Journal with me, using the Rainy Days range

Hi, Paislee-peeps!

It’s Essie back again, with a new project.

I’ve been *loving* creative journaling lately. For me, it’s a cross between art journaling and memory keeping. My creative journal is where I write about my thoughts and feelings, while adding whatever pretty paper, doodling, and photos feel good.

It’s quite a freeform process and I’ve found it to be a lot of fun, and often a really helpful tool for emotional processing.

This week I was dealing with some of the feelings around my little boy having a (mercifully short) stay in hospital. I’ve been so tired since we got home, so I wanted to get those emotions out without having to work too hard to collect a bunch of coordinating supplies. So, I decided to choose a range from the Paislee Press collection and use it as the basis for my journaling. I chose the Rainy Days range, because while it can be used to straight up talk about the weather, it can also be used in the more metaphorical sense to journal hard times and sad days.

It worked so well for me.

Not only did it ease the process, and make things flow, but the words and images in the range actually sparked ideas and thoughts to journal about.

Here’s the process video of how I made my page.


Paislee press products used: 

If you’re up for it, have a go at some creative journaling, and see what it brings up for you – and if you need a little help getting started, try choosing a Paislee Press range to give you a coordinated look.

See you next month!

Essie xxx

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