caylee’s project life | week 17 + 18

caylee's project life | week 17 + 18

It’s Caylee here and I’m sharing two weeks in one because I’m a grown up and I can give myself permission to combine the two into one spread.

caylee's project life | week 17 + 18


caylee's project life | week 17 + 18


caylee's project life | week 17 + 18

These two weeks were filled with traveling back to our city after our holiday and getting settled into the every day again. In case you’re wondering about who poor Molly is and why she got a bang, Molly is my car. We had paid her first repayment and the very next day someone drove into her. It quickly forced us away from the holiday mindset and towards thinking like responsible adults. I didn’t want to dwell on it too much, though, and instead chose to focus on our fur baby.

caylee's project life | week 17 + 18

The glorious flurry of yes-es was perfect for how enthusiastic I was to be on holiday and away from responsibility.

caylee's project life | week 17 + 18

Besides the pretty obvious photo, evidence of my new Silhouette Portrait is seen in my die cut below. You can also see that I’m still new and trying to adjust to the settings by how coarsely I cut the paper. I like it that way. Memories… right ?

caylee's project life | week 17 + 18

My favourite pocket in this spread is the YES one. Big. Bold. Positive. I used one of the papers in the kit as an overlay over the transparency and the two blended quite well.

caylee's project life | week 17 + 18

Have a very happy June ♥

Products used: Say Yes To,  You are My Favourite from pictures + words no.7 • title card from pictures + words no.9Week in Review CardsMay word art freebie from my blog • words + letters no. 1 from green fingerprint • Archer and Oswald fonts

♥ Caylee

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Just lovely as always Caylee:) Your wee Griffin is so cute!

Well I definitely think he is 😉

As always Caylee I love seeing your weeks. Gold, you know a way to my heart girl love it!

Thanks, Kellie ♥ gold has my heart too.

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That washi strip at the top of the circle card?


You reminded me of my love for circles. Trying to bring them back.

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