caylee’s project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

It’s Caylee here sharing my last spread for the first half of 2014.

I’m in a bit of a creative crossroads. I’ve never quite played with my “style” and tried anything other than trying to make my spreads light and airy. For some reason, this week had a lot of darker photos. So I went with it. I made an active effort to be darker. And  I like the result.


caylee's project life | week 26


caylee's project life | week 26

It was a very exciting week in the Grey house – Big Grey’s birthday and Little Grey’s first day of self employment.

caylee's project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

caylee's project life | week 26

I encourage you to try other styles. Perhaps there is someone whose pages you like with a completely different style to what you think yours is. Try it. Have a bit of fun. If it doesn’t come out perfectly, there’s always another week.

Products used: Because, staple from Weekender, scribble behind “The Best…” from Oh Dearie, Press Clippings no.1, Press Cards no.15 • title card from pictures + words no.9Week in Review CardsMay word art freebie from my blog • words + letters no. 1 from green fingerprint • Archer font

♥ Caylee

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love this as always, caylee. and i find i’m always trying out new styles of spreads. it is a lot of fun and it always teaches me something; whether its what i don’t like, what i want to do again, or what i don’t like… always learning 🙂

You’re so right. Maybe I don’t like everything about a new style, but there is usually one or two things that I can take away from it.

I love that you included your finger with glitter on it. That will always be the sign for your first day working for yourself 🙂

EXACTLY! Love that the glittery finger is such a strong symbol in the self-employed stuff.

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I love that you went with dark but it is still light and beautiful.
Yours are the best elevator selfies btw! 😀

Thanks, Marta. Haha I feel like all the elevator selfies look the same because I have approx. five outfits that I own. xx

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