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Molweni everyone, Caylee here. Now that I’m back in South Africa I’m trying to make an effort to learn another one of our country’s languages. Molweni is Xhosa for hello. Other than learning a new language, things are pretty boring around here. I’m struggling with taking photos since I now have a job and my day consists of pretty much sitting at a desk for nine hours. To combat the lack of photos for this week, I came up with a mini photo project. Elevator selfies. I’m not sure how long this will go on since my wardrobe is tiny, but for this week it helped make a nice, cohesive bunch of photos. I can see myself creating many photo projects for future weeks to fill up empty layouts.



Left hand side:


Right hand side:


What happened: this was such a mixed week. It had an incredible start with getting my dream job, and a rubbish ending. I chose not to focus too much on the bad part until we have further news and things actually start happening. It’s a good representation of how my family is dealing with the news. I didn’t take out the happy quotes I had prepared for the week. I put a line in my Week in Review and left it at that.


Memorabilia: a handwritten quote from my husband’s favourite actor scanned in so that I could plan it digitally. Love how the glitter went so well with it.



Anything special: I recoloured the hearts from the kit by using a clipping mask with one of the black papers.


I also used a photo taken at my new work as a background of sorts. The word was shared with me by a friend who used it to describe my happiness about my new job.


Products used:  Eternal Sunshine, quintessentials no. 4 • title card from pictures + words no.9Week in Review Cards • Archer and Oswald fonts

Thanks for reading, have a lovely March.

♥ Caylee

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helllooo elevator selfies! so cute 🙂
and sorry to hear the news…. 🙁

Thanks, R.

Beautiful Caylee! Love the selfie idea! It will be great to look back on your fashion & hair in years to come! (My daughter has hysterics at old photos of me and my son loves my “hippy” hair!)I can totally relate to focusing on the positive in the pages. Hope it all goes well. xx

Thanks, Donna. I don’t usually get full body photos, it’s pretty much always just my face so this was a good excuse. I don’t really dress according to fashion so it will be interesting to see what my kids say. Maybe in the future they don’t wear any clothes and they laugh at me about that 😉

Love everything about Week 8!!! The selfie idea…fabulous!

Thank you !


Thanks ♥

Here is the beauty of documenting our lives. It gves us a chance to see that bad things–awful things, yes even those things that equal our worst fears coming true– are only a part of the story. When we’re in it, it can feel all encompassing. It can feel like one thing is bad and so is everything. But, when we step back and retell our stories through art and craft, we get to the truth. It’s just a part. It’s not the whole. Wishing you and your loved one well. And congrats on the Dream Job.

Your comment is beautiful, wow. Thank you for sharing.

I love how you can make something out of nothing. That sounds like a criticism but it’s not. What I mean is a simple quote can become an interesting card full of textures, patterns and layers 🙂

I take that as a compliment, thank you. Some weeks are just so quiet and I need to work harder to create. It’s quite tough to create texture and layers when making the cards digitally, so I love it when there are strips of glitter and elements like that in a kit.

Love the ethereal look of it!
Job Awesome and Robert Downey Jr cards are my faves!

Thanks, Marta ♥

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Hi Caylee, Can you tell me the name of that beautiful font you used for the card “Week Of”? Your pages are great!!

Yeah, absolutely agreee. You have struck the nail on the head.

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