digital stamp as kind of a “title” for the layout.

For each stop on the trip, I included the name of the place in my handwriting and a 3×4 plain white card with journaling. I used a couple of go-to fonts: Aleo and Futura for the journaling.

On the right side I documented the rest of the trip to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Again, I included a few photos, a handwritten card with the location, and a 3×4 with details about our time.

The 3×4 cards add some white space mixed with the colorful photos, and they also give me room to include details about those memories.

Photos are so critical to my memory-keeping process, but including some of those details in writing really helps us remember what mattered to us in those moments.

Do you include journaling in your memory-keeping projects? I’d love to hear what memories you like to include in writing.

You can find me on my blog, on Instagram, or see what’s inspiring me on Pinterest.

xo, Catherine

Products used: 4×6 photo templates vol. 1, 4×6 photo templates vol. 3, scenic route elements, bloom papers, Project Life Everyday Edition.

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I love everything Catherine does and this is no exception! Cat, your handwriting is killer!! Love the simplicity here.

You’re so sweet Emily! Thanks friend 🙂 xoxo

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