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Around here it still feels more like summer than fall. A few weekends ago we drove up the coast to spend the day in Malibu. It wasn’t the most picturesque of beaches but the girls had fun exploring the tide pools and I was a little more than giddy that we stayed long enough to catch the sunset. The light was glorious.

Around here I finally finished knitting my first infinity cowl and summer-like weather be damned…I’m wearing it.


Around here I’m working on getting new Holiday Card Templates ready (coming to the shop on Friday).


Around here Madeline is recovering from a stomach bug. She’s feeling much better today but cried this morning when we told her she should stay home to rest. “Don’t you want to get better so you can eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?”

“No! If I eat pumpkin pie, my tummy will be mad.”


Around here I’m feeling grateful for downtime this holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Trisha Harrison |Project Life week 45

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Hi Everyone Trisha Harrison here today & I am happy to be a Contributor for Liz’s Creative Team once again. Today I am sharing my Project Life week 45 … Nov.3 -Nov. 9th 2014.


For this weeks spread I used “Faves Card” and I absolutely love it!! Above is the right hand side page and this shows you three cards out of the set (the one with the 4 on it is BH brand in the Kiwi edition) and the last card on the far right the heart I just went over it with my date stamp instead of my original plan to journal over. Adding in a few wood veneers and TA DA  it’s a page done!


Closer look at that heart card & stamping I did.



Closer look at these two cards & again I added wood veneers.


The left hand page is all 3×4 horizontal pockets that I custom made with my sewing machine and love using this pocket size too, I took those “FAVE ”  “LOVE” “RIGHT NOW” cards and turned them on their sides it was vertical printing out and then added more wood veneers on them & date stamp & journaled. LOVE THESE CARDS !!


Closer view of that “RIGHT NOW” card.



Last view here is the whole page spread & once again I am so loving these designs as always!!

Thanks so much for reading & Thank you Liz for having me on the blog once again!!

You can find this card kit here.

Trisha Harrison.


Document Your December 2014 is Here!

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Aaaaahhh. My favorite time of the year. Let the holiday festivities (and documenting) begin! I’ve got 4 new products for the Document Your December Shop at The LilyPad, all at 20% OFF thru November 23, 2014.

6×8 Layered Templates & Papers


This set of 6×8 templates is designed to help you build a custom December Album. This is not just your standard photo templates set – it’s so much more! The templates are a mix of photo masks, pattern overlays, hand drawn motifs and wordart (that can be used as elements to create titles or used as photo overlays). You can easily customize patterns to create your own unique backgrounds to suit your project needs. This set also includes SEVENTEEN 6×8 Papers (jpg files).


Try printing on vellum or transparency! The overlays in the templates make it easy to customize too.  I’m partial to black, white and gold tones so I printed the designs as is but you can easily change the color to suit you preferred color scheme.



Wordart & Cut Files


_paislee-decemberfaves3-CUTFILES-prv2 _paislee-decemberfaves3-CUTFILES-prv3

3×4 and 4×6 Journal Cards
This set is great for both Pocket Page and Mini Album Projects.



6×8 Cut Files


The 6×8 files can be scaled down to 3×4 card sizes, making this set ideal for both mini album projects and pocket scrapbooking!




inspiration from the creative team


6×8 December Album Pages by Carly (using december you are my fave no. 3 and no. 2)

digital page by leontien (december you are my fave no. 3)

december album by Heather (december you are my fave no. 3,Wordart Cut Files and 6×8 Cut Files)

paislee-decemberfaves3-layoutbyFarrahJobling paislee-decyouaremyfave3-layoutbysusanne
digital page by Farrah Jobling (december you are my fave no. 3) | digital page by Susanne (december you are my fave no. 3)
digital page by leontien (december you are my fave no. 3)

digital page by Sue (december you are my fave no. 3)

digital page by Julie (december you are my fave no. 3)


by Brenda (december you are my fave no. 3)

6×8 December Album by Caylee (december you are my fave no. 3 and This Day in December)

lovely packaging by caylee (december you are my fave no. 3)


by leontien (6×8 Cut Files)

kristi prokopiak I hybrid artist

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hello all! it’s kristi again! here are my recent fall/winter pages.

