My favourite memory keeping project and why

Hi everyone! It’s Carly here today to share with you my most favourite memory keeping project and why I love it so much.
I love documenting our everyday lives through my Project Life albums, but my most treasured memory keeping project are my Letters to My Daughters albums. I started creating a version of these albums shortly after my girls were born and in the beginning, the main purpose of these albums were to have a place for me to collect those special moments I wanted to remember and to document their milestones as they grew.
I began to write letters to my girls sharing my hopes and dreams for them and letting them now how special they are to our family. The letters grew into other fun stories that I wanted to capture and from there the albums began to grow even more. I started collecting my favourite photos of my girls and adding those to the albums, as well I would also include inspirational quotes that I found for them and some words of wisdom from their old mum.
As the purpose of these albums grew I started to think what a wonderful thing they would become when my girls entered teenage’hood. Being a teenager has its ups and downs, and there will be times that my girls might not feel like talking to me. However, maybe these albums could help talk for me during those times. I would encourage them to flip through the albums when they are needing of a little personal lift and hopefully they will quickly see and read for themselves how much they are loved and how special they are to us. These albums could be a really beautiful bridge during these times and of course a wonderful keepsake to look back on as they grow older.
In the very beginning I used a Smash Book to house all my Letters to My Daughters stuff, but for the past 6+ years I’ve been using an 8.5 x 11 binder for the albums. Most of the time I will just print my pages out with the journalling on it, add a photo or two, embellish the page if needed, hole punch it and then directly into the album it goes. Keeping things simple is very important to me.
However, sometimes I like to make an extra fun or special page and in those cases I will create more of a tradition scrapbook layout. I think mixing up my pages, from the decorated to the simple, creates a lot more interest for the person flipping through the album.
Lastly I want to mention that creating a Letters to album doesn’t only have to be for your kids. You can create one of these albums for anyone special in your life, including an album just for you!
What’s your favourite memory keeping project? Please share!
– Carly
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What a great idea for an album! Beautiful pages!

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