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Hi! It’s maryann, today I want to share with you weeks 27 & 28 in my Project Life album. I didn’t have a lot of photos for week 27 so I decided to combine the two weeks. This might come as a shock to some, but I am a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to our Project Life albums; we can and should do whatever works best for us to be successful.


I had so much fun doing this spread because the last couple spreads that I have done have been event focused and this one is everyday focused. This is the type of layout that speaks to me. The everyday moments for me is the heart of project life and the reason I love it so much. All of the pictures this week were taken with my iPhone. Some of the photos were taken in low light, many were low resolution, and none of the colors complimented each other. So I decided to convert the photos to black and white so the spread would be pleasing to the eye.


A close up of the right side.


Each night before bed we do a family hug… on this particular night I set up my iPhone and used the gorilla self-timer app to get a series of shots and the hug turned into a pile of love on daddy and lots of giggles. I wanted to include the photos as the series they were taken. So I used Liz’s photo collage template to fit all of the photos into one photo. The collage is sized to be a 5×7. I resized it to a 4×6 in photoshop to fit into my page protector. These photos didn’t tell a story on their own, but when I combined them into the photo collage they are priceless. I printed a 5×7 of the collage and currently have it on my desk. Do I look my best in these photos? Nope. In fact, far from it. This is a reflection of me and how my girls see me in the everyday, so I felt it would be wrong to not include these photos simply because I didn’t like how I looked in them. Plus my girls totally think I rock and that is an amazing feeling! Love wins! The photos outweigh any negative thoughts I might have towards my looks.


Close up of the right side.


Kits used: Dayplanner journal cards, Dayplanner, Frolic Journaling CardsIs it Friday Yet? Journaling Cards, Nine Photo Collage, Presslines #18, Pictures + Words #5, Pictures + Words #4, and From Where I Stand Journaling Cards.

Remember there are no rules when it comes to documenting your memories…. do what works for you…. don’t let the focus of your pages overwhelm you from enjoying the everyday moments of life.


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Love your color scheme Maryann! I also love that you get yourself into the pictures!

I totally combine weeks sometimes!!! Love the no rules approach! And love your colors!

Thanks for sharing Maryann’s pages. Love the idea of converting to black and white! You can see the love in this spread. 🙂 One quick question: how is she putting in the pics that span across more than 1 pocket – like the date card on the left side and the hello Saturday pic on the right side. Thanks!

I LOVE this and especially love what you’ve written about no rules and including photos – even when not looking your best! Very inspiring:)

LOVE those family hug shots!!
Ronnie xo

Wonderful pages, and great inspiration; thank you!!

Love your layout, this is gorgeous!! Sometimes I don’t have enough photos for a full spread either, so I do one side for each week, but I never considered fully meshing them together. I love all the b&w photos! I keep forgetting to use much b&w in my album, but it looks so good I need to remember to do it.

This is 1 of my favorite LO’s that I’ve ever seen:) I love the black & white photo’s & the color scheme used!! Your cards look so bright & vibrant, how do you print them out? Thanks 4 sharing;)

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