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I got a little behind with project life entries over the holidays. I’m looking forward to finishing up my 2011 album and diving right into 2012.  I don’t have a 2012 title page to share today. Actually, even if I was caught up I probably wouldn’t have a title page to share because I usually do titles and covers last.

I have seen some pretty remarkable 2012 title pages (especially love Kelly Purkey’s and Ali’s). They make me want to work on mine.  But alas, I have some catching up to do first.

This is the week of October 23rd.  Eric was on vacation, it was the week of Halloween and Audrey was named student of the month.

It was a full week. Lots of quality time spent together. Eric and I also started our dining room makeover project. (It’s not done by the way. We’re still waiting on the white Besta’s from Ikea to be back in stock. In October they said it would be available in December but now they’re saying February or March. Someone’s patience is wearing thin.)

The 8.5×11 insert holds a layout – Audrey getting student of the month.

The other side of the page protector holds her student of the month certificate and the badge she won for the halloween costume contest.

Close up of this week’s happenings.




Page Protectors (Becky Higgins Design A), 3×4 journaling cards (Becky Higgins), Binder (American Crafts 12×12 cloth D-ring), Red Label (vintage blank label rubber stamp by purple onion designs), Black striped journaling card (then & now printable journaling card kit by paislee press + three paper peonies)


Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE. All of my project life entries can be found HERE.

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ADORE this Liz. I have zero interest in attempting a project like this but love how you handle it. The insert layout with the certificate is awesome and having a good way of maintaining memorabilia like that is one of the only things that would make me even consider tackling a PL album. You’re amazing!

Being able to incorporate memorabilia is one of the main draws of PL for me! You should really consider it. I adore you beautiful style and would love to see your take on it!

I was just wondering if you use an at home printer for your project life prints or if you have them printed out somewhere else? If you use your own printer, which do you use?

Hi Lindsay – My photos are printed at costco. I use my home printer (epson workforce 40) to print on journaling cards.

hi there I just wanted to say how much I love your work, your style and products are very inspiring, I’m just getting into scrap-booking and (trying) to make kits and resources myself, I’d love for you to drop by my blog ( if you have any tips or advice for me I’d love to hear it


Hi, love your pages! May I ask what kind of tan/craft paper do you use? It is so pretty, thanks 🙂

love your pages!!

Thanks so much Vee! I’m looking forward to seeing your PL pages this year, I adore your style.

hi liz. i’m thinking about starting a project life fo 2012. i’m curious though as to why do you prefer it to the alternative of doing a 12 X 12 photobook ? on the one hand it seems a less flexible and more work than a photobook , the advantage i think is that becuase it is done a section at a time , you are more emotionally connected to the events.

Hi Hili,

My project life album isn’t an alternative to the photobook really. I intend to do both because they serve different purposes. I like making photobooks to bring together a series of moments (snapshots of sisterhood, defining moments, etc.) and for capturing birthdays and trips. I use project life to document week by week, random moments (things my kids say, etc.) and this album is a place to store things like school awards, programs, pictures my kids draw, cards we get, etc. If I were only doing photobooks the memorabilia would end up going into a box of “things I will scan when I a free time”. Memorabilia can pile up pretty quickly! I have a huge stack of things and over the years, I’ve only gotten around to scanning in one thing – a hospital bracelet from when I gave birth to my 2nd daughter. I love project life because I’m not stuffing those things into a box for later – they are going straight into the album. And when and if I do decide to incorporate them into a photobook, I know exactly where it is. I just have to pull out the project life album.

The funny (and surprising) thing about doing project life is that I found myself making MORE photobooks last year. I think the process was much easier because I was editing and printing photos on a regular and consistent basis.

Another thing that I love about project life is that I actually use print out photos that I take from my camera – I rarely incorporate camera phone photos in photobooks because of the quality of the image. But the moments they represent are priceless and they deserve a space in our books.

With that being said, I know it’s not a system that will work for everyone.

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