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hello again! here are some of my april and may spreads.


not a whole much happened this week, basically just worked a bunch and hung out with chloe. since the weather started getting a bit warmer we went for a lot of walks and even hit the park a few times. i got my tire fixed, so used the business card from the bike shop with the cute wheel drawing. stitched a little around chloe and wrote “better” all over the card with the together stamp, because chloe and i are better together 🙂 my favorite part of this spread is the calendar scrap that just happened to have the exact april dates i needed, so i cut them out and used them for my journaling. and yes, i wear my hair in a side ponytail. my friend meghan says i’m doing a good job.


this was a busier week for me, so i kept it simple. cut up a coffee cup from five leaves because they are just the best. painted on the veneer feather and wrote the name of a shared secret pinterest board on the other (plains indian chief coming to america parade wedding, haha). for the grateful card i had two printed out and i wanted it to have a little more weight so i cut out the second grateful card and popped it on top, slightly askew to give it some visual heft and balance out the coffee cup design. the “i’m not lying, i’m insane” is from an 80’s movie i watched with my room mate and friend  (i’ll send you a present if you can guess which one it’s from w/o googling!!) that we completely cracked up over. the 6×8 is a shot of my shelves, which are constantly being remerched so i like to document what they look like whenever i rearrange!


here i used a leftover piece of marbled paper that we used as artwork for the vignette i styled for an event. simple rice paper, popped into cheap ikea frames, and we sold all of them for over 250 each!! the boys kept saying the word chic over and over again and when we went to look at some of the other vignettes we saw someone had put a tag on a little bird and wrote #chic on it so i had to do that on the spread. this was a really fun time and i’m so glad i got to be a part of it. also glad my vip wristband was the perfect size to edge the 4×6 photo. my journaling is on a blank instax shot layered on top of the today was card. i didn’t wear the joggers to the event but i did wear something similar on one of the set up days and we joked about loving a fashion sweatpant so that had to go in with the what she wore banner. dressy sweats are the best!


this week i stumbled upon current season anthropologie clothes at tjmaxx and had a mental breakdown over it. the top right is me modeling all the different looks and trying to decide what to keep. the bike photo is from my instagram feed, with #rude written on top, as that was my friend lis’s response to me parking my bike on top of hers. i printed the this is awesome card on graph paper and it came out super fun!


pretty pedestrian spread here, just some shoe shots and coffee shots, as any good crafter has many. the these days stamp needed to be rotated a little bit because i wanted it to line up with the grid paper i printed it out on. i still want to add some sort of embellishment to the envelope but i haven’t decided exactly what i want that to be yet so i threw on some chip stars for now. the figure it out flag came from a catalogue that showed up in my mailbox and the coffeenclothes tag is from an instagram feed i follow.

thanks for visiting!!

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absolutely one of my fav PL-ers! so great kristi. that bookshelf photo? love love love.

thank you rachel!!! 😀

Oh my these pages are all sorts of awesome!

thanks kellie!!

Stunning pages, K.

aww, thanks girl!!!!!! 🙂

I love everything about this!

These pages look amazing!

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