(products used: today is elements)

i got to visit southern california in october and had such a great time. clearly i couldn’t decide which photos to use, so i just threw them all into 2×2 squares and gridded them on 4×6 photos. there wasn’t a rhyme or reason to their placement (originally i planned on cutting them out and shuffling them around) but once i printed them out i realized i liked them as is. (love when things turn out easy like that).

(products used: today is elements)

i wanted to include some bits i collected from my trip, but i had too many to fit in one spread. luckily i had snapped a photo of all of them laid out (nerd alert, sitting up and styling business cards and hang tags, sheesh) so i used that and just added a few bits in a small pile to add depth. this time i printed out the “perfect” element and cut it out to stick on top of the stack with a paperclip.

(products used: hello my name is)

went through a bit of a sad patch when i arrived back in brooklyn, so this spread is all about how thankful i am for my friends. they were al there for me when i needed them that week and i love that i have created my own family from these special people. all i need to get through a rough patch is coffee, yoga and friends!

(products used: quintessentials no.4)

the next spread is an everyday life documentation. the chai we love, a “drewism”, advice from a trusted friend, a text about interstellar, plans for an escape, a business card from a store, my new favorite artist, and a menu from a coffee shop. i love when i have fun bits like this from the week because they feel so personal, yet also completely ordinary.

(products used:listening)

another everyday life kinda spread. a new band i love, presents from a friend, recording a podcast for arrvls, a drunken text and songs i recently added to a playlist that remind me of my favorite co-workers. i used the “go on an adventure” card because the text is referencing a possible cross country move that is so scary but so exciting.

thanks for visiting!!

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jamaica | on my desk

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Hey there, it’s Jamaica. Today I thought I’d share how a recent spread came together with some in-progress shots and internal dialog. Next time you hear me say “I was futzing” you’ll know this is what I’m doing, moving things around and talking to myself. Please tell me I’m not the only one…

This is where I started—an unfinished spread from September. I’d printed photos, jotted down the schedule and saved some receipts but nothing was coming together so at some point, I’d just flipped the page and moved on.


The biggest issue was an overabundance of brown. This spread needed color! So I pulled a few papers from On My Desk to fill the gaps. Pink, yes! Let’s add a coordinating badge. Maybe we should swap out the divided 4×6 beach shot for the single image to make room for other stuff.


Hmmm, maybe not the black paper… let’s add more red. Love that plus pattern. What about a little teal and some veneer instead? The wood goes nicely with the brown in the dessert photo.


I like the two reds, but the teal doesn’t quite match. How about two neutral gray woodgrain cards instead? And push the beach photo back to the right side so that the images are all staggered. Ooh, let’s try the Hello puffy sticker on the red. I love that puffy sticker.


Yes! I like that. Getting closer… maybe I should try moving the red cards to the inside? And add some veneer back in. If I use the ampersand, I could put names and dates on it. That could work, that’s one less thing to add to the schedule card.


I like this but maybe I should try one last thing—putting both red cards on one side and the neutrals on the other.


No, no. Reds, diagonal on the inside and neutrals in opposite corners. That’s the best option. And let’s move the Hello badge onto the top left card, that way the embellishments are symmetrical too.


That 4×6 beach shot hanging out over there on the left is really good. I should be using that. What if I break it up and put half in each corner? Just remove the drink shot, move Josh and Steph over… bam, that’s it! I love the closer shot and the blue sky on both sides of the spread. Now to add journaling and the last few details…


Let’s type the schedule of events on the striped card (takes up less space than my handwriting) and use a little pencil on the gray woodgrain…


And how about an extra pocket to hide the receipts from the two trips to Artisan? I love comparing Friday’s ticket (with one couple) to Sunday’s (with the other) but don’t want to look at them all the time. This is the perfect solution. The pocket is just cut from another page and stitched on using invisible thread, along the seam. A tiny gray label with gold foil finishes it off perfectly, picking up the gray from the woodgrain. I love it when everything coordinates. Thank you On My Desk


Looking back at these photos, and other spreads in my album, I can see that I definitely have a style. The photos are almost always staggered. If it’s not the photos then the colors are staggered in pockets, lights in one set of corners, darks in the opposite. I don’t think I consciously think about doing that, it just ends up that way. Have you noticed yourself settling into a preferred layout?

xo, jamaica

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