hello again monday

i just posted a new challenge over at the hodge podge blog. this is my take on the challenge:

i’ve been working on some super fun, super exciting projects. three of the projects happen to be collabs with uber cool designers. any thoughts on who these designers may be? the first person who correctly guesses just one of the designers will get a $3 gift coupon to my shop. post your guess in the comment section below. (one guess per person please).

don’t forget to stop by hodgeland to check out the challenge i issued. hope to see you there and have a wonderful week!

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…that's exciting to hear! 🙂
my guess: creashens ??

uhm… lot's of great artists to choose from… but I would love to see you do a collab with Shaui (Feistuff) or Amanda (Taylormade), so that would be my guesses.

Oh, Liz, that's such a sweet photo! My guess is Leora Sanford… and it's just that… a guess! But can't wait to see what you have coming up!

Oh, that layout is just breathtaking!
My guess would be Vinnie Pearce.

My guess is Audrey Neal.

Uhm, maybe Queen of Quirk???

If not, you should be, lol!

Three collabs hmmmmm….I'll say Emily Powers, Kristen Rice and Creashens.

Hehe, this is fun. 🙂
I'm guessing… Cinzia Loosemore? (The "new kid on the O-block" ;)?

~ Esk

shabby miss jenn?
zoe pearn?
kitschy digitals?
nancy kubo?

those are some of my fave designers other than you so it's mostly wishful thinking 🙂

jacque larsen, gina miller, emily powers?

Well, since one of my all-time favorite kits is one you did with Audrey Neal, I'll guess her.

And some of my other favorites: The Queen of Quirk and Fei would be awesome too.

And I see that all of these have been listed, so I'm apparently in good company!

My guess is Emily Powers. Whoever it is, though, I know it will wonderful!

I am hoping one of your collaborations is with desiree McClellan, that would be 'uber-cool' for me.

regarding the above comment – it came out wrong, I meant that anyone you collaborate with would be great but Desiree is my guess 🙂

I guess you worked together with Feistuff

my guess would be feistuff, taylormade, or vinnie pierce or creashens

Oh great news !!!! My guess would be Creashens, Vinnie Pearce or Fei Fei

Thank you everyone for your responses! I loved reading your guesses and would be honored to collab with any and all of the designers you mentioned. 🙂

The winner is INGE. Girl, you are fast and your guess is spot on! I happen to be collabing with Shaui and Amanda! you know me so well. 🙂

please email me at elizzylee at yahoodotcom and I'll send a coupon code over to you!

Wow, I’m impressed with myself… Who would have thought I would win! I just guessed, and since I really like your style but also Shaui and Amanda’s, it thought that would be a great collab.
I’m really looking forward to seeing the kits! And thanks for the prize!

(I sent you an email as well)

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