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It’s BYOC time again!  Seriously? I can hardly believe it’s already the first week of December. So guess what guys? My hard drive failed last week and that totally threw my design schedule for a HUGE loop. I was only able to manage to get one set of journal cards/photo overlays done. One is better than none eh?

This Week is a set of 4×6 weekly cards (1 – 52) featuring hand drawn brush script words. It’s ideal for pocket scrapbooking projects.  Print the journaling cards and slip into pocket pages to mark each documented week or use them as photo overlays to create a striking title card insert that is uniquely you. I think these would also be great for creating personalized monthly divider inserts in your planners! Kit includes:

  • one set of 4×6 JOURNAL CARDS (1 – 52) – JPG files
  • one set of 4×6 JOURNAL CARDS (1 – 52) – JPG files – PNG files for easy recoloring

It’s 20% OFF thru the weekend and there’s a special additional 10% OFF savings code in the newsletter for presslisters. Not yet a subscriber?  Sign up HERE.

So, back to my computer situation. Luckily, my files were backed up so I will be able to retrieve all the photos I took this year (prior years are stored on external hard drives, also backed up using crashplan). Wondering how long a year’s worth of photos (mostly raw files) takes to download? 4.5 days. That’s quite a long time but whatever. I’m just relieved that they aren’t lost forever. This whole experience though has got me rethinking my photo storage strategy. As I mentioned on Instagram, I need to be much more disciplined about choosing which photos to keep and which to trash.  More and more these days I find myself thinking that having so many photos is starting to feel burdensome. (Did I really just say that??)

On my desk right now…an almost finished December 2013 album.


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Your DD looks so minimalist and beautiful! Can you remind me what BYOC stands for?

BYOC = Build Your Own Collab

Thank you for stopping by Erica and for your incredibly kind words! xo

Right there with you. The weight of storing so many photos is heavy and can actually impede use of them. I think I’ve mentioned this before? Anyway, my husband and I are currently traveling and every other day or so, we’ve gotten in the habit of purging the memory card. Part of me wonders, “but what if I need three different angles of the lion so I can decide which one is best for my scrapbook later?” But the reality is, I know what I like and purging early and often is great.

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