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Last month my girlfriend brought her family for a visit over their spring break. To make it extra fun for her 3 boys we did lots of adventuring and spent lots of time at the beach. Which means lots of good photo opportunities and lots of photos for my scrapbook. Here’s how I tackled a week worth of fun…


As an introduction to their visit, I printed one of my favorite images on vellum (again, loving the vellum) and added a title with the dates. I like how you can see thru it to the photos below.


This was the perfect opportunity to use press plate no. 39. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to use this template. The hairlines, the italic font and the white space… so lovely. It’s perfect for a vacation where you’ve got a lot of photos but don’t want to add a lot of pages to your scrapbook.


The fact that you can use 9 photos on one page and it doesn’t look too busy, makes it an instant fav.


To add continuity, I used the same font/type style from the press plate on my cover page, just pulled the text layers onto my photo, changed the type to white and added a thin line to mimic the template.


On the back side of the press plate, I added two group shots and a label from about us elements stapled right on top. The white border around the photos is intended to mirror the separation between photos on the right side. I’ve never done anything like this before—my hope was that it would trick your eye into thinking they were two separate images rather than 1 large one. At a glance, I think it’s working.

The Right Here card is from the from where I stand journaling cards set (I keep coming back to that one, it’s so good). Before printing it out, I changed the black text to red to match the solo cups and the label on the opposite page. The half-circle punched from the top revels a basic journaling card tucked into the pocket behind it that lists everything we did. That way, I’ve got the details down but didn’t have to clutter up the page with them.


I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Fitting 15 pictures into 2.5 page protectors feels like a win, especially since I’m using a small album. I think we can consider it high-density scrapbooking…

If you haven’t had your Spring Break yet, hope it’s a good one!

xo, jamaica

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Totally love everything about this! Fabulous.

I love how you tucked away the journaling. Clever trick.

Jamaica, this is simply lovely! I am enamored with the idea of printing photos on vellum but have had no success doing it myself. The ink always causes the vellum to curl up. Any suggestions for me about print settings or anything?

Hi Brenda—thanks! I wish I had a better answer but I haven’t had that problem (I’m using a laser printer). I do know that at Paper Source they have two types of vellum, one for laser printers and one for ink jet. Maybe you’ve got the wrong one? Or, I noticed on the ink jet packaging that you’re supposed to print on a particular side. Maybe that’s causing the curling? Good luck!

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