Change is good right? So I keep telling myself. Lots of things came up last weekend. The type of thing that wrecks havoc on daily routine, expectations, etc. This week was spent adjusting, shifting things around, reprioritizing and building new routines.

More changes are on the horizon as well. My littlest is starting school in March. I plan on spending the rest of this month doing everything I can to make the transition from home to school a smooth one. And I just want to cherish and savor this last bit of her toddlerhood. One thing I won’t miss though are the diapers. And the potty training. I haven’t had any success with her going number 2 in the toilet. What gives?? I only have a couple of weeks to get her trained and I could sure use some tips in this department.

I’m working on valentines treats for Audrey to pass out to her classmates.  These adorable tags are a free download by merrilee of mermag.

This weekend I plan on taking photobooth pics again to make a valentine’s card for Eric.

You can read the project details by clicking HERE.

If you’re interested in making something similar, all the project files are included in this download: DIY Project No. 4. The kit includes an 5×7, 8×10 and 8.5×11 layered photo template and also the 8.5×11 layered card template seen in example two. The layers are all fully customizable so you can change the colors/text to suit your needs. Enjoy the free download and happy valentine’s day!

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On the potty training- Uggh! No. Going through the exact same thing with my DD that’s about the same age. 2.5 months of cleaning out panties is starting to wear on me. Let me know if you get any great ideas!

Man…if I could I would erase those days from my memory. We actually had to keep underwear and pants off him. He was and still is so strong willed. No joke. We were in doors for two weeks. I will pray for you. Xoxo 😉

Cookies. I used cookies from Trader Joe’s and those travel size $1 containers from Target. Oh, and we had a pee pee in the potty dance. I have no idea if it will work for my youngest daughter, but it worked for my oldest. Good luck!!

We had a very difficult time with this too, so finally I gave in and went all out (at least all out for our family). I told our daughter that whenever she pooped in the toilet we would go get an ice cream. This was huge motivation for her! It didn’t work right away, but we talked about it a lot and finally when she did go, and then got the ice cream, she was hooked. It didn’t take more than a few times of going out for ice cream before we transitioned to ice cream at home, and then a smaller treat, and finally nothing but high praise for her good deed! 🙂 Good luck!

These tsgs are lovely – and I like your photobooth strip too!

We use to sing a song for both toilet trainings. Turned it into a line dance for fun. The song goes like this…
Pee Pee on the pot-ty, Pee Pee on the pot-ty, repeat as many times as you like and dance LOL change the Pee Pee to Poo Poo.
Also my hubby would tell Tyler, big boys don’t do that, only babes do that. Are you a baby? No, Tyler would say. Then you must use the toilet cause big boys use the toilet. See, Daddy uses the toilet. And he would show him.
There are even videos for this. I hope it’s not to late. Good Luck 🙂


We had the same problem with our twins (it was brutal – felt like I was spending my life in the bathroom trying to get them to go) and finally resorted to the same thing Jennifer
mentioned above… when we were home they were taken out of their pants and undies… sounds
kinda crazy but it worked!!

Good luck with the potty training!

Two things that helped number two: new potty (he didn’t find the old one confortable to sit) + bribe. I bought a book based on his favourite TV series and promised that he could have it when he did the “bizz” in the potty. It took a few days but he did it!

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